Trump right wing Propaganda campaign against Tesla/SpaceX

Trump right wing Propaganda campaign against Tesla/SpaceX

Bring back jobs to the US said Trump....


Bighorn | November 22, 2016

Laura Ingraham has always been a horrible person.

NKYTA | November 22, 2016

Good grief. :-(

mschaffer11 | November 22, 2016

You must confront and fight this fascist propaganda wherever you encounter it.

grega | November 22, 2016

The problem is that:

Ignorance + knowledge = knowledge

So we just need to provide facts.

Stupidity + knowledge = stupidity.

So it all depends on what we're fighting.

SCCRENDO | November 22, 2016

She is a smart lady but an ultra-conservative and certainly not a friend of environmental causes. I view the smart ones more dangerous than the not so smart ones

grega | November 22, 2016

Actually I meant people that believe things like the loan the government gave Tesla was unfair and never paid back etc.

In any case I vastly oversimplify. There is such a rash of unclear information these days that it takes great effort to work out what's good... and it becomes a personal decision. The press were intended to help the people to be informed and choose leaders who can best help them and their country, and that is no longer happening for a variety of reasons.

I do worry about this campaign above. From my perspective (Australian) Tesla is clearly an American company, and the protectionist attitudes against imports will affect exports. So theoretically a Trump government will help Tesla domestically but damage it internationally. But if it's going to hurt Tesla domestically also .... it's just not right.

Anyway, hopefully we'll see some a plan for 2 more gigafactories (China and Germany?) that produce batteries, cars, solar etc.

SCCRENDO | November 22, 2016

@grega. He walks back everything so who knows what he will do. Some possible optimism that he may be reconsidering his climate change denial

carlk | November 22, 2016

I do think we might be worrying too much. US accounts for only 16% of world's GDP now, less if you take out California and other environmentally friendly states. The rest of world could still do what it needs to do and Tesla could still expand elsewhere. Hopefully Trump will only be there for four years and things can still change after he's gone. The only danger is other countries like Germany or China may take the lead in the green industry but what else can you do? More power to them if they could.

MitchP85D | November 22, 2016

I met Laura Ingraham in Houston back in 2003. She did a one-day radio broadcast from here (Houston). Very nice lady. Nothing at all horrible about her Bighorn!

ryancbusoh | November 22, 2016

Nothing wrong with subsidizing the technology of the future to allow companies to grow in to that necessary future. Subsidizing the tech of the past, companies that have had enormous success and profitability for a century? The largest battery plant on the planet in the USA, the largest solar plant on the planet in the USA. The automobiles of the future assembled in the USA. It's all done more efficiently requiring less jobs than ever before but so what? Should we ruin our planet giving people a false source of economic security through an outdated job?

ryancbusoh | November 22, 2016

If it weren't for money, we would never question the things that bring progress to all of humanity with less human labor. We would very simply do what is in the best interests of all human beings. I'm not naive, as long as money runs the world, it's a lot of customer service jobs and a lot of people who are terrible at customer service. Going to be a fight between those who have and those who don't at some point. We should be transitioning to a more egalitarian society slowly but surely.

ryancbusoh | November 22, 2016

10 to 20 years from now when unemployment starts approaching 20% because all means of manipulation have been exhausted. It will be the result of technological progress on one hand, and greed and excess on the other.

ryancbusoh | November 22, 2016

I should say that I'm not anarchist, that's not want I want. Republican or Democrat, doesn't matter, the future of the USA is at stake, the future of the planet is at stake. The only way to come close to solving the largest problem we face, greater than climate change, is to create a humanity that lives more similarly to one another. People need to work more for the greater good and less for personal gain.

lar_lef | November 22, 2016

Hope Trump will in the end support electric vehicles. On another front, if he appoints good people like Bolton, whom i really admire, it is a good sign. Maybe like Truman, who many thought would be a bad president and turned out to be a very good one, Trump will pleasantly surprise those who were feaful.

compchat | November 23, 2016


Stop referencing CNN. I stopped watching it about a year ago. They are so leftist ultra liberal that they are far worse than FoxNews (on the right). CNN went downhill when Larry King left.

SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

@compchat. When you stop watching all news, reading newspapers and just read the party propaganda pieces you end up with uneducated opinions like you demonstrate. Many of us wonder when this war on education, science and knowledge began.

Bighorn | November 23, 2016

Didn't say she wasn't pleasant--just horrible. Even her faculty advisor at the Dartmouth Review said she was one of the most bigoted people he'd ever encountered.

carlk | November 23, 2016

I watched a news program on I believe was CBS where several representatives from major news organizations like New York Times and Washington Post were talking about lies and half truths on some of those right wing news outlet like Fox News and even worse ones. They have done all the fact findings and published on their papers but they were frustrated because Trump supporters never read their newspaper but only want to get info from those that fit their needs.

BTW CCN may have a political leaning, you can't accuse anyone of having one, but they don't usually lie.

SO | November 23, 2016
SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

@soudman. Don't expect compchat and company to look at that link. It's not on his approved reading list.

Mel. | November 23, 2016


Sorry but Bolton is a neo-con. He is the last person, well maybe next to last, that Trump should appoint.

SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

@Mel. We do sometimes agree

Mel. | November 23, 2016

Rare , but I like it when it happens

SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

@Mel. LOL

McLary | November 23, 2016

Yes everyone is funded by fossil fuel/big oil interests these days.

As far as truth in news reporting goes, there is no news outlet that doesn't have a political bent anymore. We live in an Orwellian world where the facts are no longer the facts.

So where do you sign up for some of that big oil money? I could use a nice boost to my retirement funds.

SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

Mclary. Join the Trump regime and you will get your wish.

MitchP85D | November 23, 2016

Bighorn, the faculty at Ivy League schools (as well as most colleges and universities) are far left progressives. They hate any student who is a conservative. All conservatives are racist, bigoted homophobes from their perspective.

SCCRENDO | November 23, 2016

@MItch. The ivy league schools encourage independent thinking and discussion based on fact. I guess students who avoid the facts are not favorites

Bighorn | November 23, 2016

Dartmouth not so much especially in the early 80s.

ryancbusoh | November 26, 2016

Wow, I had to leave and return a few days later. Only to find that no one reacted to my comments, neither liberal nor conservative. Very disappointing.

carlk | November 28, 2016


That's not disappointing at all. People just could not find any valid argument against your comment.

Remnant | November 28, 2016

@ryancbusoh (November 22, 2016)

<< People need to work more for the greater good and less for personal gain. >>

Stalin said that, then killed the kulaks and send other greater-good opponents before firing squads or to Siberian forced-labor camps.

KP in NPT | November 28, 2016

SCCRENDO - I do not believe for one second Trump has changed at all re: climate change. If you read the full transcript from the NYT interview, it's clear. Sadly the media has only reported excerpts, but when taken as a whole, it's a different picture.

carlk | November 28, 2016

Mark Cuban has written something about Trump people manipulated supporters into believing main stream media conspired to write articles against Trump so to make every fact they report to be discounted while they would believe only lies Trump tells. That's pretty much what has happened. Very smart people I have to say.

And how funny it especially mentioned CNN.

Mel. | November 28, 2016

Do you still prefer Buffett over Musk?
How about Fidel, are you sad?

carlk | November 28, 2016


lilbean | November 28, 2016

So sick of politics on this forum. Ok. I guess name calling will ensue. Oh well.

SCCRENDO | November 28, 2016

Mel what kind of questions are you asking CarlK? Think a little before you write.
@mp1156. Just being hopeful. This guy is a total idiot. Even Mel may be smarter than him. Just saw his choice for HHS. We are at a point where we hope he chooses Romney over Guiliani. We have him for 4 years. Protest where we can and buckle your seatbelts. We are in for a rocky ride.

RedShift | November 28, 2016


'So sick of politics on this forum'

Are you, now. I thought you were quite gleefully partaking in it -as long as the arguments went your way!

Ceaseless hypocrite, eh?

lilbean | November 28, 2016

Oh of course. Just like everybody else right? At least I'm not a meany and put people down. Whatever. C ya. Not worth my time. Love ya!

lilbean | November 28, 2016

And when does my argument ever go my way? That's freakin hilarious. This is an extreme liberal dominated forum where an opposing opinion is not welcome. Done here.

RedShift | November 28, 2016

Love ya too, see you back tomorrow on this thread, good night!

RedShift | November 28, 2016


"This is an extreme liberal dominated forum where an opposing opinion is not welcome. Done here."

Yes, the whole world is in the tank for liberals.

compchat | November 29, 2016

Rated as extremelyi liberal and unreliable source of 'information' this website is an extreme arm of the liberals. Click on the link and read how they think Trump is similar to hitler.

compchat | November 29, 2016


I hope you source your medical information better then your political opinions. Do you study the LA times to assist you with thyroid mangement ? Is this how they teach you to think in South Africa ? Comparing Trump to Hitler, as you have and do, ruins your credibility.

Get over it already. Hiliary LOST. Trump WON. BTW are you happy with Dr. Price ? You know he is against some types of abortion.

compchat | December 1, 2016

Mark Cuban didn't become a billionaire by being a nice guy and not using strong arm tactics. He's not one to talk or critique Mr. Trump.

With respect to the media, everything Trump said about they media was true. The media (Fox News and CNN), after he won, even admitted that their reporting on Trump was not fair and balanced.

I expect the media to give us the facts not laced with their it liberal or conservative. Unfortunetly this no longer happens.

The media took on Trump and lost. Now they will have a tempestuous relationship with the President of the United States. I expect that the media will continue to be an unreliable source of news and information as it relates to President Trump. They are probably going to try and ruin his credibility right out of the gate and ultimately get him impeached.

Trump would be wise to give press conferences and read off the prompter and not to talk to or argue with the media. He is Trump so he probably won't do that.

ryancbusoh | December 1, 2016

@everyone, I don't currently possess the concentration to name all of you friends. There is nothing wrong with a healthy discussion involving EVs, solar tech, and batteries. In how the U.S. government should interact with those companies. I merely ask what does everyone want? Please take in to account the generations that will follow our own. We have serious issues with tech replacing employment. Should we reconsider how societies, nations, operate? I'm not a liberal, actually a realist, trying to figure out what might be accepted by a majority.

ryancbusoh | December 1, 2016

In this day and age, of all days and ages. You can't just tell people what to do. People need to be inspired.

ryancbusoh | December 1, 2016

@Remnant, had to remember your comment. The greater good is as simple as can be, do unto to others as you would have done to yourself. Any religion or zeitgeist can be manipulated to nefarious purposes. Good people need to sway the balance. In the favor of good.

ryancbusoh | December 1, 2016

@lilbean@RedShift, RedShift back off lilbean. Lilbean made a poor non owner feel welcome here by engaging in conversation. Is there a better forum than this for discussing the future, and various outcomes? All opinions should be recognized and accounted for here. Perhaps out of that, we can find a way that works in this odd time.