CA DMV carpool sticker - how long does it take to arrive?

CA DMV carpool sticker - how long does it take to arrive?

How long does it take for the CA DMV carpool sticker to arrive? I sent my application on 1/21/2017, still haven't received it. They have not even cashed the $22 check I sent with the application. Does anyone know if the DMV special processing unit has an email id or phone number that I can use to follow up on my application?

lilbean | March 5, 2017

Mine took a month to arrive.
800-777-0133 Great customer service when I called. You don't have to wait. They call you back and you don't lose your spot in queue.

Teslapalooza | March 5, 2017

thanks @lilbean, will call them tomorrow and check.

lilbean | March 5, 2017

You're welcome, ramseshan2001.

LimawanS85 | March 5, 2017

Yes it's about a month. Once they cashed the check, you will receive it within a week

SolidWhite60DX | March 5, 2017

Mine took just over a month (sent early Jan, cheque cashed Feb 6th, received the stickers a week after).
I suspect that they collect the applications and process them once a month.

Teslapalooza | March 6, 2017

I called them this morning and after 2 on-holds of 25 minutes each I was told they never received my application and asked me to re-submit the application if I want the decal. Go figure....

sandeshr76 | March 6, 2017

Sent the cheque , application on Feb 10th , Cheque encashed on Feb 22nd , Received decals on March 1st

Flex | March 6, 2017

Sent mine in early January as well, still has not cashed checked and not received yet.

Teslapalooza | March 6, 2017

Those of you who are planning to send in your application for HOV decal to DMV-CA, here is a work of caution. Send your application via certified mail (or if sending by FedEx, make it signature required. After 45 days, I found out today that my application has vanished into thin air. The clerk I spoke with today said she cannot trace it or do anything if I have not sent it via certified mail. I got teh feeling they may not pay attention to letters unless it is sent by certified email.

I had to send a brand new application again today with another check for $22. tick..tock..tick..tock.. we will see if it succeeds or meets with the same fate as the first one. Won't know for another 30 days.

lilbean | March 6, 2017

I don't trust the DMV. I paid for a rush pink slip for my trade in. They sent my application back telling me my address didn't match but they kept my check and never got the pink slip. Paid for the pink slip plus rush processing. Smh.

Teslapalooza | March 6, 2017

no kidding !

The HOV program in CA is slated to end 2018. Not even 2 years left to enjoy that privilege. Out of that 2 years, I have lost almost 3 precious months already. What a bummer.

lilbean | March 6, 2017

My Odyssey didn't have the stickers and I was fine. ;)

d.cherin | March 6, 2017

Still waiting also, been riding the HOV lane without, on the Mill Valley to San Rafael run daily. I'm hoping the CHP will go after more flagrant violators. Also hoping more of you will join me, it's lonely out there. Perfect place for TAAC in commute traffic, just wish cameras/sensors would spot motorcycle lane splitters so I don't need to break AS to move to left edge of lane. Car seems to hug right edge of lane when driving in lane #1.

d.cherin | March 12, 2017

No more cheating HOV lane. Got Stickers yesterday. Mailed check Feb 21. So, 18 days.

Teslapalooza | March 12, 2017

lucky you d.cherin. That proves DMV can be faster than a sloth sometimes.

SCCRENDO | November 26, 2017

Has anyone submitted recently. Mine are pealing off. I sent in a request for replacements a month ago and haven’t heard. Some say that it could be now about 3-4 months

Ohmster | November 26, 2017

My application is sitting on my desk. It has been since before I took delivery of my S in September. I looked at all my routes and I am not convinced it's worth it. No, I'm not talking the $22. I think the stickers are hideous! And to put them on my black S or ordered X gives me the Heebie-jeebies....and, as you can guess, despite all my kids' varying accomplishments, never has a bumper sticker been laid on any of our vehicles.... :)

Too bad the didn't mount on the glass, Then, maybe, but probably not.

SCCRENDO | November 26, 2017

@Ohmster. I guess my question was to those who are ordering stickers and not to those who are not

sam.vyas | December 20, 2017

Hello All - do we need to send any other documentation along with application for decal ?

hgpayne | December 21, 2017

The application lists what you must submit. If I remember correctly, it was the form, a copy of the vehicle registration, and a check for $22. Of course you have to stuff it all in an envelope, add a stamp, and put it in the snail mail, like Ben Franklin was still around. See https : // www. dmv. ca. gov/portal/dmv/detail/vr/decal , specifically question/answer #6 for the list. (take out the spaces -- spam filter got me)

girishfall2010 | December 28, 2017

heres timeline in my case:

sent 22$ check and completed form on Nov 6th.
Check was debited from account on Dec 7th.
Got the stickers on Dec 15th in mail.

In between had to give them a call to verify they had received my application. I was told that they are backlogged on applications hence slow processing. One thing I would definitely suggest is sending the initial check and form using registered mail so you have proof that they received your application.

jeff | February 20, 2019

Any updates from folks on this? I wanted to get the full 3-years use of it, so I waited and mailed mine in on 2 January. Still nothing, the check hasn't even been cashed, as of this posting.

lee | February 20, 2019

Same here, mailed application JAN 6. so far nothing. check is not cashed.

adeetech | February 21, 2019

Mailed on Jan 2nd and still nothing. Check not cashed.

Teslapalooza | February 21, 2019

It took about 4 to 5 work weeks for me to get the red decals

dave5609 | February 21, 2019

Applied 1/2/19..DMV just cashed my check yesterday (2/20). Hoping to see purple tags in the next couple weeks.

jeffb | February 21, 2019

Mailed application on 8 Jan 19. Check still not cashed as of 21 Feb 19. Guess they're overloaded with new Tesla applications :), definitely longer than the 30 days mentioned at

johnmead1981 | February 22, 2019

I sent my application in around the 15th of January, 2019. They have still not cashed my check. It's been about 5 weeks. Hopefully they are just backed up and the application didn't get lost.

Cueballsi | February 25, 2019

I applied 1/10/2019 no cash of check yet.... please keep us posted @lee @Jeffb so we can gauge when ours will be filed.

@jeff- you will still get the full 3 years. you will receive a purple sticker.... it is the partial year you file (2019) + 3 years. the purple sticker expires Jan 1 2023

bryanle1 | February 25, 2019

Mailed on 1/4/2019, check not cashed.

dyyuan | February 25, 2019

check mailed on 1/2/19, cashed on 2/14/19, sticker received on 2/19/19.

lardenny | February 26, 2019

Check and form mailed 1/14/2019, check still not cashed. Called DMV today (before seeing this thread), waited on hold over an hour, told they have no record of application and maybe it was lost. Given direct number to Sacramento special processing, where automated message said they are unusually busy and hung up on me!

But now seeing this thread maybe I'll give it ANOTHER couple of weeks before starting all over??? Hm...

Creedi | February 26, 2019

Mailed Form and check on 1/17, still not cashed, so i called and they said they are currently working on applications RECEIVED (not mailed) on Jan 7.

So @Bryanle1 call them and ask about yours, all others from what i see that you have mailed after 1/7/19 nothing we can do but wait :)

bryanle1 | February 27, 2019

@Creddi - Tried calling them all day, everyone must be calling them about the same issue. I'll try again tomorrow.

adeetech | February 27, 2019

Got it on 2/25. Mailed on 1/2.

bryanle1 | February 27, 2019

@Creddi, check cashed today! There is hope!

PK2018 | March 1, 2019

Plates received 1/9/19
Mailed in application 1/10/19
$22 Check cashed 2/28/19

Cueballsi | March 1, 2019


I am in the SAME boat. check was just cashed...

SO I guess by next Friday I should have my stickers :-)

based on the post above:

girishfall2010 | December 28, 2017
heres timeline in my case:

sent 22$ check and completed form on Nov 6th.
Check was debited from account on Dec 7th.
Got the stickers on Dec 15th in mail.

PK2018 | March 6, 2019

Orange County
Received plates 1/9/19
Mailed application and fee 1/10/19
$22 Check cleared 2/28/19
Sticker received 3/4/19

jx0617 | March 7, 2019

application sent on 1/17/2019
Check cashed 3/7/2019
Sticker ....

bradbo | March 10, 2019

Thanks to this thread , made me wait with patience without wasting time to call DMV.
Here's my timeline:
Application mailed out 1/15/19
Check cashed 3/6/19
Sticker received 3/9/19

extreme_jon | March 11, 2019

I'm still waiting as well (Orange County).

Mailed check 1/18/19

Still waiting for the check to be cashed :(

jjgunn | March 11, 2019

Just mailed my application today - expect to get my stickers about June - Hahahaha

bdtv | March 11, 2019

Posted on 01/17 reached on 01/19. Still waiting ...

myrainy | March 14, 2019

Dropped into mailbox 1/15/19, check cashed 3/22/19.....waiting for sticker now.

myrainy | March 14, 2019

Sorry, I meant check cashed 3/14/2019z

Colibria | March 14, 2019

Mailed application on Feb 1. Check has not been cashed yet (as of Mar 14). Anyone else in the same boat?

adamte | March 15, 2019

Mailed application on Feb 20. Check has not been cashed yet (March 15). Looks like it takes a couple of months now based on the comments above.

davbui | March 16, 2019

1/19 Mailed application
3/13 Check cashed
3/16 Received stickers

Confirming 2-month cycle time

ENVUSM3 | March 18, 2019

1/22 Mailed application
3/9 Application processed
3/14 Check cashed
3/16 Received stickers