Used MX75D for 64k vs New MY

Used MX75D for 64k vs New MY

There’s a private party sale of a 2018 MX75D with EAP for 60k that I'm tempted towards. I’m considering the fsd upgrade on the car, so the final price will be 64K.

I’m truly torn between keeping my MY RWD 7seat reservation and buying the MX75D.

The 75D has fabric seats which I liked on my S60 and X90D, so that's not a deal breaker.

The range doesn't bother me, I've had a S60 that worked fine for me. However, I've been spoilt by the range on my LR M3 though :)

Please share some insights that might help me make my decision.

benbfinell | February 19, 2020

I'm trying to decide between keeping my MX75D or selling it to buy a Model Y too. The X has more room and a slightly bigger 3rd row, but the Y is more efficient. It just depends on if you want a smaller cross over SUV with more range or a larger less efficient luxury SUV. The big downside for me is I would lose free unlimited supercharging, but I'm still leaning towards getting a Y.

rogers | February 22, 2020

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Uncle George | February 22, 2020

I have a Model X 75D in MA. I absolutely love it. $65K is a great price especially with the FSD upgrade. The advantage of the Model X is adjustable air suspension. Since you have a model 3, the Model Y would not come with air suspension nor come with heated steering.

It all comes down to preference. I love my Model X, but very tempted to go for the Model Y. It’s the perfect size, 315 miles of range (will increase with software updates. By April after battery day, Model Y will be ~350 ((maybe)). There have also been rumors of another price cut for Model 3 & Y given that we are two weeks away from the first deliveries. A Model Y reservation holder said his maxed out AWD Y is now 58K rather then 64K.

wayland | March 11, 2020

I have a MX 75D that I took delivery on 09/30/2018. The maximum range was 237 miles. I usually charge my MX to 90% daily as instructed by Telsa. Yesterday, I was curious so I charged the vehicle to 100% and found the max now is 213 miles, a degradation of about 10% in 1.5 years. Is this normal? I put in an order for a LR MY the day after it was introduced. The battery degradation s becoming a factor for me to trade in my MX for the MY when it is ready for me to pick up as I am concerned that the battery will degrade even at a faster pace as it gets older. Perhaps, I am overly concerned about this?

cerjor | March 14, 2020

I have a 2017 MX and typically charge to 180 miles. At Tesla's recommendation, I fully charge it once a month. I don't remember what it charged to when new, but now will charge to 225 miles. That's enough to get me back and forth between Seattle and Phoenix. I have not noticed any degradation in the last year or two.