Charger life expectancy?

Charger life expectancy?

My 2016 MS is my third EV, and I bought a Bosch charger for the office back in 2013 or so. It has a green light to show it is working, but for the last 3 months it goes red and fails to charge every time I plug my car in. Wire was pulled for a completely new circuit 3 years ago when I moved to a new building, so I don't think wiring or breakers are the issue and in fact the breaker never trips, just the charger's internal switch somehow. Car charges fine at home on a different Bosch made charger, and Tesla Support pulled logs and sees nothing wrong with my vehicle.

It isn't a cheap charger, it is well out of warranty and I am curious if this is typical? I am waiting for my electrician to come out and pull the charger and replace it with a plug so I can just use the cord that came with my car, but would like more data if others have experienced this.

thank you.

murphyS90D | February 14, 2020

It's not a charger. The charger is built into the car. It is an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. (EVSE). Basically it is a big relay (contactor) with some protection circuitry. The first EVSE in my garage is now 6 years old and working fine. Do you have the owner's manual for the Bosch? It should tell you what the red light means. The first thing I would check is to verify that building (earth) ground is still connected.

Earl and Nagin ... | February 15, 2020

By "it goes red", do you mea a light on the 'charger' (quotes to keep @murphyS90D happy) or on your car's charge port?
I've had 'chargers' work for over a decade and I've seen some need service after a few years. | February 15, 2020

@Sefar - Any reason you didn't go with a Tesla WC? Seems like the Tesla WC is very well designed. Since your car works fine at home on another Bosch EVSE, clearly the car is not the problem. If your work EVSE is failing, either it has a connection issue - bad ground, etc. or has failed internally. If the wiring checks out, it appears the Bosch unit has failed. I'm not sure there is a Bosch forum, but it might be worth seeing if other Bosch owners have a suggestion.

Sefar | February 15, 2020 when I bought the charger I didn't own a tesla, so that is the reason. I think you are right, probably failed internally. Always baffles me when electronics with no moving parts fail, but things being things, I am coming around to that probability.

@Earl and Nagin the charger (yes, I know it isn't really a charger, the charger is part of the vehicle) goes red. It is out of warranty, and getting anything serviced these days is a drag- everything is disposable it seems.

Earl and Nagin ... | February 15, 2020

These days, most electrical engineers and technicians work on low-power systems for benign environments. EV charging stations (EVSE's) must survive in hot and cold outdoor temperatures, do some modicum of control, and work with very high voltages and currents. If not designed properly, this combination can put stress on garden-variety components, causing them to fail early.
Also, keep in mind that most consumer electronics is only designed for a 5 year life anyway with the intent for you to replace it in 2 or 3 years.
I recommend you look at Tesla stuff or, if you need J-1772 for other EVs, consider Clipper Creek.

patrick40363 | February 16, 2020

I have been using a Leviton J1772 since 2012. I use the adapter for my S & 3. When it fails I will probably buy a Clipper Creek. They have a unit for charging 2 cars at the same time.