Color options

Color options

Sorry, not sure if this was posted before - can't find an obvious search button anywhere on my screen.

My question is: what are the likely exterior color options for the Model 3? I read somewhere that it is initially just limited to red, grey, silver, and black. However, on my registration page, it shows a beautiful Model 3 in blue, which is probably the color that I would choose!

KP in NPT | June 29, 2017

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I know the article you are talking about and it's pure speculative clickbait. We've seen black, white, red, signature red, silver, and blue release candidates. But until Tesla either announces at final reveal or opens the design studio, we do not know what colors will be available.

I'd say it's pretty safe to assume black, blue, red and silver will be options. Question if there will be flat white or pearl white. (or both.) Or any additional colors that are available on the MS/X (like midnight silver) or new colors. We'll have to wait and see.

andy.connor.e | June 29, 2017

Its been asked many many times since the reveal of last year. And just like all other questions regarding this car, we DONT KNOW ANYTHING. Zero confirmation. Believe me, if you dont know something that has to do with technical specifications regarding the Model 3, chances are probably 99.9% likely that information has not been released, and no one else is going to know either.

Ehninger1212 | June 29, 2017

Probably going to have SpaceX spaceship paint to match the spaceship feeling interior for the full on spaceship experience.

Jk. I would presume if it has been seen on a RC it will be available. But who knows.0

robleong | June 29, 2017

OK, thanks guys. So color not known yet.

Haggy | June 30, 2017

I'm almost certain that Tesla will offer black and white. They always have. I think it's safe to say that the color palate won't be wider than it is for the Models S and X. Tesla is already unusual in that they have the same color palate for all cars. It would be more unusual if they do the same for the Model 3, but it could be more cost effective if they don't have to change the paint shop. It could speed up production. From a marketing standpoint, it would make sense for the color palate to be different, and include some less conservative options for a lower priced car.

That casts a wide net from Tesla having a good reason for bucking the trend to Tesla doing something we have no idea about. It might be that the release candidate colors were chosen because of how the paint shop is set up, and have nothing at all to do with what colors will be available on the Model 3.