Fully Loaded Model 3 %???

Fully Loaded Model 3 %???

What percentage of customers will order the Model 3 fully loaded? (Likely a 60-65K price). Perhaps 300,000 reservations by the end of this year. My guess is that about one third of these initial reservations could be loaded with all options and biggest battery. Looking for forum members to speculate optimistically with me....

Chunky Jr. | March 29, 2016

I bet 95% get one or more options. 33% seems high for those getting fully loaded. My guess is average selling price will be $45K or more.

danCE | March 29, 2016

Fully loaded can mean different things to different people. For example, folks who are not in the snow belt would not be ordering a Cold Weather Package, if it even existed.

We probably won't know what options will be offered on day 1 for another 18 months or so, until the first reservation holders are invited into the design studio to begin the actual order process. And there's some speculation that some options may not be available in the first round. For example, we don't know if the first iteration of the Model 3 will include a "P"erformance model.

Folks who really want to get an early car (and hopefully benefit from the Federal Tax Credit) will likely order more options, since Tesla has said those will be built first.

Darryl | March 29, 2016

With the Model X 25% ordered a P90D and half of the 25% added the Ludicrous mode. The top of a Model X was around $150k with $10k for the Ludicrous mode which totals $160k. Therefore the options ended up being about 1.3 times the base model X

If you take $35k the cost of a base model 3 and multiply it by 1.3 you get $45k which is the possible cost of all the options making the total loaded Model 3 $80k. I think a loaded model 3 will be between $75k - $85k depending if they have some type of excellerated mode.

I figure around 25% of those who reserve will ultimately order the top of the line Performance (P) model. Of course you won't select your options until late 2017 or early 2018 if everything stays on schedule.

Tesla has already said those who order a loaded Model 3 will get their cars first.

Haggy | March 29, 2016

Folks in warm climates might not get fully loaded cars with features like a cold weather package, but traditional manufacturers send such cars to dealerships in warm climates. If you want to buy a new car the day it first shows up at dealerships, you may end up with such an option. I didn't order the cold weather package, but I do use the heated seats and it might have been nice to have them for passengers when they first get in the car. If it's a few hundred dollars more on the 3, I might consider it, just in case I take the car on a ski trip. Then again, I'd probably take the S.