Panels are ROTTING MY ROOF!!! >:(

Panels are ROTTING MY ROOF!!! >:(

About 18 months ago I noticed some water stains on my ceiling. I called Solar City and after an inspection (they didn't believe me that the panels were the cause of the leak) they sent someone out to "fix" the leak. They even painted my ceiling a different color of white in giant ugly squares. Today I noticed EVEN MORE water stains, about a foot from the previous "repair". I went up in the attic and in the SAME EXACT SPOT as the first "repair", the roof joist and particle board is COMPLETELY ROTTED and GROWING MOLD! I know it's the same spot because there is still a giant arrow in Sharpie ink on the joist that I drew for the guy doing the inspection, when the joist was just a little discolored. Now it's completely back, damp, and the particle board is coming apart! And there is a new less rotted spot about 3 feet away. I'm pissed! What kind of inept work is going on in this company? Has anyone else had a problem like this?

bob | February 26, 2020

Here's a picture of this mess-

infofiles | February 27, 2020

first you need to make sure water is coming from penetration that solar city did. if you can find that, then you put them on legal notice.

bob | February 28, 2020

Oh it's definitely from their work. You can see a bunch of big screws that missed the joist. They came out in 2017 and admitted it was their fault and supposedly fixed it, I'm just angry that they didn't actually fix it and now 2 years later the original problem has grown much worse. Looking at the photos from 2 years ago it was minor compared to what it looks like now.

infofiles | February 28, 2020

you need to send them notice in writing to address it OR face legal consequences.

Passion2Fly | March 1, 2020

Something else you can do is use your home insurance. They will come and fix your roof and go after them directly to recover the money...