Just got back from a trip from WA to Yellowstone, 1800 miles w/auto steer 95% of time. Two situations occurred that I believe are related; going up a steep road and at the crest where the road curved to the left, the car steered to the right; the other event was on I5 in Seattle where the road went steeply down to go under an overpass and at the bottom of the ramp the steering went hunting hard right then hard left in probably less a second. Since my hand was on the wheel it was instinctively easy to counter the movements. Is this caused by the angular range of the sensors such that in first case pointing above the road and the other pointing down too close to the road?

Anthony J. Parisio | September 3, 2017

Yes. This has been known for quite a while. Since at least AP1.

Rthughes77 | September 3, 2017

Thank God your hands were on the wheel and we're able to react.

63strat | September 3, 2017

I went for my third Model 3 test drive last week down Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, heading towards Malibu. We were in a 75D. The Tesla rep next to me suggested I turn on AP. At first I was utterly amazed, as it was my first experience with it. Soon after however, it suddenly veered into oncoming traffic. My hands were already lightly resting on the steering wheel, so I quickly got the car back on course. But it wasn't easy getting control of the wheel; there was significant resistance and it was fairly stiff. I had to wrestle with it a bit. So, we tried it a second time, on the way back, and as we were going up a slight hill, it happened again, only this time the car veered off to the right. Is this the state of affairs right now with this technology? Are these common experiences for other Model S drivers with AP2? I'm not exactly thrilled to have had 2 near misses on a test drive. I still absolutely love the Model 3 and plan to get one, and I don't care much about self-driving capability, but it's disconcerting to think that Tesla has approved AP2 in its current state, and makes me question other claims they make about the car.

63strat | September 3, 2017

I meant to write Model S, not Model 3 in the above post!

murphyS90D | September 4, 2017

When cresting a steep hill the radar and cameras are looking into space because the road is not visible over the top of the hill. My AP1 car immediately starts hunting right and left trying to find the lines it is impossible for it to see. It is a dangerous design. The car should hold the same course it was on when the lines disappeared. Because of this I never do anything but play with auto steer. My hands are always on the wheel tracking what the car is doing.

SO | September 4, 2017

@63strat - the Model S is still a fantastic car even without the AP. I have AP2 hardware but did not purchase AEP. I will wait until it's vetted a bit more. Besides, when I get in the car, I want to drive it!!

But by no means is the car perfect. Don't go in expecting that.

Autopilot works better depending on the road and conditions. Maybe the rep did that on purpose so potential drivers wouldn't fully trust AP yet and keep their hands on the wheel. Ha ha

63strat | September 4, 2017

Thanks SO, I've been reading a lot about AP 2 since yesterday, so have a better understanding of its limitations now. And I also am one to want to drive it, that's the whole purpose to me.

And to murphy, yes, seems like AP 2 should stay the course when it can't read the lines. Jerking quickly in either direction is not a reassuring sensation. | September 4, 2017

@63strt - and absolutely keep both hands on your steering wheel in a round about. | September 4, 2017

@63strat -sorry.

63strat | September 4, 2017

Thanks for the warning...

nukequazar | June 29, 2019

I've had a couple of disconcerting moments involving hills but not quite that bad. Autopilot needs to slow down or request the driver takes over (or both!) on blind hills or whenever it's not certain of the lanespace. | June 29, 2019
saikodi | June 30, 2019

Yeah this still happens even today! Mine is a 2014 Dec build with AP1 I believe. It only happens at the top of hills when the camera cant see the lane markings. I have gotten used to it and know when to expect a sudden steer onto oncoming traffic...

BarryQ | June 30, 2019 - that seems like bulls**t to me!

P.S Thanks for your great video on installing dashcams. Did a Blackvue 900 and it worked out great!