4G LTE and Map Update Fees

4G LTE and Map Update Fees

As I understand it the MX comes with 4 years of free 4G LTE service and 7 years of free map updates. Does anyone know what the respective fees will be for continuation of these services? I realize some will not keep their cars for that long so the issue is moot for them. Before I sign on the dotted line (hopefully next week) however, I would like to know what these fees will be should I elect to keep the car for that long.

socalsam | June 4, 2016

No clue- probably minimal in the big scheme of things.

lilbean | June 4, 2016

We are in the dark about this. I asked about a service plan and was told it hasn't even come out yet.

madodel | June 4, 2016

@c3 please ask your delivery person about that and as @lilbean also mentioned, the service plan. My guess is they will no nothing but can't hurt to ask.

Uncle Paul | June 4, 2016

Since Tesla can update these inexpensively over the air, I would suspect their price would be far less than those manufacturers that require you to come into their facilities and have a technician/mechanic do the updates.

speyerj | June 4, 2016

Where did you find this bit about the LTE and map updates? I don't recall seeing it anywhere in our paperwork and it wasn't discussed with us.

c3 | June 4, 2016

I learned about the expiration terms from a Tesla salesperson. He was not able to tell me what the cost of maintaining these services would be. I don't take issue with there being a limited period for these services. I just feel it is important to know what the continuation costs will be given that both of these services are essential to the full utility of the car. I suspect that Tesla has not made a final decision on these costs yet but I for one feel they should be disclosed before customers are expected to enter a final purchase agreement. Assuming they will be reasonable is not a leap of faith I am prepared to make.

Triggerplz | June 5, 2016

Don't let some after 4 years LTD fee be the deal breaker.. You don't want to be out cruising with your friends and a MX drives by and you say to your friends Damn I was gonna buy one of those but that after 4 years LTE fee made me get this Kia we riding in. :-)

teslagiddy | June 5, 2016

+1 Trigger

c3 | June 5, 2016

I am more than happy in my BMW i3 which I will continue to own/drive after buying the MX. I need the Tesla for long distance travel and will never purchase an ICE again. I just don't like entering a deal without all the pertinent information.

For the record, I plan to use my i3 for in town travel even once I own the X. It is far more energy efficient, will fit into compact parking spaces, can turn on a dime and the doors have never let me down. The X will be used for cross country travel, car camping and anytime we need something bigger for people moving.

teslagiddy | June 5, 2016

The most the LTE would cost is the cost of a cellular wifi hotspot (depends on your carrier but you can probably add it for $20/mo to your existing cell plan). As for the cost of maps, nobody knows (maybe no additional cost since it's Google maps anyway, just the cost of wireless connection?).

evlnte | June 5, 2016

C3, the i3 felt like I was driving a toy car with those cheap, golf cart sized wheels. And the noise from the range extender was deafening. The dealer couldn't even explain to me why the dang thing was running while we were driving 15 mph in a parking lot on a full charge! BMW convinced me at that moment that the Tesla was the right choice.
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dr_jigs | June 5, 2016

Here is what I got my Tesla rep. Of note, I am still waiting for MX p90DL, apparently June 18. (originally quoted Late April-May)

"Some answers to your questions:

The data is unlimited for the LTE.
It is free for 4 years.
If you choose not to renew, you will need to do the updates on wifi.
Yes radio (XM, FM & AM) will work, yes autopilot will work.
Functions that you would lose without the LTE would be internet browsing (you’ll need wifi to do) and internet radio which is slacker & tune in radio.
Yes, Model X P90D with ludicrous comes with XM satellite radio, if you purchase the ultra high fidelity sound package.

jwh8000 | June 5, 2016

@dr_jigs , Lucky us my late April early May MX 90D premium is scheduled for June 18th as well.

c3 | June 5, 2016


You seem to be arguing for the MX instead of the BMW. I will own both and can choose whichever is the best for the trip at hand. I live in the Boston area where parking is a major hassle and road layout was informed by cowpaths. I'd prefer to use the BMW for short trips into the city because it is more efficient (124 MPGe versus 92 MPGe) and maneuverable (32.3 ft versus 40.7 ft turning circle), can squeeze into the tightest spots and I don't have to worry about FWDs hitting parking structures or having body dented while parked in compact spaces. I own the all electric version so no range extender noise. If I will be travelling beyond 80 miles or taking more than one passenger or will be travelling outside the city, I will choose to take the MX everytime. I also own an Audi Q5 and will use that whenever I need to carry my kayaks, transport anything of significant size or tow a trailer for any significant distance. The Tesla is a fantastic car and I will be happy to add it to my collection. It is by no means the best car for every use. Same reason I own hiking boots, running shoes, and dress shoes and use each of them for different activities.

evlnte | June 5, 2016

@C3 Yes, the needs for a very compact vehicle for your city makes sense. The snooty BMW salesperson also made me feel unwelcome in the BmW world while all the folks at the Tesla showroom were super humble and nice. I was hesitant to give up my Toyota Highland Hybrid, but we are now a fully electric house. Model S has served us well and Model X hopefully arriving this month.

eric.zucker | June 10, 2016

Traveling to another country, roaming costs for data can be exorbitant. I hope Tesla offers a renewal for their LTE plan at a reasonable rate. Not a deal-breaker, but still worth considering.

Are navigation maps stored or downloaded on demand?

I can share my phone's LTE with my car, but I'd like the car to offer a hotspot feature, especially if I'm paying for it. Would be great for my dash-cam.

mhkeyemd | June 11, 2016

That's funny. I just picked up my Model X 90D yesterday, and my orientation delivery specialist at Costa Mesa, CA said that 4G LTE via AT&T is for lifetime of the car. No renewal necessary. Did he misinform me?

jon | June 12, 2016

If not in writing, he misinformed you. Also, @dr_jigs dunno how you get AM radio to work per your DS, as I understand there is no AM radio in the MX...don't have my car yet, but that's what I read...

dr_jigs | June 12, 2016

@Jon: I dont know about AM. I just copy pasted what the service rep emailed. Honestly, I dont listen to AM. So did not question it. I havent got my car yet too. Picking it up on June 18. If I find out more, I will repost here.

c3 | June 12, 2016


It is possible that Tesla has changed the terms of LTE service to lifetime. If that is the case, it would be great news to share with the community. If you can inquire again with your DS to confirm that would be much appreciated.

aesculus | June 12, 2016

I heard from an unverifiable source that it is lifetime for sw updates and navigation, but will require a fee after 4 years for the web browser.

elguapo | June 12, 2016

Here is what is quite possible, and IMHO, most likely. TM has absolutely no idea what it will do for the LTE or maps long term. They thought they'd just push the period out for the S, but they'll come up at the end of the period at some point.

Given the amount of money they're losing now, and he importance of LTE for data back to TM, I can't imagine they'll charge for LTE or maps any time soon. Maps are free from Google (Waze) and others, so charging will be tough as more cars get the Apple and Android car OS.

LTE could have a viable charging model at some point, but I think that's the last of their worries right now.

Red Sage ca us | June 12, 2016

The first Model S cars were delivered nearly four years ago. Early 2014 it was announced that all cars had data access for four years. So, if there is to be any cost assessed for internet access and data transfer, we'll likely know by this time next month.

mhkeyemd | June 13, 2016

I just verified with David from Tesla that 4G LTE is for lifetime of the car. I'll attach the email from David.

"David Vasquez Today at 6:57 PM

Hey Matt,

This is correct.

David Vasquez | Delivery Orientation Specialist
Tesla Motors | 3140 Pullman St. Costa Mesa, California
p 714-545-1800 Option 4| e

To: David Vasquez
Subject: 4G LTE

Hi, David.

I remember that you said that 4G LTE via AT&T in Model X is for lifetime of the car. Am I correct?
I just want to be sure.


c3 | June 13, 2016

Excellent. Thanks for breaking the news.