Tesla Model 3 Worldwide estimate of reservations

Tesla Model 3 Worldwide estimate of reservations

Hello everybody,

Last week I've been working on a website which shows the estimated worldwide reservations: On this website you can see the estimated reservations per country and you can also zoom in on the US, Canada and Germany. The accuracy of the map will get better over time.

The estimates are based on a sample of the data at where you can register your reservations (not your reservation number) to get a good overview of the worldwide reservations.

Let me know what you think and if you like it, please share!

Have fun!

Best regards,
Stefan Leever

alinbuleu | May 3, 2016

I'm happy to see 40% being international orders. I assume US will get theirs first so I'm further inline than originally thought.

Drdpharris | May 3, 2016

Hey, I'm west coast in Victoria BC!

topher | May 3, 2016

Almost certainly a selection bias going on here.

Thank you kindly.

stefan | May 3, 2016

Hi Topher,

You're absolutely right, the sample currently used to visualize the graph has a great % of US reservations because the site is advertised more in the US than anywhere else.

This means the visualization isn't as diverse or scattered as the real numbers might be.

However, it gives a nice overview of what's currently out there and it will get more accurate once more people join :)

Denys | May 3, 2016

The Canadian data seems strange. It shows a very large number of orders in Alberta, and very few in British Columbia. Yet shows 355 reservations in BC and 33 in Alberta.