Cheapest insurance

Cheapest insurance

2016 P90, insured thru Geico.

Vehicle total 6 month premium: $1,009.69

Deductible: $1,000
Pays for vehicle and glass damage due to, among other causes, theft, vandalism, explosion and fire.

Deductible: $1,000
Pays for damages to your vehicle caused by a collision or when it overturns.

Emergency Road Service
Covers towing, labor for flat tires, jump starts, and more. Get help 24/7 on the GEICO Mobile app.

Bodily Injury Liability
$789.09 (split among multiple cars)
$100,000 per person/$300,000 per occurrence
Pays if you are responsible for another person's injury or death in an auto accident. It also pays for your legal defense.

Property Damage Liability
$231.44 (split among multiple cars)
$50,000 per occurrence
Pays if you are responsible for damage to another person's property.

Rental Reimbursement
$35/day,$1,050 max per claim

We have one driver in the household under 25.

Anybody do better?


TeslaKU | August 16, 2017

Yes, I blow those prices away with $250 deductibles. I must be a better driver, have better credit, and have multiple policies without anyone under 25 or maybe my state regulates insurance different than yours.

Insurance is a very nebulous issue. You can't compare apples to apples in most cases as each situation is different, especially depending on what state you live in.

Not sure what you are fishing for with this post.

ST70 | August 17, 2017

That's twice what I pay

reed_lewis | August 17, 2017

Every state, and town and customer has different insurance prices. The price for example can vary depending on which part of town you live in. It also can vary depending on whether you are male or female.

So to post prices you get for insurance only makes sense for someone who is your age, lives where you live, has your credit score, and lives like you do. Basically only you.

stan23 | August 17, 2017

Your property damage is dangerously low. Imagine if you hit another Tesla? That 50k will not be able to cover, and they will go after your personal assets.

jordanrichard | August 17, 2017

One gets what they pay for.................

fred.cannataro | August 18, 2017

Tesla is not winning friends with their service and attendant insurance rates for body related issues. i just cancelled my s 100D order and surrendered 2500.00 to them because of it. 3100.00 /yr for insurance premiums and poor service history discouraged me from joining "the mission". Caveat Emptor.

AZar33 | August 18, 2017

It must be a state thing...I'm also with Geico I'm insuring two cars a 2013 Acura ILX, and a 2017 Tesla model S 75. Our six-month rate is a little over 600 with the $250 deductible on everything... We are in North Carolina so I'm thinking maybe the state really makes a difference

High Plains Drifter | August 18, 2017

I'm too old and have too much to lose to skimp on insurance.

regoapps | August 18, 2017

Yikes. That's how much I pay to cover my Lamborghini Aventador.

I'm paying $597.15 / 6 mos with state farm for a fully loaded P85D, but I have multiple cars and house covered by them as well. I'm also over 25.

My discounts are:
Homeownership, Good Driving, Multicar, Vehicle Safety, Antilock Brakes, Antitheft, Annual Mileage
Total: $402.06 / 6 mos

Annual Mileage might be a big one, because I drive the Tesla less than 5,000 miles a year. The upper limit of that discount is anything less than 7,500 miles a year.

tammysimbal | August 19, 2017

The purpose of the post was to get a sense to see if our premiums were generally inline with market or not. Not "fishing for anything".

tes-s | August 19, 2017

Best thing is get some other quotes. All that matters is what is available to you. It is a pretty painless process.

Not all coverage is the same. People have been in crashes and without their Tesla for months - their insurance covers a crappy rental for month then nothing after that. The time to look at the coverage is when you buy it - not when you need it.

Is it possibile you could "eliminate" the under 25 driver? If we got rid of our 2002 Acura, our auto insurance total would go up. That is because our under 25 is assigned to that car, and not the Tesla. If we got rid of the Acura, all 3 drivers would be allocated to both remaining cars.

mlanes | August 19, 2017

My policy in CA went up 300 every 6 months. I am with state farm. I tried to shop around but since I use my vehicle for work most of the costco and other discount plans wouldn't take me on. My accident history is 0 claims history is Zero and I'm 34 yrs old. Didn't seem to make a diff there.. I spend about 150/month on diesel with my Bmw... Insurance and increased power bill negates the savings from driving an ev. Wish more ppl would get in the aftermarket and 3rd party repair business now that so many ppl ordered model 3's. A rock chipped my windshield 10 days after delivery and that BS $1500 replacement fee really urqed me. I hate using insurance and paying deductibles for what should be 300 dollar glass.

impala1ss | August 20, 2017

I've gotten a quote from Geico, USAA, and Travelers Insurance for my 3 vehicles. I now have GEICO. Using the same insurance limits it appears that Travelers (sold through AAA) has the cheaper rates.

I don't know anything about Travelers but am willing to change to them. One of their features is that I like is "all structural replacement components will be produced by the original equipment manufacturer." That's very important because as you know my new Tesla (to be delivered in 2-3 weeks) uses all aluminum sheet metal and framing.

john | August 23, 2017

In Utah, Progressive provides me with $500,000 Combined Single Limit coverage for $640 / annually. Deductibles are $1,000 comp/collision. I have been a customer for 8 years, but had purchased the Tesla earlier this year.

sean697 | August 24, 2017

I got a very good rate with Liberty Mutual. Had to switch because my old car insurance won't even cover. Now I am bundling with my homeowners. But for my wife's 2016 Explorer and my Tesla we pay about 1400.00 per year. Which I think is reasonable. I went with 1000.00 dollar deductible.

obriene2 | April 23, 2019

$120 a month for my Model 3 in South Carolina with Root Insurance. It's a neat company that gives you a quote based on your driving habits. Here is a link that will give you $25 off.

Not Ready for P... | April 23, 2019

I have too much to lose to shop for insurance by price alone. My wife comes from a family of horrible drivers. Her mother (bless her) is a horrendous driver and she passed this trait onto her 4 kids. Her sister "S" is even worst than her. I felt like a human pinball riding in a car with her behind the wheel. And not only is my wife a terrible driver but she is an even worst at parking. Apparently parking lanes painted in school bus yellow is not loud enough to be detected (even with corrective lenses). If you see a green S85 with NJ plates taking up 2 or 3 spots in a tri-state area parking lot... please keep in mind that the driver did this not out of vanity but out of lack of motoring skills. My wife is a PA born and raised resident, so maybe the low PA DMV standards are to blame. But in any case, I have too many dangerous drivers in my family to opt for cheap insurance.

OTBMS19 | May 2, 2019

Does anyone have experience with Costco Insurance through Ameriprise?
I currently have Statefarm on Model S and Audi Q7 Diesel and paying $1800 plus for 6 months. I got a quote from Costco/Ameriprise for being a Business Executive member for both cars and same coverage lower deductable @ $830 for both for 6 months.
I just want to know if this is a good choice or keep what i currently. Or can someone recommend a better option.

Hammonddave | May 3, 2019

I have the Ameriprise / Costco policy on my Model S. I live in LA with $1000 deductibles, gap insurance, etc. . pay $1200 a year.

AERODYNE | May 3, 2019

Not ready...feel your pain. Get car sick as a pass when wife drives, cringe every time she parks here old ICE next to the Tesla. Fortunately, she is afraid to drive it as I am to let her...

My insurance, SoCal, retired, multi car and home discount through State Farm. 5k miles a year, full coverage with 1k deductable is 640.

AERODYNE | May 3, 2019

For 6 months..

OTBMS19 | May 3, 2019 is Ameriprise/Costco service? Have you experienced any issue with their services?
Is this a good consideration over Statefarm in terms of services?

bill | May 4, 2019

I just moved to Denver from MA. Any suggestions on who to insure with? Was paying $1,720 in MA on a 2016 S90D

Hammonddave | May 5, 2019

OTBMS19. I have had no issues with Costco/Ameriprise at all. But again, I have had no claims. All my phone interaction has been fast and pleasant. I was a State Farm customer for about 30 years with a home still insured under them. The best they could offer was $1600 a year.