Clunk on acceleration

Clunk on acceleration

2013 85S 80,000 miles

Hearing a clunk behind the driver’s seat on acceleration. Also sometimes heard on deceleration.
And yes, I checked under both seats with a flashlight...nothing loose rattling around underneath.
Any ideas what might cause this?

GHammer | February 14, 2020
Bighorn | February 14, 2020

Things can roll/slide into the heat register under the seat.

Elec Spd | February 16, 2020

I've had the drivetrain changed twice in my 2013 P85, at 40K and 80K....up to 122K now with no further problems. Tesla replaced both times under drivetrain warranty. problem was in the transmission, but cheaper for them to change whole drivetrain than troubleshoot

akikiki | February 16, 2020

Likely they have learned and documented the signs that tell them what they need to know whether it needs to be replaced. And they have their software diagnostic tools. And they likely have sections/teams - not at the SC - but at a depot or factory that can more efficiently rebuild that unit and get it ready to go to another car.

akikiki | February 16, 2020

Let's assume that they know what they are doing than guessing that they do not just because we don't see all the background and details available to them.

J.T. | February 17, 2020

Even though it sounds like it's behind the driver's seat I would check the glove box for J1772 adapter rolling around.

PBEndo | February 17, 2020

A chilled pony keg in the frunk can make that sound.

Qwiksilver | February 19, 2020

Thank you all for your input and suggestions. I took everything out of the car, still have the sound on acceleration.
I will schedule an appointment in early March (when I have the winter tires removed, and a new set installed).
I will post their findings at that time.