New feature integrating car charging 1.46

New feature integrating car charging 1.46

1.46 now allows the car to charge when there's a power outage. It has a setting that has a threshold for the Powerwall, below which it won't send solar power to the car unless it's excess power. But what's missing is a threshold for the car. I might want to use a setting that's different from what I specified in the car. For example, if my everyday charge level is 80%, I might want to specify 95% during an outage.

This is a good start, but it won't help much if my car thinks that it's charged as much as I want. If I have an outage, plenty of sun, a partly charged Powerwall, and a moderate draw in my house, my system will see that I have more solar power than my single Powerwall and the house combined can take in. It will see that the car is already charged. So my car won't get charged more, the house will run off battery, and the solar will turn off since there's no place to send the excess power.

On the other hand, if they had a setting for the car, then during an outage with plenty of sun, the system could send solar to power my home, power the car at a high enough rate that what's left is slightly more than the maximum that the Powerwall can take in, and then charge the Powerwall at the same time at close to maximum speed.

I could probably change the setting in the car manually, assuming that I know about the outage, which is only a step up from not having the feature at all. Without the feature, I could have started the car charging manually at a low amperage. In theory, I could even start it remotely, since the car would start at low amps, test the voltage, step up the amps, and find that at a certain point there's a voltage drop causing it to step the amps back down. There's no way to set the car's charging amperage from the app, so I never had the flexibility that I would have wanted.

So far I've had only one outage since I had the Powerwall, and was away from home, so there wasn't anything that I could have done on my own with the car. | April 17, 2020

I like the feature. For the most part, I don't want the car to charge when on battery backup and this should do the job perfectly. I already keep the car at 80%+ all the time and can override it if really necessary.

Note that the S/X needs a new software version, and it doesn't state what that version or timing is. I've not gotten PW 1.46 either yet, but I expect it will roll out in the next few weeks. Notes are in the app about it if you are on the Powerwall screen and tap the version number near the bottom (scroll down).

Haggy | April 21, 2020

I have 1.46.0 now but am not seeing a setting for this. My app is current, and my Model 3 is current.

shawncordell | April 22, 2020

@Haggy Click on customize. Then scroll to the bottom below Storm Watch.

ybachar | April 22, 2020

I do not see it as well in 1.46

Jones | April 22, 2020

Model 3 on 2020.12.10, PW on 1.46 (updated yesterday), IOS 3.10.5. - No sign of the new option.

shawncordell | April 22, 2020

It should look like this:

Atom12 | April 22, 2020

I'm still on 1.45.2.

Does this feature work only on Wall Connectors or will it work for a Model 3 plugged into a NEMA 14-50 that's on a TEG circuit? Does it also control the Model 3 "charge current" setting so as to "throttle" the amps to not exceed the instantaneous rooftop solar?

Jones | April 22, 2020

@shawncordell - thanks - I know what to look for - it's just not there yet. Presuming it is like the customize mode in general at first installation - takes a few days for it to show up as the cascade of Tesla systems update one another.
By the way - using a hardwired Tesla car charger as well.

Jones | April 27, 2020

It took 4 days after the update for the new option to show up. About the same as options with the original install.