What options will be available from day 1?

What options will be available from day 1?

There has been an enormous amount of speculation on this forum about the possible options that will be available. But now that we are getting close to the start of production, I wonder which of the most expected options will be available from day 1. Remember that it took quite some time before the MS had most of its major options available. To keep the ramp-up as simple as possible at least for say the first 6 months, would Tesla heavily restrict the options? Given that there was/is the assumption that highly optioned cars would get priority, could Tesla effectively 'force' this to occur by not releasing the base model on day 1? Or limit roof options to 1. Or limit motor options to 1. Or interior options, wheel options, colour options etc. I suppose if the base model was not available, the Tesla haters would have a field day. If they do release the base model on day 1 but make those ordering them wait extra months, it would seem to be unfair although it has been flagged. Any thoughts?

KP in NPT | March 5, 2017

That would be more speculation. No one knows.

andy.connor.e | March 6, 2017

Less options the better. Keep it simple. You're not customizing a desktop computer here.

RichardKJ | March 6, 2017

You're customizing a mobile computer. :-)