corrosion protection in model 3

corrosion protection in model 3

Good Morning,

Does anyone know if Elon has considered any sort of corrosion protection in the model 3 as it will be the first model that is using steel parts? I live in Canada and corrosion has usually be the reason for the demise of most of my vehicles due to the large amount of salt they use on the roads up here. I was hoping that he would be using aluminium on the model 3 like the S and the X, but I guess he is saving costs.

Also with regard to winter driving, how does the rear wheel drive perform on snow and ice? Perhaps someone from Norway could weigh in. It's not too much of a concern for me as I grew up when all the vehicles were rear wheel drive, however since the advent of front wheel drive cars I have been getting spoiled. The fact that the battery will evenly distribute the weight over all wheels will probably greatly improve handling on snow and ice.



msmith55 | July 31, 2017

Corrosion is the problem, both Al and steel corrosion. My recommendation is to buy steel rims for your studded or studless snow tires, and carefully wash your summer tires and rims. Alloy rims get perforated with corrosion. Invest in yearly corrosion protection plan for your car, if you want your car to last more than 5 years.