Car seat fit?

Car seat fit?

Did anyone see the pictures posted today on electrek in this article from the Model S3X lineup?

They show a rear facing car seat and say "it fits". Well, I don't really think the pictures are good enough for 2 reasons:

1) The car seat looks to be touching the rear of the front passenger seat which is generally frowned upon.
2) You can't tell if the front passenger seat is pushed all the way forward (thus not allowing a normal sized human to fit in the front seat).

Does anyone have a sense for the fit in the back seat? Anyone at the release event?

I suspect my youngest will be forward facing by the time my number comes up, so its probably a moot point but I am still ever curious.

Thanks everyone!

jordanrichard | May 10, 2016

Well, though I wasn't at the reveal, I can guarantee you there were no baby car seats in any of the cars. So, no one can comment on the fit of such a seat.

Also, I have never heard that having a car seat touching the seat back of the front seat, was not a good idea. Why?

nonerpants | May 10, 2016

I was told by the fire department who helped install our car seat that you want a space between the car seat and the front seat to allow the car seat somewhere to move/flex during an accident.

jordanrichard | May 11, 2016

Not to question your fire departments advice/logic, but in the event of an accident the front seat back will move forward a bit anyways.

When our son was born, NJ law required that a nurse verify that we had the car seat in the proper position, that it had to be rear facing. I asked why rear facing and of course the answer was in the event of an accident, it would prevent the baby's head from whiplash. To this I asked, what about getting hit from behind? She didn't have an answer....... I can only assume there is some statistical data to support facing one way versus the other, but it does seem to me to be a 50/50 situation. Actually as the driver, I have more control over hitting some one than I do getting rear-ended.

PaceyWhitter | May 11, 2016

Hits from behind are statistically less likely and less violent, due to the fact that you are either stopped or moving in the same direction. This is why the S's rear facing seats are the safest.

SV Az | May 11, 2016

@ michaelrbodner

The original article is on Motor Trend titled 'Will Model 3 be a good Family Car', and they even have a video on this. The only thing they say in the comments as a response to one of the question is that they did not move the front seat forward. There is also a disclaimer that the interior is not final yet, so there may be changes. That does answer the Part 2 of your question.

PhillyGal | May 11, 2016

@S.V. AZ beat me to it but yes MotorTrend posted a video and had a baby in the back.

@michael - I was at the event and while I'm extremely petite, I could tell the rear seat had a lot of room. The driver was a whopping 6'4" and although his seat was pushed up more than he would normally have chosen to accommodate rear guests, he said it was one of the only vehicles he has ever been in where he didn't have to slide back the driver's seat all the way.

That being said, I can only assume that the driver's seat pushed all the way back would at most touch the back seat (because... physics.) I'm sure that's not even true though so if you aren't 6'4" and thus have the driver's seat less than all the way back, there should easily be enough room for a car seat.

Badbot | May 11, 2016

I wonder why they did not put the baby seat in the center seat.
no interference then.

SV Az | May 11, 2016

@PhillyGal - This topic is relevant to me, so I was searching too. Also, the Subject is very clear and we have not yet veered away from the topic (which we might based on how people choose to react to rest of my comment). :D

@Ed -> The most common car seat location in states is rear passenger seat. (41% parents use it) . Also, by putting the car seat there it accentuates the roominess of M3..

I was told that it is the safest position,but there are different stats and opinion on the safest position. Usually cars have arm rest+cup holders in the back support of rear center seat, that when used gives a place to place baby bottles /water bottles etc if you need to , I guess M3 will also have similar config. In M3 if you see from pics from reveal there are no cup holders in the center console, it has vents for AC, if you take a long trip and have a single rear passenger + baby, you probably would need access to those cup holders.

Some parents also choose side seats as it makes it easier to get the child out or put them in.

But nothing should prevent you from putting the child seat in center.

SV Az | May 11, 2016

The most common car seat location in states is rear passenger SIDE seat. *

SoFlaModel3 | May 11, 2016

This is great feedback everyone, thanks!

Regarding putting a child seat in the middle of a small car, it's not practical for a few reasons.

1) The middle seat is typically smaller than a full size seat, so you spill over to the full size seats anyway.
2) If it's rear facing and the car is small, now you have impacted both front seats
3) This doesn't work when you have 2 kids in car seats.

I had a Mercedes SLA 250 and it was a horrible mistake. I literally had to have the passenger seat all the way forward to fit the rear facing car seat. My wife hated it and ultimately I sold the car for a Hyundai Sonata which is substantially larger inside.

The good news is even if I'm in an early group (late 2017), both kids will be forward facing so like I said it's a moot point -- I was really just curious.

david.jones24 | May 12, 2016

I'm wondering about the interior for a different reason. I'm a tall guy with tall family members. I'm wondering how cramped it will be for a 6'2" driver and a 6'4" passenger sitting behind the driver. Could make for a tight squeeze for the two of us. Both kids are that tall, so one of them may draw the short straw.

PhillyGal | May 12, 2016

@david.jones - That's a pretty rare case I'd imagine so while I doubt both of you will be perfectly comfortable, I have the same doubt for any similar sized sedan in the world.

At least the kid will have head room...

@michael and everyone else - One thing I've noticed about the Model S that may be the same problem in the Model 3 is that the seat belt clips? (part where you hook into) are so far recessed back as compared to the seat itself that getting it buckled over an occupied booster seat is a HUGE pain in the butt. I've heard of folks using extenders but that seems a little odd. I've only had boosters/car seats in the Model 3 a handful of times myself and despite being tiny and young, found it extremely hard to contort myself into position to have enough grasp/strength to buckle that sucker in.

Siotisj2004 | May 12, 2016

A car seat should be rear-facing until the child has outgrown the height or weight limits for the rear-facing seat according to the manufacturer of the seat. Children are 500% safer in the rear-facing position. The main reason for this is that a small child has less muscle support and a bigger head with less control than an adult. In an accident, the risk of internal decapitation is greatly increased in the forward facing position. The safest place for the seat is in the center of the back seat IF that's the best install. If the seat is sitting on top of plastic or somehow shifts around and moves more than one inch at the seat belt path or base of the seat (when using clips), a side back seat may be better. If the install is good, the least protected child is always safer in the middle. For example, if you have 3 children, one is an infant, one is in a rear-facing convertible, and another is in a forward-facing booster, the forward-facing booster should be in the middle. I hope this helps. Also, we drove a Model S with no problems and had our rear-facing 2 year old in the middle back seat.

david.jones24 | May 13, 2016

@ Phillygal

Thanks for the reply. Honestly, the Prius, surprisingly, fits us comfortably. We'll see how the Model 3 works! Darn giants are hard to accommodate. :)

PhillyGal | May 13, 2016

@david, I wouldn't know. I'm 5'1" and my husband damn near did a Happy Dance when his doc reported he was 5'7". (I'm five-seven! He often shouts out when accomplishing tasks.)

Badbot | May 14, 2016

for his next birthday ask the doctor to add 1 inch.