Pandora and Apple Carplay

Pandora and Apple Carplay

Why won't they allow this. SO intuitive and so many of us have iPhones.

spuzzz123 | April 1, 2020

Billionaires do not play well together

FISHEV | April 1, 2020

It's a Musk thing. Tesla's is always "better". It happens on a number of useful things from Auto and CarPlay to CCS adapters for charging.

FISHEV | April 1, 2020

It's a common request.

bjrosen | April 1, 2020

Would love to have Android Auto because standard Google Maps is much better than Tesla's version. As for streaming services such as Pandora, that works fine over Bluetooth. I control Pandora using OK Google which works really well.

lbowroom | April 1, 2020

It's not about allowing it. It's about wanting to offer it, implementing it, and licensing it. That means paying a fee to Apple for every car that supports it.

Another thing to consider on the implementation, every other car that offers carplay, carplay takes over the entire entertainment screen. How do you propose they segment the screen on the Model 3 to do that?

johnpickensavl | April 1, 2020

pandora works fine for me through my iPhone

teslamazing | April 1, 2020

Not applicable for Tesla. No need when the car can drive itself and you have phone with endless abilities.

teslamazing | April 1, 2020

“It’s a musk thing” lolol too funny.

WW_spb | April 1, 2020

Only lame cars need apple/Android bs. Tesla doesn't need that shit

FISHEV | April 1, 2020

WW_spb | April 1, 2020 Only lame cars need apple/Android"

No car's need it, any more than they "need" Heads Up Display" which Tesla doesn't offer or hey...working Blind Spot Indicators or Rear Cross Traffic Alert or 360 surround display or working Lane Keeping or driver's side mirrors that can see the blind spot...well do need that.

It's cool and fun tech to have in a car.

teslamazing | April 1, 2020

"It's cool and fun tech to have in a car."

Aren't you the one that complains about looking at the tesla screen because eYeS aRe Off ThE rOaD.

In that case, well, no tech in car for you.

jallred | April 1, 2020

CarPlay is your phone using your car’s display as a secondary display. All user input and car input uses usb back to the phone. Latency of the usb is bad to begin with. The fact that it comes from an underpowered cheap car computer makes the latency worse.

I have two cars with CarPlay. Watching iPhone video on a bigger screen is nice. Any type of user interaction sucks because there is too much latency that causes excessive lag.

Jobs is rolling over.

FISHEV | April 1, 2020

teslamazing | April 1, 2020 Aren't you the one that complains about looking at the tesla screen because eYeS aRe Off ThE rOaD."

Yes the side and down mounted single screen is not good ergonomics and not good safety design.

Inline screen as we see in S, X, Kona EV, Niro EV, Mach-E is the way to go. Kona EV adds the Heads Up which is great.

teslamazing | April 1, 2020

Periphery vision, works pretty well and as advertised. Might wanna look it up.

lbowroom | April 1, 2020

Glaucoma is serious business, please get checked.

lbowroom | April 1, 2020

Is it unsafe to check your mirrors? neither of the 3 is directly in front of you.

Joe M | April 2, 2020

Can’t resist. I want fully functioning Waze on a large chunk of the screen. As for checking the mirrors vs. the screen that has a whole lot of data on it, the screen can be tough. Like many others my eyesight is comprised and I need progressives. I am very particular about getting them done correctly (if you don’t have them you don’t understand that), change my script often, and keep them very clean. Despite my best efforts the screen can be difficult to interpret. The mirrors at full distance are easy. That brings me to my second please help me where the BSD on the screen is useless to me.

jallred | April 2, 2020


I rarely use the screen for bsd. I use conventional looking techniques, and use the turn signal. If I miss a car by looking the car stops me from changing lanes. Safer for the car to know then you to know.

I watch other cars that have lights in mirror. They only work well when cars are going the same speed. If I’m overtaking they don’t prevent anything.

Plus I go with the assumption that if people are texting or not using turn signals they probably aren’t looking at bsi. The car is always looking.

The whole Tesla fleet has significantly less accidents per mile than all cars on average. So something must be working right.

Joe M | April 2, 2020

I don’t rely on BSD, it’s just a nice backup. My other BSD cars (not Subarus :-)) do in fact react to the delta T in speed both approaching and passing. My issue with it reacting when you try to change lanes is the fact that some number of accidents occur by overreaction to an aborted lane change by an adjacent car. Beeping at me when I try to change lanes is too late to prevent a panic reaction by the adjacent lane driver. Again I don’t rely on the yellow light but it is a nice cross check especially when overtaking and returning to the middle lane on a crowded highway. I am hoping it can be an add to Tesla at some point for my next one. It is a short money add.