5 seater ready for delivery

5 seater ready for delivery

Just received an hour ago that my x is ready for delivery. Really excited

lilbean | December 2, 2016

You're welcome :)

vperl | December 2, 2016


Got Fremont email today, called the DS, was informed many of these auto emails are not accurate.

Monday - Tuesday looks like clarification may/may not happen.

Silly stuff, but I look at the email as good.

lilbean | December 2, 2016

Congrats vperl! That's great. It may be inaccurate but it just means you are definitely closer :-) Yay!

lilbean | December 2, 2016

Actually, my so called in inaccurate email turned out to be correct.

vperl | December 2, 2016

Rumor that locally that a five seater is in town, and it is a base 75D with zero options.

Zero options, hard to believe. But..mmmmmm

lilbean | December 2, 2016


jestah | December 3, 2016

I spent several hours with 5 seat yesterday, spam filter prevented post, testing this post now

vperl | December 3, 2016
Saxman | December 3, 2016


Whose MX was it that you filmed?

How did the overall quality look? Did you get to speak to factory official regarding reality of pushing out EOY MXS for all those "promised"?

Any other good factory production/delivery info you can share with us?

Thanks again for taking the time to go to Fremont

MarinDon | December 5, 2016

Question to my DS,"have any 5 seaters been delivered yet".
Answer, Good question, I haven’t heard of any specifically getting delivered but I know they are coming off the assembly line. Yours should be getting delivered very soon!

vperl | December 5, 2016

Gee Whiz

I tell everyone the DS are either I'll informed or worse.

Your DS, knows only in fact what is in front of him, or her.

No direct knowledge.

vperl | December 5, 2016

In some folks case, soon is the answer.

Errol_martinez | December 6, 2016

My x is coming to my house on thursday. I am lucky I have the greatest DS answers my email same day and helping me with faster delivery my x before estimate was Dec 13 to Jan 7 and will receive it on dec 8.

Teslapalooza | December 6, 2016

Are they pre-loading it with the new (yet to be made available for OTA download) firmware v8.1?

vperl | December 6, 2016

I am getting the side video mirrors installed at SC.