Tesla Semi Truck - Secret Sauce Speculation

Tesla Semi Truck - Secret Sauce Speculation

- Tesla Semi can use Rail Road tracks (similar to railroad service vehicles), in Europe use overhead charging
a.) allows drivers to rest (autonomous will take time, truckers need a solution now)
b.) less rolling resistance
c.) no need for huge battery
d.) can use trolley overhead charging system in cities were available

- Has a trailer which can unload itself (Similar to Mercedes Truck prototype)

- Hive Mode

- All wheel steering (incl. trailer)

What do you think the secret sauce is?

Rocky_H | June 7, 2017


This spoon could be a much better spoon if they would take the end and flatten it instead of having it curved. And then it should be split into a few long spikes so that it could be used to stab into the food to pick it up. That would be a much better spoon.

What you're talking about is called a fork.

Those changes you're talking about to the Tesla semi truck would make it a train, not a semi truck.

DTsea | June 7, 2017

Plus.... you know that tbe train people COMPETE AGAINST trucks right? So not going to let trucks on their tracks.

El Mirio | June 7, 2017

Railroad inefficiencies occur at the loading offloading points, combining truck/rail would combat that.

the better spoon has been done too :o)

El Mirio | June 7, 2017

true they compete, however in Europe there are none-discriminatory access laws, similar to the power grid. | June 7, 2017

They could use tracks today, if it were a good idea, but they don't.

achilles992000 | June 7, 2017

I think it is V3 charger. Did you notice how Elon skipped the slide that was about more powerful superchargers?

achilles992000 | June 7, 2017

furthermore on the V3 charger,

Elon has mentioned supercharger over 350kw. and robotic snake arm has been seen.

Tesla plans to send out an autonomous vehicle coast to coast.
the only way it can charge itself will be the snake arm.
furthermore, the semtiruck will need to be able to charge quickly if it has a huge battery.

El Mirio | June 7, 2017

they might do below automated charger instead of the snake

Madatgascar | June 7, 2017

Undercarriage charging at weigh stations. moves with the truck.

achilles992000 | June 8, 2017

for cellphones, you can buy external battery packs and charge on the go. they can charge the cellphone up to 4 times. they are not too heavy.

wonder if a Tesla power wall could be grabbed on the go and charge while driving since there are multiple Model 3 batteries in the semi.

holidayday | June 9, 2017

DTSea: "So not going to let trucks on their tracks."

If only there was a way to grab the trailer from the truck and put it on a train. It would be helpful if that could go on a ship too.

Oh wait. . . "Intermodal"

El Mirio | June 9, 2017

holiday, hauling cargo is about cutting down time & cost. Compiling a train composition can take day or more.
If a truck could access tracks directly you likely cut out 1 day at origin and 1 day at destination.

"Intermodal" is slightly faster, but still a 4 hour trip turns into a 12 hour trip.

i know is a long shot, since trucks would have to be able to integrate seamless to the existing train traffic.

El Mirio | June 9, 2017

Elon stated they worked closely with truckers, so they inquired about their pain points, this is what they may have brought up

- operating cost per mile
- wait times at ports
- wait time at cargo train terminals
- traffic delays
- waiting time for loading
- waiting times for trans loading
- waiting time for offloading
- stop times for fueling
- resting regulations for drivers
- maximum hours restriction for drivers (70 hours per week, then 34 hrs rest requried)
- break downs

transporting cargo is much more time consuming then transporting passengers.

DTsea | June 9, 2017

Holidayday- exactly

Here in the us most trains are diesel anyway. No wires.

DTsea | June 9, 2017

Holidayday- exactly

Here in the us most trains are diesel anyway. No wires.

In europe people go on train and freight by road because diesel fuel is lower taxed ie cross subsidized. Not so in the us.

But thanks to tesla wr may have electric trucks and diesel trains... irony points!

johnse | June 9, 2017

Secret sauce: automated battery swap. Faster to "refuel" than diesel. Lease the batteries, so owners aren't concerned about getting their own battery back. Recharging happens off the clock as far as truckers are concerned.

Should_I | June 9, 2017

Far as "trucks" on rail, how many accidents or traffic jambs you think that will cause????? Rail would need to be heavily revamped for turn outs to let opposing traffic pass, or added tracks that only go one direction like lanes on a road.

I think battery swaps as an option to charging would be huge, as said, charging is off the clock then. The point about leasing the battery is a great one too.

El Mirio | June 9, 2017

@Should_I true for U.S., Rail in the U.S. is in the stone ages.

Europe rail system has often already two or more lanes, also advanced communication system already exists to control traffic

I think the battery swap is likely, but is not new for tesla, I believe there is something entirely unexpected. I could be wrong of course as always.

DTsea | June 9, 2017

Funny el mirio that europe rail carries hardly any FREIGHT.

goteslago | June 10, 2017

>> I think the battery swap is likely, but is not new for tesla, I believe there is something entirely unexpected. I could be wrong of course as always.

I think that the likelihood of a battery swap depends on the charge rates of chargers when the trucks are actually available. They are sure to have higher capacity/faster chargers by then. Combine that with charging while rolling/waiting in weigh station lines, etc. and other wait points and swapping may not be necessary.

One option would be to have the battery pack or charging circuitry somehow accept two (or three? four?!!!) plugs at the same time. This could certainly be possible at specially designed superchargers at truck stations. That would cut the charge times pretty quickly.

That last option is my vote. Time to work on my patent application... :)

carlgo2 | June 11, 2017

achilles...may be right. V3 chargers are probably coming sooner than what we think. If the truck had a fast charger for each battery it wouldn't take long at all.

Tropopause | June 12, 2017

Maybe put some electric-driven propellers, wings/tail and drive the trucks in the sky! No rails needed.

achilles992000 | June 16, 2017

I would love if the semi presentation was an hommage to the show Knight Rider. have the Tesla semi hitched to a trailer and the Model 3 drive itself out.

Have David Hasselhoff use the Summon feature.

KITT would be the name of the Model 3 as shown on the screen.