My Tesla Does not "Turn off"

My Tesla Does not "Turn off"

Hi, I am from Denmark,
My tesla does not turning the screen off when I close the door.
It also does not lock the door when I walk away from the car.
The only way to turn off / lock the door when I go out and open and close the passenger door.
I can lock the car handle with my key, but the screen is still on.
Someone who has experience with it?
The doors do not fail, it has been confirmed by a "Tesla man"
I recently wrapped /foli the car, I dont know if it has something do about it?

Hope someone can help me

EVRider | February 15, 2020

If the car isn't turning off, chances are one of the doors isn't closing properly (regardless of what the "Tesla man" told you). Does the touchscreen or the mobile app show any door being open?

akikiki | February 15, 2020

info, reboot your car.

info | February 16, 2020

thank you. it seems like it sometime it works, the tesla app says its still open, but how to see if the door is open on the app? On the touchscreen I dont see the door is not closed. I have to go to the passenger door open and close it.
Is it because of the door problem on the passenger door or the driver door?

I allready tried to restore the software on the care. It still has the problem.

PrescottRichard | February 16, 2020

Doesn’t the screen in front of the steering wheel show which door is open? I’m not in my car right now but that’s how I remember it. Perhaps there is some hardware that isn’t sensing the door/s being closed completely.

Originally I was gonna ask if there was a second key in the car, but it sounds like you have narrowed it down to the doors.

akikiki | February 16, 2020

Prescott - yes, you are right.

info, how do you restore the software?

info, sounds like you have a sensor/trigger switch bad. time for a visit to the SC.

Nexxus | February 20, 2020


I think info meant restart/reboot the software.

akikiki | February 20, 2020

Nexxus, that makes more sense. I must have asked that on a Monday.

radio | February 21, 2020

If above solutions are not working, I would check the "Autolock" setting, as well as a "Keyless entry" setting and maybe toggle them to see if there is any effect on keeping the screen/car on. Another Key-Fob remaining in the car perhaps?

alex | February 21, 2020

This happened to me. I shut the car completely off through the settings, and when I started it back up, it was fixed.