iPhone App

iPhone App

I recently traded in my 2019 Model 3 for a 2020 Model S and am a bit disappointed that the app for the Model S does not have the same functions as the Model 3 app. I particularly like the feature that enabled you to vent the windows. This is especially nice since I live in South Florida. Will the Model 3 app features be added to the Model S app anytime soon?

EVRider | June 28, 2020

For Model S, the VENT feature only appears if you have an older S with a sunroof. I don’t know if there’s any technical reason Tesla couldn’t implement the window venting feature for Model S or if they have any plans to do so.

The only other app difference I’m aware of is there’s no phone key support for Model S, and I don’t know if Tesla plans to change that since they provide a key fob.

By the way, there’s only one version of the app for all models.

SbMD | June 28, 2020