What is the frontal surface of the Model S?

What is the frontal surface of the Model S?


I cannot find that information anywhere and I'd like to know.

Many sources mention the S's drag coefficient which is arguably excellent for a sedan (0.24) although the new Audi A4 reportedly does even better (0.23). But the aerodynamic force resisting a car's advancement is a function of the drag coefficient _mutiplied_ by the frontal surface. And that data is missing.

A rough estimate would of course be to multiply the height by the width, but that is very crude and pessimistic. Is this information available somewhere?

rg22.vanhorn | June 15, 2016
fgaliegue | June 15, 2016

@rg22.vanhorn thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for...

Well, I "speak" SI, so the frontal surface of the model S is 2.34 m^2... If I multiply the height and width, it gives 2.83 m^2 which is quite different!