Newark/Philly airport parking that will charge M3?

Newark/Philly airport parking that will charge M3?

Figuring out what range M3 to buy. I know there is destination charging, but when driving to an airport, ideally I'd drop off the car at the parking lot and not have to spend time topping-up with a destination charger before I catch my flight (or indeed after I land on the return trip). My usual parking lots at Philly and Newark don't offer charging services, but does anyone know of any that do?

Tesla2018 | July 30, 2017

Why dont you just charge up at home before going to the airport? You should have enough range to get back home after returning to make it back unless you live around Atlantic City but they have an airport.. Trenton has an airport too but unfortunatly only 1 or 2 airlines fly out of there. You might want to check with some charter airlines and see if you can keep your car in their lot for a fee or make some friends that live near the airport that would let you keep the car at their house and charge it for you and then drop you off and pick you up at the airport.

PhillyGal | July 30, 2017

@AJPHL - Ask again in February. I was officially invited to join the City of Philadelphia's EV Task Force where I will be working with City Council and the transportation department to propose a comprehensive EV charging network strategy, alongside ways to encourage transportation alternatives to cars.

We start in August and are to conclude in February with recommendations :-D

AlMc | July 30, 2017

@PhillyGal: Let me know how that goes. I would like to do something in Wilmington/Newark Delaware

Tesla2018 | July 30, 2017

Sorry I thought you meant Newark NJ

AJPHL | July 31, 2017

Very cool @PhillyGal, good luck.

@Thomas Newark EWR is going to be a stretch to do round trip with the Standard model even on a full charge, hence my question. I've also read about range loss while the vehicle sits idle in the lot.