Battery charging below 30% or more than 70%

Battery charging below 30% or more than 70%

I always keep my 2017 MS75 charged between 30-70%. Based on the info I read, it looks like its the best range for battery life. Should I let it go sometimes under 30% or charge it more than 70% to help with the battery cell balancing thing? Not really sure what that is but I read that if the battery/cell is imbalanced, it affects battery lifetime? Any inputs appreciated.

Silver2K | October 15, 2017

balancing is usually performed after loss of range and the owner would go through the process to try and recovery lost range from what I've read. I'm not sure if there is another purpose to balancing

I wouldn't be concerned until you cross that bridge.

Bighorn | October 15, 2017

It doesn't affect battery lifetime, just the accuracy of the battery's state. Probably doesn't matter and presumably you'll take a trip one day and give it a little exercise.

JAD | October 15, 2017

The batteries are proving to be amazing. Quit worrying about it, just drive and enjoy without long periods below 10 or above 90 and you should be good.

Tropopause | October 15, 2017

Agree with the others. If you're living within that narrow 40% bracket and it serves you well, don't worry about it. Otherwise, use it if you need it.

mailrahul.p | October 15, 2017

How is balancing performed? Just discharge/charge below/above prescribed range or something done by the service centre?

p.c.mcavoy | October 16, 2017

@mailrahul.p - Balancing as most reference it is a process of running the battery down low, under 10%, then charging the battery back to 100% letting it charge until it shuts off on it's own. Some will suggest doing this a couple of cycles in a row. For many the most convenient time to do this is as a part of a trip, although recognize that charging to 100% even at a supercharger can effectively add upwards of an hour to the charging time you would need to otherwise do.

If you search forum posts on this topic, you can find varied views as to the actual benefits. Some have reported getting rated miles back while others see no influence. Others contend that there really is no recovery of actual range in the battery pack but more just a recalibration of the estimation algorithm. If you do choose to do a rebalancing exercise, just remember that leaving the battery fully charged or in a highly discharged <10% state is stressful on the battery and you risk doing more long term harm than good.

Personally I've come to the perspective of quit trying to figure out the ideal charging strategy. I've set my daily charging limit to 80% charging nightly. On trips, I normally up my charge to 90% before I leave, then charge at superchargers as needed to complete my trip in a generally time efficient manner. Beyond that, quit worrying and enjoy driving.

Enjoy your car.

Boonedocks | October 16, 2017

+1 Jan. Charge to 90% everyday and you will be great and always have a little extra than your daily commute. Had a S85D with 57k Miles charging to 90% daily and had only lost 2 rated miles when sold

minervo.florida | October 16, 2017

Not worth fooling with re balancing IMO.

minervo.florida | October 16, 2017

Not worth fooling with re balancing IMO.

jordanrichard | October 16, 2017

Try not to go below 10% and don't let it sit for a long above 90%. As others have stated, just drive the car. To have an accurate RM displayed, one needs to "exercise" the battery. By exercise I mean run her low and then charge her up to 90%.

Rocky_H | October 16, 2017

@mailrahul.p, As with just about everything, @Bighorn is right. It's sort of a case of "pick your poison". What you are doing is best for the health of the battery, but it will cause the reading of the capacity to become somewhat inaccurate. If you sometimes use the extremes of the battery to "exercise" it a little bit more, the reading will be more accurate, but that's the things that put a little more stress on the cells.

benji | October 29, 2019


So my vehicle has been in the body shop shop for over 8 weeks and I am struggling with the body shop to keep the vehicle charged over 30%- It has been as low as 12% and I am concenred this will damage the battery down the road, thoughts?

Renzo | October 29, 2019

I would document the state of the battery... take screen shots of your app that shows battery state and date on the screen so you can prove it was during days that the car was at the Tesla Service Center in case you need to show proof that your battery was not cared for while in their care.

Bighorn | October 29, 2019

Wouldn’t worry about 12% too much. A friendly reminder will serve you well here.