Wife Got the upsell call !!!

Wife Got the upsell call !!!

Wife got the upsell call today finally
She was forewarned by me from a prior email she showed me so was prepared and told them to upgrade for free but that didnt fly ;-)
Anyways was promised december !!! For no upgrade;-)

Vperl what do u think ?

vperl | August 5, 2016

Same here.

Earliest, ( I have given up hope for the X this year), is end January delivery at best.

Somehow, I am beginning to think, ...... More there than we know.

carlk | August 6, 2016

Upsell from what to what?

Gayatrikr | August 6, 2016

5 no active susp to 6 active susp

vperl | August 6, 2016

What is the definition of , " bait and switch" ?

carlk | August 6, 2016

Sounds like not too many people are still waiting for 5 seaters and Tesla is not too willing to spend effort to do it. Kind of reminds me of the Model S 40 situation. Maybe eventually they will give you some discount on upgrade.

Gayatrikr | August 6, 2016

Iam not putting even a penny more on anything orher than batt

Gayatrikr | August 6, 2016

What happened to S 40 ? What was the story then

carlk | August 6, 2016

S40 was delayed and delayed until Tesla took it off the option list. There were too few orders to justify the cost of developing it and go through the verification process. The same with 5 seater that not only it needs to be designed but it needs to go through all safety tests too. Reservation holders were given 60 kWh but software limited to 40 kWh that they could still pay to upgrade to 60 later. A pretty good compromise imo.

Gayatrikr | August 6, 2016

K they can give me. 7 seater and lock or take the third row

Gayatrikr | August 6, 2016

And inactivate the active suspension

vperl | August 6, 2016

Are you sure no one has the definition of "bait and switch" .

Wonder if the FTC does ?

I may ask . Probably not necessary, could open Pandora . Nope not needed

carlk | August 6, 2016


That sounds like an idea.

vperl | August 6, 2016

Five seat configuration is a choice Tesla has, what is the Corporate policy they can do as they please , whoops, Tesla and a rug. Do not stand on rug.

aesculus | August 7, 2016

I do suspect the 5 seater is tied up with folding seats, which by itself could add a significant number for sales to the Model X camp. If not, and all it is is removing the 3rd row and pulling the 2nd AC, I don't see the wait time. Also not installing a 3rd row of seats or installing a 2nd AC unit will have anything to do with its safety certification.

Ankit Mishra | August 7, 2016

Yup. Chances are that they are developing folding seats for the 5 seater. Just my guess.

Gayatrikr | August 7, 2016

Even better reason for me then to wait for 5 seater
But the wait is killing

vperl | August 7, 2016

All, new perfected design in sensors, switches, bigger battery, and the auto pilot 2.0, plus features not released . Tesla might incorporate the new features in our five seater.

13 plus months if delivered by end of January 2017...... I wait. Others wait.

Any day Corporate Tesla will issue statement on delivery/delay of our configuration.

casaerin | August 9, 2016

I had already chosen the 6 seat configuration but did get the upgrade call for the air suspension in order to have a July delivery instead of September. I was offered the air suspension for half price. I chose to do it and I am glad that I did once I picked my car up yesterday.

For six months out of the year, I drive on a gravel road as I drive to a boathouse for rowing. I can raise the X for this purpose and I am grateful for that because toward the end of the season, the potholes become very large. Last night, when driving the X home from Seattle, I could sense the car lowering which reduces drag and therefore battery drain. We also drove on S-curves and with the automatic lowered suspension, the X felt more like our S!

I am very pleased with the suspension upgrade and love that I only paid half. I would highly recommend this upgrade especially if you live in a snowy climate and have berms and potholes to manage.

Gayatrikr | August 9, 2016

Agree but not willing to pay anything more for anything more that wasnt part of our plan
Not part of our payment plan not planning to add to it

vperl | August 9, 2016

In the past the upsell was them begging you to change your confirmation from a Five seater MX to a 6 or 7 seat.

Out of generosity they wave the $500 change fee but charge an extra three thousand for six seater, and four thousand for the seven seater.


Hank Scorpio | August 10, 2016

we got the upsell call after mother's day this year and we rejected because the rep said if we upgrade with air suspension we can take delivery July but if we don't and leave everything as is, we could expect delivery September which is the month our 3rd child is expected so we figured we could wait.

we were planning to move to california at the time of our build back in january 2016 so we noted our delivery location to be san diego, ca but because of our new baby on the way we delayed those plans and so just a couple weeks ago i emailed my ds notifying him that we will take delivery in highland park, il. luckily i remembered to contact him because then he said if we don't upgrade with the air suspension then we would take delivery by the end of the year (dec/jan).

my pregnant wife was not happy and definitely felt the whole bait n switch tactic was being used. if it weren't for this addition to our family and the need for a larger car she was 100% ready to stubbornly wait until december. we even looked into just renting a minivan for sept-december!

joer293 | August 10, 2016

I would not call it bait and switch. Bait and switch is what the GMC dealers did to us. They called to say they had the top of the line vehicle in stock, put it on hold for us to drive the 2 hours to come see it. When we got there, they never had one, they even admitted they just said whatever it would take for us to visit the dealership. Offering a lower end model for the same high end price tag. They were so confident that if we drove 2 hours we'd buy something they had in stock. They even blocked our car in with a test drive vehicle, so we couldn't leave. It took them 1 hour to find the keys to that car they parked behind us. Until we called the cops.

That is bait and switch.

vperl | August 11, 2016

Try the 5k non refundable deposit after you confirm and wait anther year or more for you car, with repeated calls to change your confirmation .

Hank Scorpio | August 11, 2016

joer293, sorry to hear that. that is so slimy and something i would never think tesla to do but at the same time my wife was just feeling frustrated. i was trying to convince my wife to give tesla the benefit of the doubt that they are just trying to streamline the process and do what's best for the greater good. she just felt frustrated that we were being given wrong information that affects our plans as a growing family.

vperl | August 11, 2016

I am not sure what the "greater good " is !

Confusion here

SUN 2 DRV | August 11, 2016

If you want predictable delivery for your configuration, just wait until it's in stock on the dealer lot before placing your order. :-)

vperl | August 11, 2016

Tesla has dealer lot !


Roamer@AZ USA | August 14, 2016

Hi to my my Model X homies. Cranking the miles on two Sig X. Happy
Still waiting on my third reservation for five seat fold flat second row. Someday maybe.

vperl | August 15, 2016

The cat is out of the bag.

Tesla 110 kW battery, and AP 2.0, flat folding rear seats, and video side cams make waiting for the Model X Five seat configuration a joy to behold.

Will Tesla continue with the UpSell now ? Time will tell.

Got to love the beta testers.


vperl | August 26, 2016

I am growing a feeling that Tesla is going to stop the upselling.

Opinion only