2017 SUPERCHARGER MAP, just released

2017 SUPERCHARGER MAP, just released

akgolf | December 17, 2016

Hopefully they can get close to the new map.

SOCAL2015 | December 17, 2016

It looks like they are planning an SC in Pasadena. Does anyone have an idea as to when it might be built?

NKYTA | December 17, 2016

More fodder for that Bighorn guy. ;-)

Sleepydoc1 | December 17, 2016

Looks like another one in Sacramento area, as well as one possibly around Merced on 99 and a 3rd site near Buttonwillow/Bakersfield. Throw in one more around Kettleman to offload Harris Ranch, and the Valley will be better prepared for the Model 3. Let's hope they fill in that I-10 route as projected to allow more opportunities there.

jdanielp_uk | December 18, 2016

That looks like a bit of a 'backwards' step for Scotland. Tesla had been promising new Superchargers in Inverness (pretty much required for access to the Highlands; Fort William would also be useful in this respect) and Aberdeen since 2015, but neither are now shown on the map for 2017. Instead, a surprise Supercharger was recently added in Dundee and it looks like 2017 will be bringing Superchargers to two of Perth, Stirling and Glasgow. Most strange.

dyefrog | December 18, 2016

Has anyone been able to zoom in on the 2017 map? I see the disclaimer about location may vary but it would be nice to see the closest cities. | December 18, 2016

@SOCAL2015 - Where did you hear of an SC being planned in Pasadena? Would be perfect for my travels, but I don't see anthing on the Tesla map or (which shows many of sites under construction).

Bighorn | December 18, 2016

He's probably referring to Tesla's new 2017 aspirational map, linked in the OP. | December 18, 2016

Perhaps he saw the Pasadena Store. I didn't see a SC at Pasadena on the 2017 map.

jdanielp_uk | December 18, 2016

@dyefrog I can't zoom in on the 2017 map.

Lubdub | December 18, 2016

I'm going to guess one near Bakersfield on Calif 99. This will take the load off the 6 chargers at Tejon and make it easier to get from Central Valley to Las Vegas. Merced would be great too

b.tesla | December 18, 2016

A week or two ago, I did a screen capture of their projected 2016 map and actual map as of early December 2016. Though they added several new superchargers in 2016, there is a big gap between projected vs. actual. It would be great if they can build out to their 2017 projection, but take it with a big grain of salt. They'll get there eventually.

Silver2K | December 18, 2016

oh look! Rochester is on the new map

Rocky_H | December 19, 2016

Huh--that is weird. They are infilling on interstate 84 in Idaho with extra useless Superchargers in Burley, Mountain Home, and Ontario, but not actually connecting the non interstate routes like highway 95 to Winnemucca or highways 20 or 26 through eastern Oregon. That seems like a misuse of resources.

Bighorn | December 19, 2016

I heard from the SC team today about a suggested location I shared because I didn't see it on the 2017 map and they informed me that they were already working in that area. So the map is under-representing efforts in some areas.

Silver2K | December 19, 2016


I don't think they will be useless once the tesla network goes up with model 3's acting as autonomous taxis. They will need lots of SC's for that purpose

dyefrog | December 19, 2016

Hey silver, you're from Syracuse right? Doesn't that look like a new one in Cornell? Maybe at the Glass Museum?

dyefrog | December 19, 2016

I meant Corning, not Cornell.