Study finds Android Auto and CarPlay MORE distracting than texting

Study finds Android Auto and CarPlay MORE distracting than texting

Super surprised to read this - it doesn’t match my experiences at all. Trying to play texts and respond back to the in a Model 3, for example, I find super unintuitive and frustrating, which is much more distracting. What are your experiences?

FISHEV | March 21, 2020

Interesting study. I'd guess Tesla falls between Android and Apple Voice. Accident rate would be more useful.

Importance of auto braking (AB), blind spot indicators (BLIS), lane keeping (LK), rear cross traffic alerts (RCTA) Tesla auto braking has tested out per but we know Tesla's BLIS, LK and RCTA in AP are not functional or, in the case of RCTA, don't exist. Add that lack of 360 surround, and Tesla is not the safest choice.

I'm going to Ford Mach-E for those exact safety reasons. If Ford Mach-E is going to be delayed due to the Trump Pandemic/Recession, I might go to the Kona EV.

We should be mandating AB, BLIS, LK, RCTA in all cars, just like ABS and seatbelts. Also instead of making the crash test ratings informational, make them a mandatory standard to meet. | March 21, 2020

Please buy the Kona and infest the Kona forms with endless crap about the failure to meet Tesla's 5-star crash standards across the board, lack of side collision avoidance, woefully poor lane keeping, ineffective mirrors that require BL idiot lights and more!

Buy the MachE - no crash ratings at all, and Ford hasn't been known for great safety crash ratings. With lots of complex technology they have never attempted before, I'm sure it will all be perfect. Those 10,000 engineers must be doing something!

FISHEV | March 21, 2020

Kona is Five Star on the less stringent NHSTA tests same as Tesla. Tesla gets a small + over Kona on IIHS.ORG. Tesla fanbois are not allowed to quote though as they dissed when it would not give Tesla rating until improvements.

Ford Mach-E will be interesting. They have to test it before sales so, as with the unrated Model 3 when it came out, we will have a good idea of crash test data before buying.

FISHEV | March 21, 2020

But this topic is about distraction in the car and Kona EV and Mach-E both offer CarPlay/Auto while Tesla provides the same functionality with in-house features.

What was interesting was that even with voice commands, it is distracting. We look to see if understood and then look to see what it actually did. Calling up "Adjust mirrors" still requires looking at pop up screen for which mirror.

And it would be good if Tesla provided a list of all voice commands for owners. They programmed them in, they must have this list.

Mike83 | March 21, 2020

Our Teslas with EAP and FSD development have saved us several times from any kind of accident compared to at least 8 Times higher accident rates without it. FACTS don't like like the BSer

feyalex276 | March 22, 2020

Tesla cars got good market in the recent times.They are also in the front to resolve any problems that their vehicle.I want to buy a tesla car in the future.

blkice | March 22, 2020

If you don’t want or like Tesla why are you constantly on this forum? It’s you’re right of course but seems like a waste of time.
Maybe you could explain your purpose cause I don’t get it

andy.connor.e | March 22, 2020


there is not really any way to understand it. This same person has been on the forums for 4 years now. He changed his username last year. Its the true mystery of the universe.

bp | March 23, 2020

Other manufacturers usually prevent or significantly limit user interface actions while a vehicle is in motion - because those interactions are a distraction (and there's a possibility the manufacturer could be held liable for accidents).

Tesla has never limited UI actions while vehicles are in motion - and if this study included interactions with Tesla's console display (navigation, media player apps), results would likely be similar to the other activities the study tested.

The study also didn't include interactions with smartphones for bluetooth media apps - which would likely be worse than the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay results.

A flaw of this study (at least in this article) is that it doesn't take into account the duration of the interaction. While using screen mirroring might slow reaction times by 50+%, it's likely the duration of that interaction will be shorter than doing the same interaction on a smartphone display - so the period of risk is going to be relatively short. Talking on the phone or drinking or using cannabis are continuous activities, and while they may be less distracting, they are long duration distractions, and likely more dangerous than a few seconds spent selecting a song.

The best solution is to have vehicles do more of the driving - which Tesla is doing with EAP and NOAP.