Complete/Rich set of voice commands

Complete/Rich set of voice commands

It seems voice command in the current cars is quite weak (based on my 1 test drive in a model S)
I've not done deep research on whether this is something they are actively working on, so sorry if this is the 100th time this idea has been posted.

What I think Tesla should take the lead on with the model 3 is a full set of voice commands. Such as:
- set regenerative braking to standard/low
- set steering mode to comfort/normal/sport
- set temperature to X degrees
- raise drivers temperature by X degrees
- lock all doors

This would be activated with the steering wheel push button and you should be able to give your car a name.
For example : "Hey Tessie, set acceleration to insane". You could choose to have the car echo back the command before proceeding, or just have it execute.

Frankly i don't see why they would not be able to update the software in all the cars once they developed this technology.