Infotainment coming to Tesla. Read as MCU upgrade.

EVRider | March 2, 2020
rxlawdude | March 2, 2020

Infotainment minus all radios. All of them: AM, FM and SXM.

That's Infotainment?

NKYTA | March 2, 2020

@rxlaw, not taking away from from your concern, but since I’ve had my 2012 S, and since KGO 810 became worthless, and since I got Slacker and don’t have to deal with local advertising, All good with me.

FM ha. ;-)

Tune in to 1610 AM for local weather, well that might be handy.

Not wringing my hands for what has been an upgrade over the years.

jimglas | March 3, 2020

loss of SXM is a problem if you travel in areas without cell coverage (like me)
YOu cant stream fom a phone that doesnt work.

andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

Yes thats infotainment. Internet streaming is becoming superior. You can also choose to not upgrade.

bp | March 4, 2020

Streaming is a replacement for radio only if Tesla adds TuneIn Premium support, otherwise the on board media center can't access live sports and some of the news channels available on FM/HD-radio/XM.

There should be an option for adding the radio.

Tesla should also offer an option to trade-in for a new vehicle that has full MCU2/FSD support (transferring FSD).

EVRider | March 4, 2020

@bp: I don’t use TuneIn, but what happens if you sign in to a TuneIn Premium account from the car?

Wishful thinking on the FSD transfer, but never going to happen. :-)

Jim | March 4, 2020

Would like to have the infotainment upgrade, but no AM / FM radio is a deal killer for me. I need access to local talk shows, local news and local weather. I will explore TuneIn, but still like the idea of having over the air radio for emergency situations, such as storms with heavy damage. If cell towers go down, am / fm would be the only news source. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, you need the am / fm access.

rxlawdude | March 4, 2020

@Jim,Tunein has no CBS content and it freezes a lot.

jordanrichard | March 4, 2020

Garyjtate, Tesla’s since 2012 have had “infotainment”. So there is “Infotainment coming......”