Great Lakes Trip

Great Lakes Trip

On the horizon for next year’s driving trip:

“Great Lakes in a Model 3!”

Of course, a lot of water needs to flow under the bridge before that trip can even be planned. Specifically: Sit in a Model 3 and evaluate it (thanks to @stannous, accomplished in October, 2017!). Test drive a Model 3 (Rode in @SamO's one-day old Black B3auty December 30, 2017. Thanks @SamO!). Note: it actually took until October 18, 2018 for us to test drive the RWD and the P3D. Very satisfying, and confirming that we would have been extremely happy with the RWD, LR, EAP, red version of the Model 3 that we configured April 22, 2018.

Configure and order the largest battery and the autodrive features.

Arrange delivery to Minneapolis , or more likely to son DJ's pole barn, as he lives more than 160 miles from the nearest service center.

Follow up with Michigan Tech (Houghton) re HPWC install we have been working on with folks from Steve’s alma mater. Plan out charging stops, which are scarce along the south rim of Lake Superior. Check out the Sun Country Highway charging route in Canada, then…


(this thread is, we know, premature and preliminary…)

Update: December 22, 2017 Tesla invited us to configure...we replied by e-mail that we are waiting for LR without luxury upgrade package, if possible. And delivery to son DJ's pole barn in upper Michigan

We also learned that a new Supercharger is planned for Escanaba, Steve's home town. Yay!

Plans are coming together for this summer in the Great Lakes area.

We think we will fly into Escanaba, MI around Jun 2 and stay until Sept 9.

First month getting to know the Model 3 and visiting friends and family in the area. Fourth of July, the entire extended family arrives, so we'll relocate to a motel, followed by our first extended trip. Heading east to Mackinac Bridge and staying in Lower Michigan, first in Petoskey, then Frankfort, and Ludington. Superchargers in Traverse City and Ludington and Cadillac.

Back up to the bridge, a tour of Mackinac Island, Saint Ignace, and Sault Sainte Marie, the location of stories of Steve's youth.

Returning to the cottage by late July, then up to Houghton, MI, Steve's alma mater, Michigan Tech. for a reunion in early August.

A visit to Green Bay stadium and the Wisconsin Dells.

Who knows what else we may find? (Note: ship 5 cases of wine before departing San Diego). Acquire WeatherTech mats, TT-30 connector, LED flashlight

Update: April 22, 2018 Configured, Red, Aero wheels, Enhanced Autopilot

Desired delivery: approximately June 10

VIN: none as of June 11

Current air reservations: SAN - ORD - MQT (Marquette, MI) June 9. Frequent flyer tickets, so we can adjust the dates.

June 7, 2018, phoned Tesla Fremont, agent Saum informed us we had been pushed to July. When queried, when in July, he could not state when, before the end of July. He revealed a change in Tesla policy regarding cancellation of configured orders, due to the large number of customers whose orders were being pushed out far beyond the 3-6 week window. Upon receipt of an e-mail containing our street address to mail a check to, $2,500 would be refunded to same credit card used when configuring. $1,000 mailed within 30-60 days. We phoned Friday am, June 8, to ask for the agent, Liz, who had predicted we would have a VIN by June 10 and who said Chicago would be our delivery point, after shipping of 5 days, to send us that in writing. She never did. So, by close of business June 8, we sent the cancellation request. One week later, Liz phoned with a VIN, but could not guarantee delivery at any particular date in July. No problem if the delivery was to take place near our home in San Diego, but sitting in Chicago for weeks at a time was not a good option for us.

We proposed to our family to rent either of their Volts, but this was declined. We can't envision renting ICE cars for the summer. So, June 11, I canceled all hotels for a six week period. We may consider trying again for 2019.

Hmmm, there is a carrot at the end of the rainbow....5 cases of good wines await for next year....

sbeggs | January 23, 2018

Completed reservations for the month of July. Gladstone, MI while family are visiting for Fourth of July in the family cottage. Drive from Stonington, over Mackinaw Bridge to Petoskey, our first long trip in the 3, at 175 miles. Frankfort, then Ludington in a cabin there. Back up to Saint Ignace, where we will rent a large cottage in town and we can take the ferry over to Mackinac Island, as I have never been. Then to Sault Saint Marie for a few days.

Then back to Escanaba and Stonington, Upper Peninsula. Hoping that Superchargers in Escanaba and St. Ignace will be on the map by then!

sbeggs | January 27, 2018

Ordered five cases of wines from Gary's Wines of NJ, for delivery to Michigan in advance of our arrival. They are having a huge sale this weekend and have a great selection. Last year we ordered Riojas, Alsatian and Italian whites, and Chilean reds.

TabascoGuy | January 27, 2018

@sbeggs - Is Ludington as far south as you will be traveling while you're in Michigan?

Coastal Cruiser. | January 27, 2018

" Last year we ordered Riojas, Alsatian and Italian whites, and Chilean reds."

Wow. You go girl.

sbeggs | January 27, 2018

Yes, on this trip, it will be. We may come back in 2019 and do more!

ReD eXiLe ms us | January 28, 2018

sbeggs: Five cases of wine would last me around... Well, all the wine I have had in my entire life barely amounts to as much as a single bottle... All the alcohol of any sort I've had in my entire life might come to as much as two... So five cases of nine 750 ml bottles would probably be enough for... Wow. 1,125 years. Maybe a little less if I used it as a cooking ingredient. I have Friends and Family that could put away all nine cases in a weekend, of course. I just happen to not like booze.

sbeggs | January 28, 2018



We do share one thing, though...our favorite color.

sbeggs | February 8, 2018

Estimator page now shows late 2018 for Short Range, standard interior and body.

Thus, it is likely we will order First Production in April, so as not to jeopardize the Great Lakes trip for June.

SamO | February 8, 2018

You won't regret getting Model 3 sooner.

sbeggs | February 8, 2018

I believe you! Zoom zoom...

sbeggs | February 10, 2018

Hope the snow melts by May!

William9 | February 11, 2018

Have now had our M# for 2 weeks and must say the Long Range version is pretty impressive. Makes getting from Napa to Tucson a breeze. Though I still prefer our MX for long road trips the M3 would certainly have it's advantages. Definitely better than the MS. I envy you your trip!

sbeggs | February 17, 2018

Hopefully in four months you will be reading about it!

sbeggs | March 1, 2018

I wish our Model 3 had a metal roof.

Now driving Model X loaner and did not like sun shining into my face, put on visor to block out.

sbeggs | March 1, 2018

To clarify, we had intended to order the LR battery with standard roof and interior. Not looking likely by June.

sbeggs | March 2, 2018

According to my horoscope, the optimum day for configuring our Model 3 is April 23.

Will I be able to hold off til then?

SamO | March 2, 2018

April 23 is a perfect day to give up astrology ;-)

sbeggs | March 2, 2018

I think you're right!

SamO | March 5, 2018

Also Shirley Temple and William Shakespear's birthdays

sbeggs | March 14, 2018

It is zero degrees F in upper Michigan right now. Will hold off configuring.

sbeggs | March 18, 2018

We are T minus approximately two months and have pulled out our list of things to do to make the delivery happen in upper Michigan.

RichardKJ | March 18, 2018

April 23 is St. George's Day. | March 18, 2018

And quite appropriately just a few days before my birthday.

sbeggs | March 18, 2018

OK, then! I'll order in honor of your birthday, @georgehawley!

sbeggs | March 22, 2018

Little T's official plate will read


Had to explain to Cali DMV that signifies Upper Peninsula of Michigan Tesla for two people!

A special car for a special mission.

sbeggs | March 22, 2018

Praying for 8 week pickup of license plates at DMV.

sbeggs | March 23, 2018

After reading through the thread on Trickle Charging the 12V Battery, I started thinking that the T in San Diego has a 4 year old battery, and what is the likelihood it will fail while we are in Michigan for 3 months. We plan to keep the T plugged in and charged to 90%. Would a ranger have to come out and replace the battery after a neighbor opened the garage door to permit him entry?

ReD eXiLe ms us | March 27, 2018

Remember, Bjørn Nyland left his Model S 85 unplugged from late December 2013 to late January 2014 in the cold Winter of Norway and it dropped from 95% to 65% charge with no ill effects. I doubt that a plugged in Model S would have any issues at all over three months in San Diego...

[ YouTube -- JEPBkjmS2uE ]

sbeggs | March 27, 2018

I remember.
In our temperate garage in summer in San Diego, plugged into a 14-50, you are right, the T will be fine.
However, what if the replace 12 V message comes on, and we don't get back for three months? Can the 12V die and the rest of the battery remain ok, albeit we would not be able to communicate with the T via the app, or run any accessories such as cooling while we are gone.
We are thinking of discussing this with Tesla, in case they need to send a ranger to our house to replace the four year old 12V while we are gone, picking up the house key from a neighbor.

Tesla2018 | March 27, 2018

Why dont you just buy a new battery now and not have to worry or hook up a truckle charger to your current battery?

sbeggs | March 28, 2018

You're right, that is definitely something we should consider. I have been thinking of doing that!

sbeggs | March 28, 2018

Will visit Tesla to discuss putting in new battery for four year old T while we are in Michigan over the summer.

sbeggs | March 28, 2018

Thinking that, if we configure around third week April, Tesla will ship to Michigan by first week of June. Trying to time flights San Diego to Escanaba, MI.
Also, CA license plates projected to require 8-12 weeks, so at minimum, we should barely receive word from DMV to pick them up by mid May. Or, we may already be in Michigan when they are ready.
This is like planning a military campaign.

sbeggs | March 29, 2018

Just finished drafting email to Las Vegas contact asking them to confirm home delivery in upper Michigan, and no double sales tax.

sbeggs | March 29, 2018

Steve is working on getting HPWC, for Sigma Rho fraternity in Houghton MI

TabascoGuy | March 30, 2018

@sbeggs - If you have any trouble with your military campaign timing and need a safe place to keep your 3 till you get here, you are more than welcome to have it shipped to my house. I'll even deliver it to your doorstep once you get here... I'd love to drive it over the bridge ;-)

sbeggs | March 30, 2018

Ha ha ha, we may take you up on your offer!

We should meet up in July somewhere in ...lower Michigan!

TabascoGuy | March 30, 2018

Sounds good. We're planning a vacation in August so we'll be around in July.

sbeggs | March 30, 2018

Good meeting with Greg Noll, Tesla Service Manager, Cathedral City CA.

Advice re install of HPWC at Michigan Tech. 48 amp is maximum our Model 3 will take. Use #6wire for 30’ run. Choice of 8’ or 20’ cord. Can also buy J1772 charging along with HPWC for non Tesla cars. Instructions in package are minimal. If student electrical engineers don't want to tackle install, call Cincinatti Blue Ash or Customer Service. Should have 100amp service. We will order online shipped to Steve's nephew.

sbeggs | March 30, 2018

Greg Noll, Manager of Tesla Palm Springs area Service Center, listened to our question about how to keep the 12V going over the summer while we're in Michigan with Little T.

He thought, even though our original battery is at the four year point, as long as it is plugged in all summer, even if it throws a warning to replace, that can be done after we return, by a ranger. He said San Diego's mild climate is optimum for battery life, as it doesn't see so many excursions above 100 and below 20 degrees F, which he described as leaving sulfides on the lead acid battery's plates.

He said, however, if the power goes out, the car will not be able to start up charging again.

In that case, we will make sure our neighbor has our house key, and can tell us if she had a power outage. To get the car to start charging again, she must enter the house, grab a fob, unlock the garage door, open the driver's door, and unplug then replug back in the UMC, and verify charging on the screen. We will ask her to do this if needed.

Good to know, very valuable information when leaving our Model S this summer.

Thank you, Greg!

sbeggs | March 31, 2018

Son DJ reminded us by phone this morning, send him proof of insurance by mail from Amica as soon as we can give them the VIN.

sbeggs | March 31, 2018

Will send email to Las Vegas tomorrow.

sbeggs | April 1, 2018

Heading home on Easter Day from a beautiful week in Desert Hot Springs , next trip is fly to Virginia to visit family.

Then the Great Lakes trip in June!

Bighorn | April 1, 2018

Aren’t you forgetting Custer? May 18-20.

sbeggs | April 1, 2018

Yes, we are forgetting Custer! Too many other things to do to get ready to leave for the summer...

sbeggs | April 1, 2018

We are Little T minus two months and counting...

sbeggs | April 1, 2018

OK, our letter to Tesla is composed, edited and proofread. Now that Las Vegas has had one day to rest, we'll send it out tomorrow. Starting to feel real at last.

sbeggs | April 2, 2018

Email to Tesla Las Vegas sent...ball is in their court, when they wake up.

sbeggs | April 2, 2018

Tesla responded immediately, we have a contact for delivery...his name is Denzel!

SamO | April 2, 2018