VIN Number question

VIN Number question

So I understand that the first 3 digits of a VIN are the manufacturer.
Digit 4 is the model.
Digit 5 is the body style.
Digit 6 is the restraint type (and indicates left hand or right hand drive).
Digit 7 is the fuel type.
Digit 8 is the motor.
Digit 9 is some kind of character.
Digit is the model year.
Digit 10 is the place of manufacture.
Digit 11 is the production series.
And the last 5 are the place in the series.

What does the "E" for digit 7, fuel type mean? Has it been simplified to "E" to only refer to electric? I had the belief that in the past, it had to do with the capacity of the battery. | May 26, 2016

VIN decoding is far more complex than this. It depends on the model year, and in some cases when the car was built within a model year. The digit values and what they represent are not the same every year. Use the Tesla VIN decoder to see the right results or play around with different settings.

jordanrichard | May 26, 2016

Here is the bigger question, why? Is this purely academic or are you actually trying to find something specific out? Essentially any car's VIN number is made up of 3 sections. The first 3-4 digits/letters denotes where the car was made and by who. The last 5-6 digits is the cars sequence number and everything in between just denotes year and what the car is. It is not going to list color or what options it has.

info | May 26, 2016

I was actually wondering if that digit indicated what type of battery was in the car as the fuel source. In some of what I had read, there was a suggestion that it was a code for what type of battery it was. | May 26, 2016

Each manufacturer can elect to assign various design and feature options to the beyond the first 3 and last 5. They can change it any time they want as well, but they need to notify the various governmental entities. I expect the government also requires some information be included in the VIN, but I'm not sure what that may be other than safety items like airbags and seatbelts.

For example, the 7th digit is the charger type (single/dual) in 2012. Currently the 7th digit is the rough battery info (Standard/High Capacity), but not the exact battery kW.