6-seat config: 2nd-row seats need to be moved toward center

6-seat config: 2nd-row seats need to be moved toward center

Got to test drive a Model X in Raleigh, NC yesterday. The driving experience was phenomenal! The front row is very comfortable and spacious. I'm a big guy at 6'4" and 280+, with a long back (only 34" inseam). I had plenty of headroom and legroom, and loved the unobstructed view through the expansive windshield.

We've ordered the 6-seat config, knowing that the 3rd row seats would be tight, and used infrequently. Even so the room in the 3rd row was a bit disappointing, but tolerable.

The 2nd row seats are quite comfortable, and when pushed all the way back the leg room is decent. Head room is also pretty good, thanks to the skylights above. Would like the ability to tilt back a bit more. The arm rests molded into the doors are nice, but we missed not having one on the opposite side of the seat.

The biggest problem is that the 2nd row seats are positioned too far to the outside, so when the Falcon Wing Doors are closed it is quite cramped on one side. For me it is very uncomfortable. My 5'10" son felt cramped. My 5'7" daughter did not feel cramped. I used height here just to give an idea of relative size, as I don't know our shoulder widths.

Moving the seats 1 or 2 inches toward the middle would make a huge difference. I really hope there's eventually a way to do that. I can imagine 2 ways to accomplish it:

An off-center connection in the mounting bracket on the bottom of the seat to the monopost.
An offset bend in the monopost. Something like this:

Have to be careful not to move them too much as then the middle edge of the skylight might interfere with head room.

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Mom2Dancers | May 20, 2016

I'm 5'10" and did not find riding in the 2nd row to be cramped at all. I like the space between the seats in the 6-seat config because it allots easy access to the 3rd row, and some room to stretch legs for anyone seated back there.

CalabasasKid | May 20, 2016

I've got to wonder how much moving them inboard would affect your ability to use the built in armrests in the doors? After all, there's no armrests built into the chairs themselves so having the door armrests at the least seems quite important.

pvetesla | May 20, 2016

I'm almost 6'2" and sat in the 2nd row the entire test drive as my wife drove us around for 20 minutes.

Comfortable and roomy is all I can say about it. Now the center seat of the 7 seat config was very tight and cramped.

raging.dragonfly | May 20, 2016

I sat in a 2nd row seat for a couple of hours yesterday, and realized I was feeling cramped, sort of squashed up against the door. It's not one's height that is really the issue, it's your width. I'm not tall, at 5'5" (my new "old lady" height, having lost an inch over the last year!), but I am a bit wide, at 220 lbs. I don't even have wide hips, they're just nicely padded these days :-) My point being, that although I have a good bit of cushion, I'm not anywhere near being a huge individual, and the seats are uncomfortably near the door. I think 2 inches would do it for a lot more people, but not sure how losing a total of 4" off the center aisle would affect access to & legroom for anyone in the 3rd row. Note: high #'s of Americans are "well-padded" these days...

pvetesla | May 21, 2016

I agree that this would be an excellent idea...
but the problem is they are not going to change the way they produce the 6/7 seat for a few inches.

They need the few inches to fit the middle seat in the X so now us 6 seaters are stuck with that location.

eric.zucker | May 21, 2016

I plan to use the space in the middle for my Engel MT45 fridge/freezer, this should provide a nice armrest (especially as I've added a twozone extension).

raging.dragonfly | May 21, 2016

Ooo, @eric, that sounds nice! We have small electric one we use on day trips, which has been very handy, as it plugs into the 12v outlet. But one that acted as an armrest? And was padded to match our UW seats? Mmmmm....

aesculus | May 21, 2016

It would be so cool if they could design the seat to be able to be slide back and forth on the width as needed, if just a few inches.

raging.dragonfly | May 21, 2016

@aesculus, would that be...over-engineering?? I like it, though :-)

gfb107 | May 21, 2016

Laterally adjustable 2nd row seats would be great, but might present a whole new set of engineering and regulatory challenges. All I want is the option to replace the monopost or seat mounting bracket to create more space from the FWDs. I certainly understand that not everyone would want this, so I'd be fine with a Service Center installed post-delivery modification.

carlk | May 21, 2016

It's more comfortable than the same seat in a 7 seat configuration. Much more comfortable than second row seats in the S too. I and my passengers can live with it. Losing the middle space, which is the main purpose of the 6 seat configuration, would be the worse evil between the two imo.

Triggerplz | May 21, 2016

Im having a custom upholstery shop make and install an armrest/console on the second row between the seats..

Remnant | May 21, 2016

@ Triggerplz (May 21, 2016)

<< Im having a custom upholstery shop make and install an armrest/console on the second row between the seats. >>

It seems like a good idea, but it might not address @raging.dragonfly's padded hips.

Ideally, the 6-seat configuration should come with wider seats on the 2nd row AND the additional center armrests.

Triggerplz | May 21, 2016

Maybe a Big one seat second row will be ideal :-)

eric.zucker | May 21, 2016

@raging.dragonfly: look at this:

These have proven to be energy efficient and very robust. How high should the armrest be off the floor?

I'll see how they fit once I get my X.

Triggerplz | May 21, 2016

@eric Very good reviews on that fridge/ freezer.. You going to have to sit on the second row and see where your arm will be comfy at to judge how high the armrest should be.. I'm getting a custom made armrest/console I won't get my MX until another week or two at which time I'll be taking it in for measurements if u haven't decided by then I'll post the measurements

Claudedohrn | May 21, 2016

I rode in the second row today for the first time, and it isn't that comfortable. You're close to the door on one side, and the seat belt pokes your hip if you try to move to the other side.

My wife loves her Range Rover and tells me that she wants another one rather than buying a second MX. I think that's unwise, but I had to acknowledge that she's right that, for long trips, the second row of the Range Rover is way more comfortable: more space, more legroom, and it reclines, not to mention it also folds down. Wife:1 Me:0.

Remnant | May 22, 2016

@Triggerplz | May 21, 2016

<< Maybe a Big one seat second row will be ideal :-) >>

Tesla has never said why it needed the flat-fold space under the floor of the 2nd row of seats.

We are taking Tesla's choice for granted. Or is it?

Perhaps it's possible to restore the floor and the flat-fold space under it to their prototypical condition.

But yes, a bench would probably be better than the uncomfortable suggestion of 2nd row seats Tesla has now.