Invitation to test Tesla

Invitation to test Tesla

My boss recently received an invitation to test a Tesla at the Americana on Brand. I flew up from Texas to L.A to take the test drive. I was treated horribly and told no cars would be available till next week. The manager seemed like a nice guy but the person helping me was very insulting. My partner was with me and she was considering one for herself also. Neither one of us will be purchasing one. I will suggest to my boss that he go back and get another Astin Martin. My partner will not be getting one either.
Thank you for nothing.
J. Cordova.

Bighorn | March 13, 2017


josh | March 13, 2017

My boss recently received an invitation to test drive a Tesla at the Americana on Brand. I flew up from Texas to L.A. to take the test drive. I was treated horribly and told no cars would be available till next week. The manager seemed
like a nice guy but the person helping me was very insulting. My partner was with me and she was considering one for herself also. Neither one of us will be purchasing one. I will suggest to my boss that he go back and get another Astin Martin. My partner will not be getting one either.

Thanks for nothing.

J. Cordova

carlk | March 13, 2017


KP in NPT | March 14, 2017

What the....

bp | March 14, 2017

Josh, in 5 years of dealing with Tesla, we've never had anything like your experience.

There have been times when Tesla has been very busy, and it's required several weeks to arrange a test drive or get service scheduled. Though every Tesla person we've dealt with has always been very helpful, and professional.

Josh, did you fly from Texas to LA to do a test drive? Did you have an appointment before you arrived? If this was a priority, why didn't you go to one of the 8 Tesla Galleries in Texas?

At least in our area, getting test drives can be very challenging - because Tesla has a lot of demand for potential customers test driving their cars. When we wanted to take a test drive early this year, prior to placing our order for an S 100D, the initial response from the Gallery was that it might take days to a week before we could schedule an appointment - and that wouldn't work with our scheduled, we wanted to take a test drive over the weekend. Fortunately someone cancelled their appointment, and the Gallery was able to get us into a car - and we then placed our S 100D order a few days later.

Josh, if you had an appointment, and when you arrived they didn't have any cars - and they didn't contact you in advance to warn you about this situation, then your experience is very much out of the ordinary (at least from our experience), and you should contact Tesla's North America sales support line to report your problems.

SO | March 14, 2017

Ridiculous OP. Oh well. His loss.

josh | March 14, 2017

I emailed Tesla earlier and was told that a salesman would be contacting me soon. That never happened. Since Tesla has a store here at the Americana, I stopped in at their store, this was when I was treated so badly by the sales man. He brought his manager out, who was very professional. He told me that cars were not available. I'n glad they are doing well and don't have any cars to test. That's a problem most businesses would like to have.

KP in NPT | March 14, 2017

So, you didn't have an appointment.

josh | March 14, 2017

I received an invitation for an Unforgettable Night with Tesla. I responded by email that I was interested. In response to my interest, I was told that the salesman would contact me soon. No one contacted me. I was in town, and I went to the store to follow-up. The salesman was hesitant to look up from his phone to assist me even though I politely inquired about the invitation and explained how I had responded. The salesman said that he didn't know anything about the promotion and demanded to see my invitation. Only when I showed him the invitation, did he change his attitude and demeanor and ask his manager to speak with me.

SO | March 14, 2017

Just setup an appointment. I have done that twice. Easy as can be and went without a hitch.

bish | March 14, 2017

Your experience with a rude employee is unusual, but it happens. You should drive the car before you decide that you don't want it.

patrick40363 | March 14, 2017

You should have posted a request on the forum to drive a car in Texas from someone who lives near you. Tesla owners are pretty good about helping out.

rxlawdude | March 14, 2017

I only wonder how nice @Josh was. I could see a boor being treated, well, not with a lot of kindness. Not saying Josh is a boor, but he sure seems to have an entitlement syndrome.

lilbean | March 14, 2017

That's funny. There is a Burbank and Pasadena store all within miles of each other.

jordanrichard | March 14, 2017

You are in TX yet received an invite to test drive a car in LA........? Also at first you said that your boss got the invite......which is it?

janendan | March 14, 2017

Josh, another fellow had a poor experience at Tesla. He made a thorough You-Tube. I sure it was helpful to his therapist.

Uncle Paul | March 14, 2017

Sorry you had such a bad experience.
Not typical from Tesla.

ST70 | March 14, 2017

what does this mean?.... "My boss recently received an invitation to test a Tesla at the Americana on Brand"

sosmerc | March 14, 2017

I walked into the Tesla Store in Santa Barbara without an appointment and spent 2 hours with 2 sales staff and had an awesome test drive of a new P100D Model S. We made it clear from the beginning that we were not there to purchase, but just wanted to learn as much as possible about Tesla. It was a Monday morning and we were treated like gold. I hope someday to own a Tesla.

lilbean | March 14, 2017

The Americana is a shopping center in Glendale, CA.

lilbean | March 14, 2017

It's actually Americana at Brand

reed_lewis | March 15, 2017

This whole story seems suspect. Why would someone fly from Texas to LA to test drive a car that is available to be driven in their own state?

If your boss received an invitation to test drive, does he live in TX or CA? Why would you go?

I don't understand.

devensd | March 15, 2017

this guys clearly works at Astin Martin. what a douche!

avesraggiana | March 15, 2017

@ Josh It's ASTON Martin. Not Astin Martin. Your credibility plummets when you make a spelling mistake on a name brand like that.

NKYTA | March 15, 2017

Ian Fleming is rolling over in his grave?

MSMS75D | March 15, 2017

We live in Dallas and had no issues with our (3) test drives so far (2 scheduled and 1 walk-in). Actually when I raised a concern about being able to fit a MS in my garage (which has a tight turn), they actually brought one to our home so I could try parking it myself.

Hats off to Tesla customer service!

lilbean | March 15, 2017

I walked into the Americana store and was greeted so nicely. They asked me how my Tesla was doing and how my family was doing. :-)

reed_lewis | March 16, 2017

Furthermore, if one bases their purchase decision on the friendliness of the sales person, there are many things I would have never purchased that I really like, and other things that I probably would have purchased that I am glad I did not.

The OP's post reminds me of people who base their entire review of a restaurant on the attitude of a single person who works there. We all have seen reviews of restaurants where they give them one star because of the host(ess), a waitperson, or a busboy who 'ruined the whole experience' for them.

When purchasing something like car, I do more research than most people and know more about the product I am purchasing then sometimes even the sales people. I use them to complete the sale, and nothing else.

carlk | March 16, 2017

rxlawdude got a good point. Sales people are human too they don't need to take attitude from anyone. You need to be nice , and even beg if necessary, since you're the one who's asking them for a favor. There is no such thing as potential customer's birth right. If that still does not work out it only means they really could not have that for you.

reed_lewis | March 16, 2017

@carlk - I disagree on begging for a sales person to help me. I am not asking for a favor, I am asking to gather information for a very large purchase. The sales people at Tesla should be falling all over themselves to give me whatever I need in order to make a purchase (as long as I look like I might make a purchase of course).

I am NOT asking them for a favor. That would be them giving me a car for a few days to test drive. OTOH a simple test drive is standard operating procedure for car sales, and every place I have been to will pretty much do anything to get you IN to a car to test drive. They know that once you test drive it, you will be more likely to purchase.

reed_lewis | March 16, 2017

But being friendly is very important no matter who you are talking with. If you walk into a car sales location with a major attitude you will be less likely to be helped because you are less likely to purchase.

Haggy | March 17, 2017

Tesla will gladly help people out who have appointments, and they aren't supposed to be rude. I wasn't there so I can't say whether they were rude or you were rude. Tesla makes cars to order. They don't have them sitting in the lot so they can make you a deal today. They are already selling cars as fast as they can make them, and they don't need to hire more people to offer more test drives and add people to a list that would be extended even further out. With the level of staffing they have and the number of cars available for test drives, they are able to handle more than enough people. It's not that Tesla doesn't want more business. They simply can't make more cars than their factory is capable of producing.

I've gone to Tesla showrooms unannounced, and if they have somebody free and an available car, they are more than happy to offer test drives or help people with any information they want. If not, they suggest making a specific appointment so you can get the attention you deserve.

josh | March 18, 2017

Good morning.

Kyung Kim called me the next day and told me that I could pick up the car any of the next 4 nights for the overnight test drive. She even gave me the option of picking the color. I chose the gray one. I drove the car up to oxnard and back to malibu and had dinner at mastros. The car was amazing. That much power and no sound. Very impressive. The handling was also excellent. This is a fantastic machine. I will let my boss know that I think our company should definitely have one. Kyung Kim was very professional and so was the other staff I talked with. These are the kind of people I would expect to be working at Tesla.

RGH | March 18, 2017

reed_lewis ..... you took the words right out of my mouth on several of your posts on this topic. Thinking of myself, would I travel on a plane to another state to test drive a car that I can drive without getting on a plane? NO !

Would I make a decision to not by a $100K product based on poor experience of one person? NO ! In fact, my first contact with Tesla to make an appointment was with a girl whom dropped off the face of the earth and after the first call, she never answered my calls or emails afterward. So I called another contact at the same location whom is an incredibly responsive and knowledgeable rep.

Would I bother to come here and sign up on this forum just to complain about a bad experience with a car rep and a car I don't plan to buy? No !

Would my "partner" not buy a car because I'm not happy? No !

This just smells fishy.

RedPillSucks | March 20, 2017

That does seem odd. Perhaps its because of the popularity of a particular sales location?
We dropped by a Tesla sales store in Charlotte NC without a test drive. We made it clear we were just looking around.
At first they indicated they didn't have any cars for us to test, but as we were there for about 30 minutes, a sales person trudged over and indicated that they had time to allow us a quick test drive. The entire sales staff was very professional and courteous.