Tesla Service

Tesla Service

Now that I am... let's say, "fully immersed", let me ask this fine question:

Why on earth does Tesla service happily take your car only to let it sit and rot. It's been there idle for 2 days now. My car is perfectly usable except for my door issue, so why not instead take my car when you can take it? What logic is this? When they told me to bring it down 'now', I figured oh good, they can get back to fixing this. But nooooooooooo.

If I were in charge of service, I'd never run it this way. (there's a subtle hint there)

PedanticOne | March 28, 2017

Also, possibly related: I find I get grumpy and easily annoyed when I don't have my luscious space car. :-(

lilbean | March 28, 2017

I hear ya. Maybe next time ask them to order the part in advance and drop the car forum when it arrives.

PedanticOne | March 28, 2017

I think for my case they don't require any parts. What I don't get is it also ties up a loaner car as well for no reason. *shrug*.

MXBlack | March 28, 2017

You're lucky that it's only 2 days. Mine sits in their parking lot for a month and a half waiting for motor part of the 2nd row seat. They really should have just give me my car back and call me when the part is in.

PedanticOne | March 28, 2017

I wish I could figure out why they even do it. But last week, I asked for my car back in the meantime for the weekend. They had it for 4 days and couldn't figure out the issue. Maybe you could just ask for your car back in the meantime?

lilbean | March 29, 2017

Maybe they need it as a loaner. Jk

burdogg | March 29, 2017

Wow PedanticOne - this red loaner X I got is really fast - oh, its a P100D - hmm something oddly familiar with the look of this car - VIN number on higher end for loaner too - I think they said it came from California and just arrived :)

PedanticOne | March 29, 2017

Nice try, but I can still see it on my phone! :-)

burdogg | March 29, 2017

Tech is tech - and I do think they could easily switch your tracking on your phone to a fixed location if they really wanted to :)

PedanticOne | March 29, 2017

Sure but they barely seem to have time to do other super-obvious things. :-)

PedanticOne | March 29, 2017

I called them to see what was up. They said it was being investigated by Engineering. I asked for an ETA. They said end of week. I said OK and hung up. I then checked my phone and now my car is at another service center (Santa Clara). I think Sunnyvale is too busy. But imagine my surprise when I looked at the app and was like "where the hell is that?" :-)

burdogg | March 29, 2017

Funny, they are slowly working the car my way for my loaner - just keep watching :)

Good luck with the fix. what a pain.

While I love the doors, there is some concern on not recognizing cars around them. I parked next to my S at church and my son pulled the front X handle from the inside to get out - door swings open and does not stop - right at of opening, it hit my other car! Good thing it was pretty much at end of opening so very tiny tiny spot can see where hit, but this is a little concerning, if car was parked closer, would it have recognized and stopped or would it have slammed into it. Automation is good but a little concerning.

mhkeyemd | March 29, 2017

This is a major problem for Tesla. It takes several weeks to get parts and supplies... I waited 6 weeks to get my driver seat because it was making so much noise. I'm glad that they replaced it, but 6 WEEKS... Just don't get into a car accident, then you are screwed. Maybe, they should build and make their own parts instead of waiting from stupid suppliers???

PedanticOne | March 29, 2017

It'll all be fantastic once those model 3s start pumping out. I'm sure they realize this, but I haven't seen too much activity in terms of preparation for the deluge.

michael | March 29, 2017

Within 2 weeks after my MX-5 seater delivery, one of the problem was that there are multiple large scratches on the body UNDER the clear coat; this was confirmed with Tesla that was a factory default and Tesla set up appt with the ONLY authorize body shop for repair. I was told 1.5-2 wks and this is end of wk 4, latest repeated story (yes, this reason was used in wk 3) is waiting for parts, and now no one even return my phone call including the Manager. If I knew it would take that long and this type of experience with the Service Ctr, I may not even want to have the scratches fix. Also, I am still waiting for the missing parts cover the electrical wire and part that falten trunk surface over 3 months from delivery and were told the request is still in the system, no end in sight. Well, we are at the mercy of Tesla Service Center after the delivery and they take your car, and you just wait, wait, and wait. In my case, I don't even get a return phone call from the Manager after multiple requests, there is not much I can do. Just hope the wait will not be 6, 8, or 10 weeks, it is not right for me to make payment for the MX that sits in the body shop for a month (looks like it will be longer than now). I hope I am one of the few unlucky MX owners that has such a negative experience at the Service Ctr.

PedanticOne | March 30, 2017

This is the eighth day they've had my car, and still no answer on when I'm going to get it back. They actually just texted me to let me know it's still being diagnosed, which is neat. But 8. Days. For something that should in theory be trivial to fix. I'm going to call again mid-afternoon to check in anyway.

lilbean | March 31, 2017

I try to see the bright side of things. When my car is in service, I keep my miles down and get to drive a Model S. :-)

Leli001 | March 31, 2017

lilbean, I always think of it that way as well

Saxman | March 31, 2017


That reminds me of the old joke about owning a Jaguar. You needed to own to drive and one to be in Service.

Don't you also have a Jag? Are they now better about not needing as much Servicing?

lilbean | March 31, 2017


Haha! That's funny! Yes. We have a Jag. It been five years and the only problem we've had is the driver's door handle has to be pulled twic to open it. Not bad huh?

lilbean | March 31, 2017

Leli001, cool! Life is much easier that way. :-)

Saxman | March 31, 2017

Good to hear, lilbean. I always liked the looks of the Jaguars.

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

Driving a model S is OK, but I don't like it nearly as much as my car. And last week they gave me a volvo :-/

Bright side or not, but this is the longest my car has ever been in for service by about 4x now, other than for accident repair. I was hopeful that others who had had similar issues just had the sensor replaced and were out of there, but apparently my issue seems to be more mysterious. I've only gotten to drive my car for 2 weeks, have 411 miles on it, and now it's been in service for 2 weeks. Let's hope this percentage of drive/not drive increases :-P

Amazingly, despite my whining here, I'm not actually angry. I'm more sad because I seriously miss my car. But if they keep it another week, then I might start to be irked.

Leli001 | March 31, 2017
Saxman | March 31, 2017


I admire your attitude and your patient understanding. I'm not so sure I would be as nice as you in that situation probably have less grey hair then me.

Hope you get your X back soon.

burdogg | March 31, 2017

I'm telling you Pedantic - if it was blue it wouldn't have happened (someone had to say it :)

Sorry and completely understand. I had my car in service for about 5 days and I really wanted it back - even though I had an S loaner - it was not that great (i ranted when I had it so won't here :)

Good luck!

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

@Saxman Ha. I think it's *due* to my graying hair that I am not flipping out. Younger me would have probably lost it already.

Saxman | March 31, 2017

Back atcha Pedantic!

TDinDC | March 31, 2017

With respect to gray hair bringing perspective, mine is that so long as 99% of the world would like to trade me for my problems, life is pretty f***ing fantastic. I could be in certain parts of Syria just happy to be alive. Every time I feel the urge to flip out, I try to go through this thought process and moderate my reactions accordingly.

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

They texted me and want to contact me on Monday. That will be 12 days total by then. Now I'm starting to get really annoyed. Maybe I should ask them to pay 1/2 of my first payment since I won't have had the car for the whole month.

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

The one piece of good news is I do know they are actively looking at it. Not that I'm stalking them with scripts and my phone or anything.

lilbean | March 31, 2017

PedanticOne, Sorry you have to go through all this. I'm not diminishing your frustration with the wait at the service center. I think I just have a different perspective on things. I'm just happy to have the car even when it's in the service center. Like myaccountmanager says, life is pretty good. I paid the car in full so it doesn't make a difference to me if it's the service center. It's all about perspective. I've been through tough times so I try not to worry about the car too much although I would get annoyed if a bird poops on it. My son was complaining about feeling hot while he was skiing. I told him, "first world problem". Some kids will never experience skiing. But I do know how you feel. When someone says, "frist world problem", I say, "that's right and it's my first world problem".

Anyway, I'm babbling. I hope you get your car back soon. :-)

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

Haha. Thanks, lilbean, et. al. Yeah, life is pretty good. :-) My wife usually will roll her eyes at me. "So you mean, you're FORCED to drive this mindblowing ELECTRIC CAR because your OWN electric car is in the shop? Oh horror!" :-D

Saxman | March 31, 2017

Myaccountmanager & Lilbean

Truer words were never said. Greyer hair through age (at least for me) has brought a mellowness, that is somewhat freeing.

Another good mantra is...Don't sweat the small stuff!

PedanticOne | March 31, 2017

Yeah. Honestly, even my earlier initial thoughts of , "WTF" quickly turned into a "OK, whenever, dude." To be fair it's an intermittent issue and they are trying to make sure I never have to go back for the same repair, so I'll give them some rope.

teslarama | March 31, 2017

Its all relative...I don't blame far I bought all my cars new. Never went to SC in the first year.
We need to set the expectations low for Tesla. Then all will be fine.

lilbean | March 31, 2017

Actually Tesla has met my high expectations. :-)

Waldek | April 1, 2017

ymmv :) but it really depends on the approach to people at SC... they are usually trying to be very accommodating. And if you think about asking that you want to just drop off car when they are ready for it and have parts they are happy to do so. They usually don't take initiative to propose this way and instead get you in line and leave car... but if you ask you want to drop off car when they have parts or ready they will follow this to the point that couple times I just came for 1-2 hours to wait in the service area while they worked on the car and it was ready for me to drive home same day :) sometimes it does not work that way but most of the time if you ask more questions to see what they plan to do and how there are ways to talk them into the right way that you are with the car sooner :)

PedanticOne | April 3, 2017

They've now had my car for a total of 12 days. I called today and it sounds like whatever is going on is something well outside the norm. They are waiting to hear back from their engineers to determine a course of action. Of course, this is what I've been told since pretty much forever. They opened my car up early this morning and I was getting hopeful that maybe they were close to having it done. Guess not. I really wish I could know what specifically was going on, not from a 'where the hell is my car' perspective but from a curious engineer perspective. I'd love to be able to diagnose issues like this.

peter | April 4, 2017

They must like me better at my service center. I went in today on my way to a downtown appointment to ask a couple of questions. I mentioned a couple of problems and was told that They would take a quick look and then schedule an appointment to do the work. I went off to my appointment and came back a bit early to find that they had brought my MX in and were getting the work done and parts replaced but weren't quite finished. So, I went to lunch and came back to find not only the problems fixed but the car washed and charged to 90%. BTW.. They even checked the tire pressure and tread.

PedanticOne | April 4, 2017

Well, lah dee dah! :-)

Day 13 now. I am crossing into the land of ire. They might have to get an engineer on site to look at this. Fortunately they aren't far away. They are going to call me every day at noon, they claim, to give me an update. I can't say their not trying (or at least, I have no proof that they're not). I did mention that at this point they've had my car for almost the same number of days I had it in my possession before I gave it to them. It sounded like this fact was not lost on them. I'll say one thing: they've been nothing but professional and courteous. I'm still working on the 'effective' part :-)

TDinDC | April 5, 2017

That is frustrating. Good luck.

PedanticOne | April 6, 2017

Day 15. I am done with patience. They keep telling me the same story every damn day: engineering is looking at it, and they are waiting to hear back. Now there's claims of it being contaminants perhaps in the paint that are affecting the sensor. That might mean a repainted door. I am going to lose my shit soon. There is pretty much zero chance I will see my car in the next week.

On top of this, see, I was told yesterday they HAD a suggested course from engineering and were going to go do it and that I might see my car this morning. Now I find out that was all lies. And they keep telling me they'll call me and they never do. But they'll definitely call me tomorrow around noon. Yeah, right.

So all it takes to throw off a high tech 160K car is some contaminants apparently. That's robust.

PedanticOne | April 7, 2017

OK, they are going to replace the entire door skin. No, really. Fortunately it will be with a new factory-painted skin (which is what I was going to insist on anyway). Hopefully I'll know a time frame on Monday. I also gave them a couple of other minor issues to address (nits, but hey, they have my car sitting there, might as well fix them). I also asked them to test my secondary image separation to see if it's 'in spec'.

This seems like a very expensive fix for them. I guess this was another good lesson in 'do it right the first time'. :-P

l.slavy | April 7, 2017

" I also asked them to test my secondary image separation to see if it's 'in spec'."
Don't worry, it is within specs :(

PedanticOne | April 7, 2017

Haha. I'm sure. But I figured I'd ask. The more people who bring it up, the better. I can't say it super bugs me yet, but I only had the car in my possession for 16 days.

l.slavy | April 7, 2017

Don't worry, 16 days is within specs, mine is in service for 35 days :(

PedanticOne | April 8, 2017

For what?

l.slavy | April 10, 2017

you pick, probably 90% of the issues already discussed in this forum

PedanticOne | April 10, 2017

Well, my door has been remade by now and tomorrow they will install it. I should have my car back by Wed latest. Once they seemed to figure out a course of action, it seems like they've been really trying hard to get my car fixed.