Walk-away door lock after HW3 Upgrade

Walk-away door lock after HW3 Upgrade

A heads-up for people to keep an eye out for, and a fix...

I got my HW3 upgrade last week, and I was one of the people who's settings got lost in the process. Oddly, my phone was still paired as a key to the vehicle (door unlocked, allowed me to drive). However, I noticed that the "Walk Away Door Lock" setting (which I set to enabled) kept disabling itself after a drive. I re-enabled it, and it re-disabled itself multiple times.

I was able to solve it by un-pairing the phone as a key, and re-pairing. After that, it kept the setting and worked as expected.

So if anyone gets the HW3 update and has their settings wiped, but the Phone Key is still there -- double check if the Walk Away Locks are working, and don't just assume it is!

Joshan | March 10, 2020

had the same experience. I did the same exact thing. I was expecting it as they warned me some settings would be lost and I should expect to reset up all my devices.

mknewman | March 10, 2020

I had the same experience. If you use the Easy Access profile make sure it's set in there, as well as all your other profiles. It's hidden you have to swipe up to get to it in the profile settings.