Test drove a model S today

Test drove a model S today

It was very impressive. The sales guy was actually an enthusiast who owned a model S and X and did so before working as Tesla. I'm guessing his parents were well off by how he carried himself. Has a 3 on order. I couldn't get much out of him, but he did say that he had seen the 3 and was excited about it. That people who thought the 3 would be better than the S because it was newer didn't have the proper expectations. He seemed to expect the release would be the base model, but claimed to have no insider information. Did say he expected the electronic options to be all available. Did think he get his soon, we are on the east coast. Didn't anticipated being able to design his car on the 1st, but didn't think it would be the 21st either. Seem to hint at that he thought the Model 3 being stockpiled was a true rumor.

Really didn't get much out of him, but definitely confirmed that'd I get a Tesla.

carlk | June 20, 2017

"true rumor"? Tesla could just sell inventory cars without needing people to configure in the beginning. That would make everything much more efficient. Mater of fact even in the future inventory cars could still represent a significant of cars Tesla sells.

jordanrichard | June 21, 2017

Well if they are stockpiling Model 3's it must be underground because surely they would have been spotted by now. Hmmmmm, maybe that's while Elon is building tunnels.........

Rutrow | June 21, 2017

Elon is hiding them in a non-alcoholic beer warehouse.

Tropopause | June 21, 2017

Fremont factory is "bursting at the seams" with stockpiled Model 3's?

The flying hippie | June 21, 2017

Now it makes sense. I remember seeing something about Tesla renting warehouse space about a month ago...

Captain_Zap | June 21, 2017

There was a rumor going around about the time of the Model S launch that we might get our cars a little early.
Tesla reps were nodding and winking. A couple parts manufacturer put the kibosh on any hopes of early deliveries. First the air suspension deliveries were delayed as was anything with carbon fiber parts. Ultimately, I got my car a month later than my original delivery estimate.

noleaf4me | June 21, 2017

This time parts should be much more straight forward......nothing overly complex.

hmgolds | June 22, 2017

I took a test drive yesterday. I intentionally did not bring my checkbook. :)

I too was impressed with the rep I spoke with. So things I learned from him, though I would not take them as "gospol".

- Expect the largest battery in the 3 to have equal capacity to the smallest in the S
- Expect to pay $40-45k out the door with desired options (especially autopilot)
- The motors in the 3 may (emphasis on "may") not be as efficient as those on the S
- RWD on the S as good as FWD in an ICE vehicle
- Don't expect the 3 to be an S, but smaller.

He did not have (or share) any info on timetable or detailed pricing.

markr7 | June 22, 2017

I heard that Elon is using SpaceX rockets to shuttle Model 3's to the ISS so they could not be photographed...

Frank99 | June 22, 2017

>>>Expect the largest battery in the 3 to have equal capacity to the smallest in the S
If he's talking about current models, then I'd say this is probably true (Model S 75)
>>>Expect to pay $40-45k out the door with desired options (especially autopilot)
"Desired" is such a loaded word - for me, it's RWD, 75 KWH, EAP. If I can get that for $40-45K, I'll be ecstatic.
>>> The motors in the 3 may (emphasis on "may") not be as efficient as those on the S
Based on my electrical engineering background and understanding of the motor construction, I can't see how this can be true. I also don't know how you or I could determine whether it was or not - it all comes down to Wh/mile, and there's a lot of things involved in that.
>>> RWD on the S as good as FWD in an ICE vehicle
That's been reported as true by a number of S owners in snow country, so I believe it.
>>> Don't expect the 3 to be an S, but smaller.
That's been Tesla's message for the last 6 months. Is it the same message as if BMW saying "Don't expect the 3 series to be a 7 series but smaller"? The DNA is the same, but I don't expect the same level of automated doohickeys in the 3 as in the S - fortunately doohickeys don't mean much to me (I mean, it pisses off my wife when she drives my car that she has to put the key in the trunk and turn to open it up rather than pushing a button on the key fob and having it pop open; but I'm perfectly happy with the situation).

Rutrow | June 22, 2017

@Frank99, surely you understand what balance quality grade a motor has would affect efficiency. Even motors of identical design and materials would differ in efficiency if a cheaper, less accurate balancing was done on the budget models.

I too would be delighted with your $45k configured 3. What has me the most conflicted is the Full Self Driving option. Not even at first mention did it really intrigue me. EAP would make driving so much more relaxing that FSD would be of limited value added. That is, until Iwantmy3 mentioned in a comment: "Forget about camping. I want to stretch out and sleep on long trips as the car drives and charges autonomously."

THAT got my brain racing!!! What if you could get a good 8 hours of sleep during the course of a 12-15 hour drive?!? There is no way that I'd get on an airplane for a trip under 1000 miles. Even on overnight overseas flights I've slept but barely rested, including the one time I got upgraded thru Business Class to First Class. Too many distractions. So if my road trip could start at bedtime, I wouldn't even count the first eight hours into my calculation of how much time a flight would save me. The next 3-4 hours flying would save would be negated by transport, parking, lugging bags, security, waiting at the gate, and layovers. Flight delays and cancellations would have to factor in to the equation. Then at your destination, taxi/lyft/rental car charges are eliminated. The quality of life things you can't put a $ figure on like: gassy seatmates with smelly feet fighting you for arm rests, crying babies, kicked seat back, small tray table, etc. only add to the dollar cost of a plane ticket. I hadn't thought about it before, but autonomous vehicles would devastate regional airlines. Ever since that realization, FSD has become a must-have feature for me.

Does anyone know if pre-buying FSD has a money back guarantee if the capability never comes to fruition? I'm optimistic that it will, but having some insight to the wonders of the human brain, and limits of Artificial Inteligence make me realize what an incredibly complex task driving really is.

Rutrow | June 22, 2017

See that! I misspelled "intelligence", Doh!