Going Solar with two PowerWall 2's

Going Solar with two PowerWall 2's

I'm getting close to having my new system installed. The design and permits have been approved and now waiting for the one day installation. The PW 2's will come in handy with a Model S and 3. I'm applying for the SGIP storage rebates from California which should cover about 65% of the cost of the two PW's including installation.

I'm looking forward to generating most of my electrical needs and managing the system with my Tesla App. :)

NKYTA | September 14, 2017

Nice shiny new forum, whee!

SamO | September 14, 2017

I'd like to build some food trucks and portable microgrids with powerwalls and powerpacks.

nwfan | September 15, 2017

@simply red, right behind you with my new solar system and 2 PW's.
But not in sunny CA so no SGIP rebates for me.

Waiting on HOA for install.

Did you go with Tesla Energy for the design and install?

Bluesday Afternoon | September 15, 2017


Yes, I'm working with Tesla's Solar City team in Orange County, CA (Fashion Island Tesla Store). The process started a month ago and has progressed at the speed they projected. The system plan is 24 panels and two PW 2's generating 7.8 kW.

Famman49 | September 15, 2017

I already had solar. Now with my M3 nearing delivery (Oct-Dec), I'm expanding my solar to cover recharging requirements, and adding 2 PowerWall 2's. Will be applying for SGIP (Northern California). So excited! Both projects are at the design phase soon to apply for permits. It's coming together! My Solar expansion will include running a 240 circuit to my garage for charging the M3.

nwfan | September 15, 2017

@simply red

about 10 days behind you. Stuck in HOA Hades. I went with Solar City, Wanted a company who would
be around in 10 years. My system is 10.8 kw and 2 pw2's. Hopefully enough to charge my Model S and keep me off the Grid. I'm down in sunny TX. Land of zero state govt money rebates.

I was impressed with the solar city survey crew. They were on time, helpfull and safe. Answered many of my questions, took lots of photos and said there was no obstacles for my planned system. Getting Panasonc 325 watt solar panels. Power optimizers connected to Solar Edge inverter. I wanted a larger system but ran out of space on the roof. Thought about solar roof tiles but roof was recently replaced after a hail storm. The wait and cost did not add up for me.

I'll be following your install with interest. Please keep us informed. How soon after install before you get to turn on the system? Inspector and utility lined up?

Bluesday Afternoon | September 15, 2017

I plan to contact my Energy Advisor/Tesla Energy (love the rep's title!) on Monday to see about my installation date. By the way, my advisor has been great. Very responsive and has assisted me whenever I had a question. She provided a couple of recommendations for outside electricians to install my charging setup in the garage and I was pleased with the quote they gave me. I was concerned due to the distance from my electrical panel to the front of the garage (approximately 80 -90 feet). The electrician requested a Single Line Drawing (SLD) and my advisor had the design team email me the SLD in less than 2 hours. I'm very impressed!

After the installation I'll have two steps remaining before turning on the system. The 1st is a system inspection made by the city inspectors with a Solar City representative, if requested. The system inspection with the city I live in is an unknown variable. The 2nd step is an inspection by the utility company which in my case is Southern California Edison (SCE). According to my MySolarCity app this inspection could take up to 30 days and SCE may contact me instead of Solar City. If you have the MySolarCity app take a look at the comments for more specific info. Good luck and hoping you have a smooth process. It wouldn't surprise me if you have yours completed before me. I'm just hoping every thing is completed prior to my end of October Model 3 delivery (or, "early" November delivery). ;-)

nwfan | September 15, 2017

thanks for sharing. Tesla Energy / Solar City has been great. There professionalism has been big difference from my previous experience with Tesla Auto. They actually return calls and emails.

Solar City warned me that Oncor probably will take 30 days after install before they set up my outside electrical meter to Net Nuetral. I called them inquiring about any incentive they were offering and what paperwork they needed from me or solar city. Oncor verified 30 days . Power is deregulated in TX. Which means you have TDC company that gets paid 3.5 cents per kw right off the top of the bill and electrical provider who gets anywhere from 6 to 12 cents a kw. Have about 320 electrical providers to choose from. That's the hard part. Trying to find provider to match to my system that will pay for any excess prower I send back to the grid.

I am buying my system. Didn't even ask if solar city still offering power lease program.

Good luck with your install. Hope it's soon.

Bluesday Afternoon | September 26, 2017

I was contacted by Tesla indicating the permits were approved and ready to schedule my installation date. We agreed on October 18th to install the solar and two Powerwall 2's. Tesla is sending out two teams with one working on the solar system and the other team installing the two Powerwalls. I'll provide paint to match the exterior house color. I am coordinating another install team to setup my 14-50 NEMA charging station in the garage. They are updating my main breaker from 100 amps to 125 amps. It looks like the extra battery storage system will provide back up to the entire house.

The rep also indicated a future software update (before the end of the year) for Time of Use Load Shifting will add functionality to my PW 2's. Per Tesla's FAQ resource, "If your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan, Powerwall can charge when rates are low and use that energy during expensive times to reduce your electricity bill. This feature will be available at a later date by an over-the-air update."

With the installation date set I'm moving closer to realizing my goal of being grid reliant. ;)

Bluesday Afternoon | September 26, 2017

correction: ..."goal of being less grid reliant."

nwfan | September 28, 2017

@Simply Red my 10.8kw system with two powerwall2's scheduled for Oct 12 & 13.
Then in limbo for inspection and Net Neutral meter change out.
Hoping by Thanksgiving I'll be making electricity.

Tesla Auto could learn from Solar City, Had design modified 2 to meet my requirements.
SC wanted me to go with Delta Inverter. I wanted SolarEdge with power optimizers and 325 w solalr panels.
Solar City Energy Consultant I've been working with is great. Answers calls and emails, Responsive to requests and
keeps up with the project. Keeps me informed on permits and TDU updates. The Solar City local folks are on time. Follow safety standards and clean up after themselves. Always answer questions,

Good luck with your install. From what I've read your experience with Solar CIty has been as good as mine.

wrinkledoc | September 28, 2017

About to add more solar panels and two power walls in Northern CA. With all the rain we get in the winter I was wondering if it is OK to have the power walls placed outside?

Bluesday Afternoon | September 28, 2017


Tesla designed the Powerwall 2's for inside or outside installation. My two are going outside close to my electrical panel. They will be in a location where rain does not puddle and remain.

FloridaDave | September 30, 2017

I have a system ordered. It's a 8.7kW with 2 Pw 2's. We started the process in august with one PW and were up to the permit stage but the city declined the permit app. Then hurricane Irma paid us a visit and we had no power for 7 days. Called our Tesla Energy guy and asked to add a second PW to the order since the design had to be revised for permitting. About a hour later he emailed me and said no problem for adding the 2nd to the order. Amazing service. So this way if we ever get hit with another storm like this we could have lights and some AC while the grids down and save all the food and our sanity in the process.

spmeister | October 2, 2017

"The PW 2's will come in handy with a Model S and 3. "

I have a 10.5kW solar panel system and two PowerWalls. One thing you should bear in mind is that your cars will eat through the energy stored in your PowerWalls VERY quickly. So depending on how much electricity your house uses at night, and how much you drive the cars per day, the stored energy is not going to last very long.

If I charge my Bolt after a full day of driving, I'm usually putting between 20 and 30 kWh back into the batteries (out of 60kWh total), and sometimes more. I have 15% of my PowerWall capacity reserved for power outages, so one charge will eat up all of my stored power and then some.

Just something to be aware of!

psusi | October 2, 2017

10.5 kW should produce upwards of 50 kWh per day. That's more than enough for most homes needs. If you are conserving during an outage you should be able to spare 10 kWh a day for 30 miles of driving.

Of course, on a cloudy day or if you don't have such a large solar system, it would be nice to be able to fire up a generator for a few hours to top off the batteries.

spmeister | October 3, 2017

My wife & I drive our Bolt about 100 miles a day. As I said, we generally need between 20-30kWh per day to top it off.

The panels produce enough on sunny days to fill up the PowerWalls by around 2:30PM this time of year, and the rest goes out to the grid. Once the sun sets, if I don't plug the Bolt in and it's not laundry night the batteries can power the entire house until roughly between 4AM and 8AM. I have set a 15% reserve for power outages.

I'm still in my first year of having solar panels, about have had the PowerWalls since June. I've seen the effects of cloudy and rainy days, as well as the effects air conditioning has (I live not far from the DC metropolitan area), but I don't know what winter months are going to be like yet with the entire system.

My point is though, your cars may use more electricity than you might expect, so you should be aware of that going in.

Famman49 | October 7, 2017

I started the process two months ago with an order for 2 PW 2s. Still haven't gotten a design. PM keeps asking for the same information over and over. No status reports unless I demand them, and then the report is "no progress". Not real impressed at this point. No design, no permit, no scheduled install. Just crickets.....

nwfan | October 17, 2017

@Simply Red, looks like the big day is just about here for you.
Hope weather cooperates. Best of luck on a smooth install.

Still waiting on my interconnection agreement to be signed off
by Oncor. Everything else is done. Equipment per Tesla is on hand,

Bluesday Afternoon | October 17, 2017


I just received notification (one hour ago) that my installation date has been pushed back due to the need to upgrade the electrical panel. The Design Team did not include my future charging setup in the garage. I mentioned this twice and specifically to the survey team when they first came to the house. Luckily, the electrician I hired to install the garage charging setup asked to see the SolarCity line drawings to determine if the 125 amp panel would be sufficient. How long a delay is yet to be determined so you may get your system installed before me. Good luck!

rainbowchildren... | October 17, 2017

i have had 2 powerwalls now for 4 months and my advise is be very specific in asking how the powerwall will work with your current system. Get it in writing!
No one seems to know what is going on and they keep changing the story on how these things work on different modes.
If i could turn back time i would have never gotten these things

FloridaDave | October 21, 2017

Here's the timeline for my install. Accepted initial proposal on 9/3. 9/10 Hurricane Irma hits and no power for a week. 9/16 asked to add a 2nd power wall to order. 9/27 designs updated and approved. 10/6 permit approved. 10/21 install date set for 12/27. In the email saying first available install is dec due to powerwalls being sent to Puerto Rico.

KenRogers2 | October 23, 2017

FloridaDave, where in Florida do you live? I'm in the Miami area and haven't been able to find a certified installer.

FloridaDave | October 24, 2017

Pinellas Co. Getting solar and powerwalls thru solar city. I would go down to your local Tesla store and ask about getting just powerwalls thru Tesla.

nwfan | October 26, 2017

@Simply Red, have left SC and went with local installer. SC had confirmed numerous times that install would occur in Oct, Last update 12/27.

Getting Enphase IQ6+ microinverters, 360 w 72 cell panels. 2018 I'll have SC install 2 powerwalls in 2018.

Bluesday Afternoon | October 26, 2017


I still haven’t received a new install but I did finish the garage NEMA 14-50 Installation today. I dropped in to my local Tesla Store and spoke directly with my SC rep and I “should” hear about the install date by Monday, October 30. At least my SGIP application is already being processed.

Good luck on your solar project. I’ll continue to update this thread.

FloridaDave | October 29, 2017

I am now confirmed for Dec 27th install date for complete system. 8.4kw solar and 2 powerwall 2's. Mow to just get my Model 3 confirmation... We will see on that. I'm only number 350,000ish in line.

nwfan | October 30, 2017

Good luck FloridaDave. That's the date SC gave me. Off on vacation and not available for those dates.
Had to find another installer and battery solution. Any problems with getting interconnection agreement?
FPL owner doesn't appear to like solar. Makes no sense, Sunshine State....

M3 looks like a great car. I have a Model S75D that was just upgraded to P75D for free. The Tesla Way....

reggiedevers | October 30, 2017

Simply Red, When did you put in your initial PW2 order? From the original order, how long did it take for you to receive a completed design?

FloridaDave | October 31, 2017


I filled out and signed the interconnect agreement with Duke Energy at the beginning when I approved the design and started the loan process/ permitting. It looks like currently it will be about 4-5 weeks after the Dec 27th install before I get permission to operate from Duke.

nwfan | November 14, 2017

Today completed solar install. Sorry not with SC / Tesla.
Used 360 watt panels and Enphase IQ6+ microinverters,
City inspection is Wednesday. Expect PTO by next Monday,
Fingers crossed. Panels are up on 4 roof planes. None facing
north. Hoping for 8 kw output on a 10.8 kw system.
Shading issues thanks to community trees that I can't trim.
16 kw smart battery.

Moradbenayed | November 14, 2017

I have ordered solar panels and 2 batteries from Tesla on Sep 30, unfortunately, I had the most horrific experience ever. It has been 6 weeks, and still no designs. First, Tesla told me that the surveyor did a bad job and had to redo it, then for 6 times, I got bad jobs from designers, and after 4 iterations, I still have nothing. The designers are sooooo bad that even my 10 years old daughter could have done a better job: 1st rendering had wrong number of panels, i.e. 6 instead of 9 - 2nd rendering had no panels at all - 3rd rendering had panels that are not centered - 4th rendering had panels layed out vertically instead of horizontall. It has been 10 days that I am waiting for 5th iteration and still nothing. Sales are not responding. Customer support takes 48 hours to respond. Escalations to CS manager on 2 occasions result in promises of "manager will call you back later today" but I get no calls. PLEASE HELP!!!!! By the way, Tesla is also now pulling back from commitment to deliver batteries by end of year as promised when contract was signed. Now they are saying "best effort", however, given they track record of operational incompetence, I can only think that they will not deliver. I have given them a deadline to commit or let me purchase my batteries from another supplier, but PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME HANGING IN THE AIR BECAUSE OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE!!! Fix your problems Tesla!!! My account is moradbenayed @ gmail . com / dorraf @ yahoo . fr. My poor sales lady who seems frustrated by powerless is Erikka. The personal concierge who takes 48 hours to respond is Taylor Gurney. The CS manager who does not call back is Allen Compton. PLEASE FIX YOUR ISSUES. I have an order for a Tesla car, and I am really concerned about quality, service and ability to deliver.

Tesla-David | November 14, 2017

Where do you live? Unacceptable to have your solar design screwed up as you summarized. I had solar installed five years ago, and never had any design issues, and have been exceptionally happy with my solar experience and vendor (non-Tesla). I am waiting to get 2-Powerwall-2 backup batteries installed. Tesla-Energy is backed up due to resources being diverted to Puerto Rico, to assist in their electrical grid recovery. They told me that nothing much will be done until after January 2018 due to that effort. I am also a five year Tesla MS owner, and have M3 in que. I have been very pleased with the quality of my two MS's, and confident that the M3 will also be an exceptional car.

nwfan | November 15, 2017

Moradbenayed, had a bad experience with Tesla Energy when I started my solar project.
At the last minute was force to switch over to another company when TE dropped the ball.

Tesla-David hurricanes and moving resources collapsed my install. US Govt does not give me a break
on taxes this year due to my solar project being delayed until 2018. Had to go different direction after my install was moved to 2018. Started the process in late Aug 2017.

Very happy with my new set up (non Tesla). Went with micro inverters, sonnen battery and 360w panels.
I'm also a Tesla MS owner.

Bluesday Afternoon | November 28, 2017

It's been an adventure. I have a scheduled panel upgrade for this Friday (12/1/17) so hopefully my solar system and two PW 2's follow closely behind. I dropped by my local Tesla Store and they confirmed the PW delay was due to the efforts made in Puerto Rico. I just wish Tesla Energy had reached out weeks ago to let us know the reason for the delay.

The way it looks, I'll probably have my Model 3 (projected delivery, December 20th) before the solar project is completed. Should be a hectic, but exciting, time before Christmas.

Tesla-David | November 29, 2017

@Simply Red, I had a long talk with Tesla-Energy earlier this month, and expressed my dismay at their not reaching out to customers on why we are experiencing severe delays. Their communication is horrible and needs to improve.

Excited to hear about your pending M3 delivery. Let us know how it turns out. I am very excited about the M3 and am very much looking forward to our M3 delivery, which is unknown.

frankie_l_2004 | December 7, 2017

i live in puerto rico after the hurricane maria i went to a local dealer and got one pw2 and 12 panels and was install
in 4 days after the purchase.this was done whit out the design or permit we still have thousands of people whit out power if not million?.

FloridaDave | December 26, 2017

The wait is finally over for me.!!! Installers will be here at 7am tomorrow Dec 27th to install 2 powerwalls and solar! I am going to take a time lapse of the whole view from the backside of the house and take video of the other parts. I will edit ti soon and try my first youtube post.

GD73 | January 4, 2018

FloridaDave and Simply Red, thanks for the info. Any updates for us??

Bluesday Afternoon | January 4, 2018

I'm still waiting for an installation date for both solar and PW's. I just got back from a short vacation and will "once again" reach out to my rep to ask for a date. One bit of good news, I picked up my Model 3 on 12/30/17. Sadly it will need to have the front passenger door repainted due to scratches while waiting to be delivered. Minor problem when you see wha'st happening to the eastern USA.

FloridaDave | January 7, 2018

Everything has been installed!!! The only last minute change was that Tesla sent out the bigger 325w panels not the 300w ones that were quoted in the design. So we had to wait about a hour before they got the new design that used 2 less panels than what was on the original design. 27 vs 29 panels putting out about 8.775kW. The system is now designed to produce 102% offset of my expected usage. By 12:30 they had all the panels mounted on the roof. They then had to leave to do a emergency install because the person was leaving to go on vacation and returned the next morning to install the inverter and run all the lines to it. The electricians got there as the panel guys were leaving. They put in the gateway and wired it into the main panel and mounted the 2 powerwalls. They returned the next morning to finish the electrical after the inverter was installed. Once everything was installed, we started up the system. Everything worked perfectly. One of the tests we performed was to simulate a power outage by throwing the main breaker. The powerwalls kicked right in and we could see it perfectly thru the Tesla app. After testing we had to turn off the whole system because it has to be inspected by the city and utility. I can't wait to officially turn it on and start getting numbers.

Bluesday Afternoon | January 12, 2018

Finally, I have an installation date(s). April 2-3 is my scheduled install dates for solar and two PW 2's. It's been a long time coming but just glad it wasn't scheduled for April 1st! ;-)

Bluesday Afternoon | April 3, 2018

Finally have Tesla Solar and two PW 2’s installed. Complete system installed in less than six hours and everything works great. Cleared city (Huntington Beach, CA) inspection and now waiting for SCE approval and official power up. Just unplugged Model 3 from garage outlet and solar provided about 6 kW and batteries around 2.6 kW. Didn’t need any Grid support to charge the car.

mrbarnes | April 4, 2018

@Bluesday Afternoon - just found this thread and have read through your journey...congratulations on finally getting it installed and for sharing all your experiences.

@FloridaDave - ditto for sharing your story as well.

For both of you - any photos or YouTube videos of the process/install/finished product?

I'm in NJ and have wanted to get panels + 2 PowerWall 2's. We just had several weeks of heavy snowfall (even on April 2nd - 7 inches!!) and I wonder how that would work out. Forgive a silly question, but is there a low-grade heater available that could operate on/from the panel to keep snow/ice from accumulating for us North Easterners?

Again - congratulations and enjoy the power from the sun!

sashton | April 4, 2018

You could stick self regulating pipe heating tape to the back of the panels (the type use to protect pipes from freezing) but I doubt it would be very effective considering the area of most PV arrays.
I just use a squeegee on a long aluminium pole which also helps clean the bird crap off in the summer :)

Tesla-David | April 4, 2018

@Bluesday Afternoon, congratulations on getting your PW2 installation. I got my site inspection last month, but they are telling me no qualified installers in Washington State, so no realistic timeline for completion, and no plan submitted. Three year wait is getting very tiresome.

Mike83 | April 4, 2018

@Tesla-David that is our problem also. No one qualified for installation. But I heard that Tesla PV tiles are are being installed. Tesla Energy is just getting started. I am grateful I've had Solar for over 5 years already but want to add on with the PW2.

Tesla-David | April 5, 2018

@Mike83, likewise with us, we are 5+ years into solar and couldn't be happier. There is a huge potential for backup battery storage in the NW, and keep telling them to pay attention and get some installers up here. I had an electrician out to work on my HPWC last month, tell me they had actually done a PW2 installation in Washington State, but passing that information along to Tesla-Energy did not seem to help me move our installation along. I have requested feedback from management, as I am through talking to their representative who can't give me any firm positive response. They keep telling me they are prioritizing my installation, but time elapses with no action.

dstjohn | April 9, 2018

Great thread, thanks all for sharing. I have 9kW DC solar since 2004, self installed. I reserved a powerwall almost 3 weeks ago but no response from Tesla yet. So I contacted an independent installer today for a quote. I hope this only takes a couple of months.