Interesting..offical Tesla Estimator changed AWD date....forward

Interesting..offical Tesla Estimator changed AWD date....forward

Like many of you here, I stalk this site and other Tesla sites every day. My original estimate for AWD version was Jan-March 2019 ( I was late to the dance and reserved in December 2016). Its now November 2018 to January 2019. I have a sense I am going to be in for a roller coaster ride in the next 18 months.

My wife and I have only owned AWD cars the last 10 years. I am ready to make the jump back to RWD based on the Tesla RWD being fine in snow, but the wife...she is a tough one to convince.

Magic 8 Ball | July 31, 2017

Now that people can choose between three major configurations and "save" on the reservation holder update page I would suspect Tesla is able to use that data to modify the predictions of when and how many of each major configuration is in demand and when they will be available. As more data comes in (including any mfg hiccups) I suspect the delivery windows will be updated.

JFleischood | July 31, 2017

HockeyEV - The RWD version gives me a Sept-Nov 2018 est., and I reserved online as soon as it opened up, so not bad for you considering how long you waited to reserve.

I was looking to get the RWD since I live in PA. My only experience with a RWD drive in the snow was an old '87 Volvo years ago (it was astoundingly bad in very little snow). Obviously, tech has come along way since an '87 and especially with Tesla, but I am still a little nervous to not get the AWD, but I do not want to wait that long. My est. for the Standard 35K model is Feb.-Apr. Which is perfect considering I got a little 2 year lease on a Sentra that will run out in May 2018, specifically for waiting for the Model 3.

danbry39 | July 31, 2017

Mine changes as well. We're thinking 60D for our youngest daughter. Was December 2017, now extended to late January, 2018.

We are in Northern California, own a Model S, and I stood in line day1.

By the way, dates and Tesla are always a crap shoot.

Tropopause | July 31, 2017

My AWD changed as well, one month earlier!

cessna182 | July 31, 2017

as more 3's are built, Tesla will be able to better predict delivery dates. My date has moved (teslanomics estimator to "new" tesla dart-board) to feb-may 18. Way sooner than the garage just became more critical!

ColoDriver | July 31, 2017

My AWD drive selection moved from Dec 2018-Feb 2019 when I checked on Sunday, to Aug-Oct 2018 today. That's a big improvement! Later than I had hoped, but better.

I reserved online right as the systems opened up, in Colorado and don't own a Tesla :-( yet.

akgolf | July 31, 2017

Same here.

Reserved in Alaska and then moved to Oklahoma.

gavinmcc | July 31, 2017

My AWD option also moved up a month (from Oct-Dec to Sep-Nov)...I would really like the First Production and Standard Battery to move up a month (or two :) )

Sadly they have stayed the same...Jan-Mar 2018 for First, and Mar-May2018 for Standard.