Model 3 Feature Requests

Model 3 Feature Requests

I'm an M3 reservation holder and have read through every piece of Tesla literature I can find and have watched just about every video that the googs can turn up and there are still a few things regarding features I wanted to suggest in hopes that it'd come to fruition with the upcoming releases. I've listed a few things below, if you have any suggestions or other ideas please feel free to comment or add below. I'm really curious to see if I've either missed these features somewhere or if they're a possibility and if anyone else has suggestions to improve upon the already amazing Tesla M3! Some of these can likely be pushed to MS & MX owners as well!

Feature Suggestions - Food for thought?

- Can the side mirrors auto-fold (or alternatively offer a manual option) at HWY speed to increase range / decrease drag? I'm already looking for ways to improve upon range without creeping along below the speed limit (Oklahoma charging is scarce). I think the laws say the cars must be equipped...don't recall reading anything saying they can't be "adjusted". Maybe if they even popped back out during lane changes that would suffice???

- Some insurance companies provide adapters to plug into the OBDII ports for discounts on premiums…will Tesla provide driver data to assist with less expensive insurance rates? If so, will this be optional, or will it be mandatory for all Teslas?

- Is there a possibility of a "trip profile" to build upon the already existing "range mode"? For example, we know there are driver profiles that suit the individual's own comfort levels. It would be great, however, if I could use trip planner to give options such as "best time", "standard driving", or "best range" ...taking into consideration topography and/or the minimum safe speed limits...why not have the car take a slight detour from the typical route to give better overall range performance to help minimize battery consumption during your extended range drive?

- Can regen be disabled in icy/snowy conditions either manually or automatically? In my state, we get more ice than snow so traction is already out the window and if regen kicked in it'd surely cause a potential incident...especially if slowing for a curve/turn. Assuming of course that I forgot to disable regen all-together.

bernard.holbrook | September 10, 2017

Without some other means of showing traffic around the car, the folding mirrors thing while driving is an accident waiting to happen. How many time has some clown pulled in front of you without seeing what's coming up from behind? As for deploying them for the lane change- I would predict that most people would not bother.

I did not really think about re-gen in the snow... I know driving stick that than can happen in an ICE car. As the S is well respected in the snow, I would hope that Tesla has figured out a solution. Can any model S owner that lives in a cold climate speak on there experiences on ice wrt re-gen?

jhatcher4059 | September 10, 2017

@Bernard, I agree with the folding mirror situation on a typical vehicle, but with all of the on-board sensors and potential for a near 360-degree real-time view on the center display utilizing side/rear cams, that would hopefully fulfill the side-view requirements and assist in removing any potential blind spots on the road. I absolutely wouldn't expect this to be available for in town or city street below 50 MPH???? In those scenarios (with heavy traffic, other distractions, or low speeds in mind), the safety aspect far outweighs the range issue.

Mozart | September 10, 2017

There is a setting on model S that allows you to "soften" the regen

carlk | September 10, 2017

I believe you can fold outside mirrors manually but that's really a bad idea. Regen can be lowered although standard regen would not cause problem on snowy or slippery roads. It's not THAT strong not to mention there is always the very sensitve traction control as the backup.

jhatcher4059 | September 10, 2017

@byrned & @clarlk, thanks for the suggestions and information...I wasn't sure just how strong the regen was but many had described as auto-braking and the last thing you want on icy roads is to apply the brakes.'re probably right on the side mirror situation, I'm just brainstorming trying to get ideas on extending range a bit. I have a solid 330-340 mile round trip that I tend to take once or twice per month (sometimes more if needed) and there's no level 1 or 2 chargers along the route with any charging network that I've found (i.e. chargepoint, blink, evgo, evconnect etc. much less Tesla Superchargers). I'd be limited to a 5-15P or potentially a camp ground if I could find one close. Otherwise the only alternative I have is to go about 45mins. (1 1/2 hrs TTL) out of my way to get a good charge or take a gas car instead. This is already a stretch for the extended range option on the M3, but even if I "baby it" the whole way there and back, I wouldn't make it. I've lobby'd the state credit Oklahoma provides (up to 75% reimbursement I believe) to some of the business owners along this route on I-44 South but so far no luck on potential charging options. I'm just in that "there's gotta be a better way" mindset at the moment. Thanks again for all of your feedback, it's proving to be most helpful!

Captain_Zap | September 10, 2017

The low regen mode is a great help on hilly icy roads. It slows you gently so that you do not lose traction or coast out of control and get into excessive speeds when going downhill. I love low regen on the ice.

Automatic transmission ICE cars used to spook me because they would get going too fast going downhill and they would force you to use the brakes. A gear shift at the wrong time would have made you lose traction too. Not good!

ken | September 10, 2017

you're crazy, if anything i want regen to increase.

andy.connor.e | September 10, 2017

If you think its not important to see who is to the left & right of you speeding down a road at 65+mph, then please fold in your mirrors. My preferred method of natural selection. "Self-selecting"

jhatcher4059 | September 10, 2017

@andy lol, you're not wrong! It's definitely worthwhile knowing what's around you on the interstate...that's why they have a suite of sensors and cameras all around the vehicle. Tesla even tried to put cameras only in place of the side mirrors originally, but was denied because the mirrors are current law ( there are several online references to this such as pcmag, Tesla motors club, wired etc.) . Even with my side mirrors & rear view mirror...I've pretty much never made a lane change without glancing over my shoulder first just to be sure and certainly wouldn't want to start now. I'd like to hope that no one would ever be so complacent that they wouldn't double-check, but I'm certainly all about folding 'em to see how it affects range on long hauls...those things are a bit of an air-brake at HWY speeds (all be it subtle)! Since I originally posted about features and would definitely like to lean towards constructive feedback, do you have any suggestions that may help me get a bit more range without taking extreme measures? Your thoughts and comments are very much appreciated!

jhatcher4059 | September 10, 2017

@andy.connor.e here's a BMW take on the side mirror concept...GM has even gotten into this game as well as google! Hopefully at some point this will become a regulatory reality. Forum wouldn't let me post the link, but go to youtube and search "BMW i8 gives clear rear views" ...the CNET vid. lays it out pretty well.

Carl Thompson | September 11, 2017

I would guess that regen is integrated into the traction control system so that it won't cause issues in a low traction situation. But if conditions in spots on the road are so icy that even regen is too much braking then you probably shouldn't be driving on it.


stevegs | September 11, 2017

My only feature request so far would be something similar to the Around View Monitor (virtual bird's eye view) that my LEAF has. I'm really going to miss it when my M3 arrives. Tesla could probably offer something close such as a 270 degree view (both sides and back) through a software update. The 360 degree view would require a camera in the front fascia, which M3 does not have.

dsvick | September 11, 2017

@OP, regarding your other two questions ...

From everything I've read the OBDII ports provide minimal information, I would assume the Model 3 will be the same.

Regarding a trip planner to do the various types you mention, that would be a cool idea.

jhatcher4059 | September 11, 2017

@Carl Thompson, you're most likely spot on with the regen / traction control system working in tandem. I've also heard plenty of feedback stating that the lower CG of the vehicle helps tremendously in poor weather so hopefully this won't be as big of an issue as I thought originally.

@stevegs, I've seen the 360 view on the leaf and it's definitely a nice feature! Even with all of the mirrors we have currently with all vehicles, there's still blind spots and that's one step closer to removing them.

@dsvick, very true, I was hoping that the data could make a compelling case towards potentially lowering insurance premiums much like the ODB plugs currently offered by insurance companies such as Progressive to help lower costs. It probably won't work out in favor of those who choose to drive it like it's a rental though lol...maybe that'll backfire!?

jhatcher4059 | September 11, 2017

Something else I haven't really seen with any app or Tesla supercharger networks (at least in videos online) is that although you are provided a total time to charge to get to the next station, Kw consumed, open chargers, rate of charge (range/min/hr) etc., I've yet to see a Tesla tell you that "all 8 superchargers are occupied, but here's your estimated wait time for an open charger based on current charge rates and battery capacities..." or "based on current rate of charge, supercharger '1A' should be available within 5 mins..." or something to that extent. This is of course assuming that there's a way to provide near real-time charging data to Tesla or 3rd party networks.

I've heard recently that there's growing concern in Cali due to the expected flood of new M3's and already congested superchargers. Maybe this app could point you to the supercharger that's most likely to free up sooner in order to help reduce the wait times? ...just a thought.

hdcommercials | September 15, 2017

One request, if Tesla cars have gps for air suspension, can tesla include a speed limiter in areas you set, like when you drive in a school zone you could set it for 25mph, then every/ time you go back in that area it would limit your speed, or speed limiter where police usually hang out

dsvick | September 15, 2017

"...a speed limiter in areas you set, like when you drive in a school zone you could set it for 25mph"

That will be "standard" with FSD. With EAP it will display the current speed limit for you to see. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think EAP will adjust speed based on the last speed limit sign it recognized.

ReD eXiLe ms us | September 15, 2017

If I remember correctly, Nissan was the first to offer a 'Bird's Eye View' system on their cars. I think they held it exclusively for a few years, so it may be patented by them (assuming it isn't off-the-shelf technology from someone like BOSCH). Though Ford and GM now offer it on some models, I sincerely doubt Nissan would allow Tesla to have it, affordably, anytime soon even if they wanted it.

jhatcher4059 | September 24, 2017

It looks like the folding mirror option made it to production...that's a plus! Go to video of M3 texas delivery and skip to 59 secs. and it shows the folding mirror options currently being pushed.

matt80206 | September 25, 2017

I thought you would mention automatic wipers... I just assumed there would be a rain sensor but I guess not. | September 25, 2017

@matt80206 While unconfirmed, it looks like the 3 has a rain sensor to the side of the front cameras a bit different than the current S/X that doesn't have one anymore. I've not heard a confirmation either way from Tesla.

seattlemag | September 25, 2017

@dsvick I think you're correct. The EAP did not seem to update speed limit based on changed speed limit sign, based on the overnight test drive in a MS 75D. I could be wrong though, only 24 hours of experience :).

It would be a great feature enhancement though, as my only real complaint driving with EAP through small towns in rural communities.

dsvick | September 25, 2017

"The EAP did not seem to update speed limit based on changed speed limit sign"

On the other hand, if you're behind someone else who does slow down to the correct speed limit your car should follow suit. :)

matt80206 | September 25, 2017

@TeslaTap the video from a model 3 delivery showed manual selection of wipers with only normal, slow, and fast, with no auto selection available. if there is a sensor then maybe they will activate it at a later date. I haven't seen the front array of camara's or sensors so hope your right! Not that it rains much here in Denver...

deemo | September 25, 2017

If you use EAP on local roads, it will limit you to 5 MPH over the limit it has from the map currently. If you set it up, the car will display the speed limit info on the screen and flash when it changes, I believe you can have it give you an audio alert also but I have never used that.

spgraff | October 5, 2017

What if you need the car towed or want to tow a small trailer? Is there anyplace to make the attachments?

netgroover | March 26, 2018

Took deliver of our Model 3 about a month ago. Love the care, but seeing some issues that have become a source of irritability... and thus I humbly submit these Feature Requests: (1) - Need a key fob. ASAP. Tired of standing in the rain trying to reset my Bluetooth connection, and if I'm working in the garage with my phone in my pocket, the Model 3 is unlocking, re-locking, thunk, thunk... constantly. Those mirror motors are going to wear out! I don't need to dig in my wallet for a key card... I need a fob, which can live with my house key and office key. Let the phone key be a cool option, but I don't understand why Tesla painted themselves into a corner with these half-baked key options without a fob as the primary option. (2) - AM Radio. Unless you want to pay for a subscription, goodbye listening to baseball games. (3) - NO WIFI? Seems odd... how can I update my M3 if I'm in a location with lousy 3G? I'm sure there must be a good reason we don't have it yet... but I cannot think of one. Tesla created high expectations for the M3, and being a MS85 owner I did not expect to have these kinds of low-tech issues. As a bonus request, I think the center screen should be able to tilt toward driver.

burdogg | March 26, 2018

@netgroover. The latest update solved #1 part 2 - the car only unlocks when you push the handle in now. Going back to your Number 1 - I took delivery 10 days ago - I have only had one time where the car didn't recognize me - so I think with this update, they have mostly fixed the phone key issues as well.

AM Radio - hmm nothing for you there

#3 - It is coming - remember, you are the very first one to take delivery - were you early VIN on your MS85? They bumped owners to the front to be the guinea pigs as they work out the software and continue to develop it. We know that WiFi is coming - as it even should save Tesla money - better to update your car on your dime, instead of theirs :) So who knows why it is not there, but there is obvious continual improvements in the software, patience and it will come. That is at least what Tesla was hoping for from the early adopters -right or wrong, they were hoping for it.

As far as tilt of the screen, to each their own - I have no issues with it as is :) Wonder if that would have issues with stability though if start integrating tilt?

Tesla2018 | March 26, 2018

I like the thing about the OBD port. I had it on one of my cars with Progressive Insurance and it lowered the premium by 30%. My other car isnt compatable with it so they wont give me a discount on it.
It would also stop kids who are using their parents cars from speeding since it monitors hard breaking incidents.This is considered as one incident for every 10 mph you slow down in a second. If you go from 70 to 20 in 3 seconds getting off a highway it would count as a few violations. Not sure if regenerative breaking slows you down too fast but when I drove a model S I turned it down since the car didnt coast when I took my foot off the accelerator.

zivua | May 31, 2018

Running version 2018.18.13 with 21k VIN. Feature Requests:

1) Cruise Control "Resume" functionality. Perhaps by moving the gear level up and having the vehicle accelerate to the previously set speed before cruise was disengaged. Sorely missed.

2) (Minor) An automatic trip meter for miles and time driven since the car was last started.

eplaskett | May 31, 2018

zivua, agree with both of those suggestions. The automatic one-time trip meter is something I will greatly miss when I trade in my VW. I love being able to keep an eye on how long my commute is taking me.

DCM876 | May 31, 2018

zivuva & eplaskett, your 2) already exists. It's in the Wh/mile card. There is an efficiency and miles driven since last charge, and right above that since X:XX am/pm. The second is since you last started. It shows miles, and efficiency. You can calculate time by taking current time minus stated time.

polaris | May 31, 2018

Is there a notification system on the app to say the car is moving? If not - that would be good. Like, how does one know their car is being stolen?

eplaskett | May 31, 2018

DCM876, thanks, good to know. I don't yet have my car but this will prove useful once I do have it!

Shock | May 31, 2018

Backup camera cleaner. One or two cars have this but it is widely unavailable from any car at any price and anyone who lives in the north east can vouch for dirty backup cameras.

As for side view mirror I am sure Tesla would like to kill them entirely and use cameras and screens but law mandates them unfortunately.

canuck55 | May 31, 2018

on the app, it shows status of the car 'Driving" or "Parked" under the battery meter on the top, and on the LOCATION - it shows the changing street address as the car is moving.

polaris | May 31, 2018

Ya but one has to constantly monitor the App. How about a simple notification the car is on the move? That way you know that the car is moving instantly.

lilbean | May 31, 2018

The rear camera is a screen hog. It refuses to share with the music I can easily view below it. If I touch the music, she is just outta there!

MarylandS85 | June 1, 2018

@lilbean: “If I touch the music, she is just outta there!”
That coy bi+¢H! She’s either being jealous or playing hard to get.

I love the Model 3’s screen resolution and responsiveness, but the Model S and X 17” screen layout and functionality are still just better. I love the two separate screen half options and the resultant abundant customizability it affords us. Hopefully, they’ll keep improving the 3’s screen layout options. I’d love to be able to switch from maps to a real ENERGY screen like on my S.

jeffrey.herrera | June 12, 2018

I think an auto low Regen should be enabled when the outside temp on the display indicates 32 degrees. It would be a good safety feature to prevent loss of traction due to the effect of higher Regen in potentially icy conditions. Especially if the driver has forgotten to lower it.

MarylandS85 | June 12, 2018

I wouldn’t want it to automatically do that, because then I’d be on low regen for months and months. I’ve been driving a Tesla in cold weather for awhile now, and I’ve never forgotten to change the setting to low regen (which I only do if there’s snow on the road). Also, regen is automatically limited in the cold when you first start driving (because of the battery chemistry limitations in cold conditions).

lilbean | June 12, 2018

Haha, @MarylandS85! Yes!

rxlawdude | June 12, 2018

@jeffrey and @Maryland, perhaps the Toyota Prius approach is optimal: When temps are near or below freezing and thus a chance for black ice, a tiny snowflake appears on the dash.

The driver could then choose to change regen, but it would be up to the driver to do so.

(Of course, snowflake these days seems to be a pejorative!)

Wormtown Kris | June 12, 2018

@rxlawdude: "(Of course, snowflake these days seems to be a pejorative!)"

OMG yes! Here in Massachusetts, there are a lot of pejorative "snowflakes" we could do without! :)

Throttleman | June 13, 2018

Has I said in another topic, I would love to have a HUD with basic information like speed, alerts and directions.

AJPHL | June 13, 2018

When my model 3 eventually arrives, it would benefit from another charge port on the passenger side of the vehicle, to reduce the length of cable needed when charging via an outlet located on the passenger side....

eeb9 | June 13, 2018

@Throttleman - +10

Some of us have been advocating for a HUD ever since the first reveal.

EM seems to dislike even the *concept* (similar to his approach on Satellite radio) so it's not likely any time soon, at least from Tesla. I'm hoping to see a good aftermarket/Tesla compatible product sometime in the next year or so.

Throttleman | June 13, 2018

@eeb9 - I'm happy I'm not alone on this! :)
Maybe with more M3 coming out and people talking about a HUD some company might develop one to use with the M3.

gmkellogg | June 13, 2018

- Is there a possibility of a "trip profile" to build upon the already existing "range mode"? For example, we know there are driver profiles that suit the individual's own comfort levels. It would be great, however, if I could use trip planner to give options such as "best time", "standard driving", or "best range" ...taking into consideration topography and/or the minimum safe speed limits...why not have the car take a slight detour from the typical route to give better overall range performance to help minimize battery consumption during your extended range drive?

- I second this. Or third it, or 401200th it. It'd be amazing to have profiles set up for the time of day. My commute home is way different than my commute to work.

Vidal79 | June 13, 2018

Have had my M3 for a few weeks and love it. Couple feature requests I would love:

1) quick toggle between % & KM remaining on the Battery view - either in the little battery icon below the speedometer, or at the very least on the charging/battery screen. It's annoying to have to go through Driving->Charging->Settings->Toggle %/KM to get this information... Ideally just a tap on the battery icon would toggle between the two.

2) Spotify Integration!! This is probably a licensing/cost issue but feels like a way more widely used streaming service than Slacker... At the very least it should show the same album art that's on my phone when streaming from my phone - but looks like the M3 is using some other database to display album art and it's often either blank or completely wrong

3) Android Auto! would love this...

4) Weather forecast would be great too!