New Tesla Product?????

New Tesla Product?????

What are your thoughts on what the new product might be?

Mine are

Model 3 Extended battery

Wireless Charging

Model 3 Dashboard


lilbean | October 17, 2016


Anglo | October 18, 2016

Folding 2nd row seats on X.
New AP hardware with chip from Nvidia
360 Cameras

jordanrichard | October 18, 2016

WOW!!! finally a thread about the product announcement. I have waiting for someone to start one of these.........

nelsonc | October 18, 2016

The big announcement is Elon is really from Mars and has invented a hibernation chambers for Teslas so we don't age while our cars drive us. This invention might be used on the trip to Mars as well.

McLary | October 18, 2016

It is sooooo obvious. It will be Tesla branded Incontinence Underwear.

"Mr. Foisy
They are comfortable to were and I can were them for a long time in my busy day.
Yes, I recommend this product."

vperl | October 19, 2016

Elon started a Tin Foil hat club .

JHB10 | October 19, 2016

A glass product, but not to display anything on, but to be able to darken the panoramic roof, and the top portion of the model x windscreen electrically - like LCD
Well, that is what I hope for at least...

eagle talon | October 19, 2016

A vehicle with grab handles, and or a vehicle with white paint at no extra cost, and/or a model S with a trailer hitch, for hauling light trailers short distances.

StarKiller | October 19, 2016

My vote is for the rest of the unveiling of the Model 3 or even the introduction of the Model Y

sclinton13 | October 19, 2016

Have hey specified a time?

sclinton13 | October 19, 2016


VintageDude | October 19, 2016

A ludicrous speed cyber cycle that goes 0 - 60 in under 2 seconds and a range of 800 miles!

Unexpected by most, indeed.

jordanrichard | October 19, 2016

It will not be any unveiling of a vehicle. Tesla would have sent out invites to the press and several hundred owners, to Hawthorne, just as they did for all of their unveilings.

No, this will be a product that you can buy fairly straight away, which is obvious from the fact that they need to do some last minute tweaks/refinements to make it ready.

sabuson | October 19, 2016

Tesla Smart Phone!

danielebernd | October 19, 2016

electric rocket !

unexpected by most...

or electric boat, plane, bike, truck, bus, train, submarine....?

Since Tesla is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and energy storage facilities....! | October 19, 2016

Golf cart that has 200 mile range and does 0-60 in 6 seconds, equipped with front air bags and GPS.

lilbean | October 19, 2016


KP in NPT | October 19, 2016

Is this actually happening today?

KP in NPT | October 19, 2016

Ah, at last, he tweeted about it. 5pm cali time - 30 min press Q and A to follow.

nick | October 19, 2016

Any knowledge of if it is possible to stream this announcement?

KP in NPT | October 19, 2016

Last time there was this type of announcement (no formal event, just tweet from elon and then press Q and A) there was no stream. We waited for the press Q and A to finish and then either waited for another tweet or for it to start showing up in the press, which happened soon after.

rarcher | October 19, 2016

I"m praying they announce a fix for the high pitched whine from the front motor. My wife promises to let out a high pitched squeal of delight if they do.

joenanp | October 19, 2016

Smart phone guess on the right track, but it will be a computer. Likely a laptop with a TOS (Tesla Operating System.)

FrunkMsterFleX70D | October 19, 2016

Whatever it is it better be good for needing "refinement".

mirio | October 19, 2016

Based on below tweets my bet is on Tesla Glass, unveiling a "HUD space ship thing" available for S & X.

‏@elonmusk 2h2 hours ago
Tesla announcement goes live at 5pm California time. 30 minutes of media Q&A to follow.

followed by

@elonmusk This is also what I was alluding to by Model 3 part 2

KP in NPT | October 19, 2016

yeah he's such a tease. ;)

I agree - something to do with the "feeling like a spaceship." .

treyno4137 | October 19, 2016

Plugless charging pads will be announced at 5pm PST. Park over the mat at night and wake to a fully charged car without having to plug into car.Just get in and go.

rgrant | October 19, 2016

Model 3 Part 2 apparently?!

jarradbarnhart | October 19, 2016

Model 3 pt. 2 announcement. Will it be broadcast?

KP in NPT | October 19, 2016

I don't think it's the actual model 3. it's a product that the model 3 will have - and whatever it is is why he expected the reservations to be more after part 2.

I'd expect it to be available on the S and X now. Or after the announcement, that is. :)

mirio | October 19, 2016

below his latest tweet, this won't be part 2, but it will reveal a component of part 2, which i believe will be made available for S & X.

the only thing he was alluding too in regards to part 2 unveil, is the "space ship like controls" in subsequent tweets after reveal, hence i'm confident it will be some HUD Space ship like system.

he was not alluding to Y or AP2, believe AP2 will be revealed in December for Q1 boost. this reveal is for Q4 boost.

@elonmusk This is also what I was alluding to by Model 3 part 2

danielebernd | October 19, 2016

Model 3 Part 2:
Model 3 comes with 800 miles range standard. Unexpected by most.....That is what I guess.

Ross1 | October 19, 2016

If there are no pictures, it aint happening

Red Sage ca us | October 19, 2016

Space Donuts. Not to be confused with Spaced Dog Nutz.

jordanrichard | October 19, 2016

It's about AP 2.0 Go to the MS forum for further info. There are 3 or 4 threads about it.