Maps of Charging Stations

Maps of Charging Stations

Does anyone have a web address for a map of charging stations, Tesla & others, along major US highways? Most of the ones I have found don't open well.

andy.connor.e | March 3, 2020

What link are you using? Just use Teslas:

NKYTA | March 3, 2020
DonS | March 3, 2020

Use Plugshare. It can filter by type so you can find DC chargers when traveling, and AC chargers for when you will be awhile.

FISHEV | March 3, 2020

The two below are good aggregators of public EV charging.

jordanrichard | March 3, 2020

NKYTA +1. Going to Plugshare or any of the other sites is simply information overload.

EVRider | March 4, 2020

PlugShare is useful if you’re looking for charging options other than superchargers (but you can find those too), and there’s a mobile app. However, I only use superchargers when traveling so I rely mostly on the car’s nav system and