Today's Kool-Aid Quencher - Billionaire Baron Bullish on Tesla

Today's Kool-Aid Quencher - Billionaire Baron Bullish on Tesla

akgolf | February 15, 2017

I hope so!

Red Sage ca us | February 15, 2017

Hmmm... Well, yeah. But I already blocked CNBC on my computer.

andy.connor.e | February 15, 2017

If i had the money equivalence of 1.6 million shares of Tesla, i dont think i would even be worried about investing. How could i ever spend that kind of money in my entire life.

gavinfaulkner | February 15, 2017

Perhaps he altruistically intends to make as much profit as he can so he can help as many less fortunate people as he can, tipping the balance a little on the huge wealth disparity around the world.

Then again, its more likely that he's just making money for the sake of making money, like a game - who's (bank balance) is larger - with complete disregard for whoever or whatever he is exploiting to win it. Eventually he'll flop it out to show off in the form of a totally unnecessary overly-extravagant purchase. Then shortly thereafter die, not being able to enjoy the fruits of his selfish efforts in the non existent afterlife, yet leaving a trail of misery and suffering in his wake. His wealth will subsequently be passed on to his progeny who will squander it because money is all they've ever known and they simply cannot be without their rooms full of $2000 shoes.

dd.micsol | February 15, 2017

@Red-smart. CNBC is wrong over 73% of the time. Seems like the odds of their news is against them. LOL.

carlk | February 15, 2017

Not sure of him but Warren Buffet is making money for the sake of making money so he could use the money to help humanity. Elon Musk is sort of like that too.

Frank99 | February 15, 2017

Well, if you've got the money you've got two choices:
1. Determine how much you'll need to live in the style you'd like for the rest of your life, invest that and give the rest away...
2. Invest all of it

You can't just shove the money under your mattress; you've got to invest the money somewhere. Whether you call it "making money for the sake of making money" or "making money to help humanity", if you have money you have to do something with it. This man's chosen to invest a big chunk of his money in Tesla (Well, maybe it's just a little chunk...). I don't see that as being more or less evil than investing it in REITs or CDs or index funds - well, OK, it's a lot less evil in my estimation because it helps to further Tesla's goals.

andy.connor.e | February 16, 2017


The problem with what you just said there, is that you have zero obligation to do anything.

Red Sage ca us | February 16, 2017

There's more than one connotation for the word 'Invest'. I always disagreed with those who claimed it would be 'impossible' to spend the billions thst Bill Gates had back in the late 1990s. I'd say I could spend it all in a single afternoon. They'd ask how. I'd say two words, "Space program." and they would shut up.

You can also spend money on housing, schools, hospitals, and more in an altruistic fashion. Thereby investing in... The FUTURE! Or you could build a mansion on the coast for every Veteran of Foreign War while paying their medical expenses for life.

Or, you can invest in research. Medical or other sciences. Geography, geology, oceanography, biology, archeology... There's no end to it.

topher | February 17, 2017

"Perhaps he altruistically intends to make as much profit as he can so he can help as many less fortunate people as he can, tipping the balance a little on the huge wealth disparity around the world."

I'm confused, are you seriously saying that increasing the wealth disparity can reduce it. The way to increase wealth is to have the wealth spread as evenly as possible, so it churns as fast as possible. Waiting is a net loss of total possible wealth in the world.

Thank you kindly.

andy.connor.e | February 17, 2017

$1 billion could last many lifetimes. It could decrease in value due to inflation, and you would still never have to worry. I guess my perspective is theres always the option to sit on it, and just enjoy life doing whatever you want. You dont owe anyone anything.

brando | March 7, 2017

Just think of all the great things Baron and Buffet have created/made possible. How about Peter Thiel? Or Jeff Bezos.
What about all those Wall Street bankers? They just make money and not much else.

Would be fun if others could prove me wrong.
(Richard Branson with SpaceShip One and bio-fuels for Jet Airliner)