Referral code

Referral code

Hi all,

First post here. I'm planning on getting an MX. I would like to take advantage of the referral code. Would anyone like to provide their referral code?

ChrisP1110 | October 19, 2017

My Model S hasn't started production yet but they did assign me a referral code. I assume it's valid if you want to use it.

C02Free | October 19, 2017

Since it was asked for...

Just got my Model S last month and have been wanting that Radio flyer for my future son who's due this December!

C02Free | October 19, 2017


Make sure to definitely read through the plethora of posts to acquaint yourself with everything Tesla. It helps pass the time once you've put your order in and every day seems longer and longer without it in your possession.

Congrats on your future purchase!

ran604 | October 19, 2017

Congrats on the future purchase!
We just ordered a Obsidian Black 75D :)
Surprisingly the hardest decision for us was the colour. We went in there knowing we want the Obsidian then we saw the Midnight Silver in the showroom and needed another week to decide. Went with our original feeling in the end.

If you need any help with the build feel free to contact me, I've been reading and watching videos about the MX everyday for the past few months and will do my best to answer any questions you may have.
Here's my referral code if you'd like to use mine:

lilbean | October 20, 2017

Douchebag list

somone_named_mike | October 20, 2017

Thanks guys! I’ll try them in the order posted.

I’ve been reading through this forum and watching videos everyday!!! Can’t wait to get the MX.

My trouble right now is deciding whether or not to get the 22” rims. Looks so good, but reduces the range. Also, thinking about getting the white interior with 6 seats.

Question for all. Was the loan calculator pretty accurate with the actual purchase of your Tesla?

reed_lewis | October 20, 2017

The 22" rims also most likely have summer tires. If you live in an area with snow, etc. You will need to get winter tires also.

somone_named_mike | October 21, 2017

Hey guys! We ordered the MX!

I started with ChrisP1110 first, but when the Tesla advisor had an issue applying it so it didn’t work :(

Ended up with the stock rims so that we don’t lose out in the range. I test drove the P100D with the 22” and it was pretty smooth.

Now I have an issue and have 3 days to decide. I chose the white seats with carbon fiber but now I’m thinking about getting black seats with carbon fiber and upgrading to the 22” rims. Decisions decisions!

I can’t wait!!! The auto drive, summon, and self parking is amazing!

mcdonsco | October 22, 2017

Please, use mine!

SCCRENDO | October 22, 2017



Goose | October 23, 2017


Schlotzky | October 24, 2017

... or use this one:

SCCRENDO | October 24, 2017

Anyone eaten at Schlotzky douchebag??

lilbean | October 24, 2017

Yes, they have the worst sandwiches there.

viper4ko | October 25, 2017
SCCRENDO | October 25, 2017

@lilbean. Looks like the douchebags are hovering

lilbean | October 26, 2017

@SCCRENDO, Yep. It never fails when the referral program gets pushed on the app and now the message appears when you log in.

SCCRENDO | October 26, 2017

@lilbean. Just got my first from a friend I advised on a 75D with 348 miles. Another friend in Canada picked my brain for a few days but used the code of some​one he knew from Canada. Even my neighbor failed to use my code. Perhaps I also need to go Douchebag, Looking forward to the mini Tesla for my granddaughter.

lilbean | October 26, 2017

@SCCRENDO, Bummer! Good job though. Maybe a phone call to Tesla wouldn't hurt. Your granddaughter will love the car! My boys love their cars. I got gray and red.

mona.abousayed | October 26, 2017

So the $1000 off expires Oct 31 - if anyone else is looking for a code here's mine. I just ordered it!

lilbean | October 26, 2017

Wow, another female douche!

msflana | October 26, 2017

I just bought a Blue 75D from inventory. It will be shipped free from Calif to Atlanta. I bought it just under the deadline of noon eastern time today when the Tesla inventory will be shutoff to the public. Tesla needs to keep some cars in inventory for test drives and marketing events. I used referral mona350 and got $1000 off and lifetime super charging. Thank you all for your info.

msflana | October 26, 2017

Let me clarify my last thread above. "Tesla NEW inventory will be shutoff to the public".

gj | October 27, 2017

if anyone needs a referral code....

SCCRENDO | October 27, 2017
acegreat1 | October 27, 2017

Anyone thinking of buying a tesla model s or x and who lives in ny and who wants a test drive, ask questions, supercharge, destination charge, etc. in my model S email me acegreat1 at y a h o o

iTesla | October 30, 2017

I thought the link would go here..

SCCRENDO | October 30, 2017

@iTesla. LOL. We all have our links to pimp I guess.

butchf16 | October 30, 2017

I have a referral code. How do i enter it into my order?

Rocky_H | October 30, 2017

@butchf16, Have you noticed how the referral links are all in the format of a web browser link? There's a clue there.

SCCRENDO | October 31, 2017

Rocky is correct. But i need to be honest. The one I posted wont work

kiembbui | November 3, 2017

I’m willing to give my reward of mini Tesla or Black hpwc if someone orders using my referral code. Email me at if interested? Thanks

SCCRENDO | November 3, 2017

@Kiembbui. It ended Oct 31

kiembbui | November 3, 2017

@sccrendo. The $1000 credit ended on Oct 31 but free supercharging is still available.

oliviablon | November 4, 2017


Silver2K | November 4, 2017

If any of you "douche" bag links get the wheels before me by just posting your links and not actually helping the person, im punching shit in the face!! Im busting my ass helping people and am 1 away from the wheels.

That's my thug response and it stands! :)

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@silver2K. +100

SCCRENDO | November 4, 2017

@silver. Would you be ok if anyone uses my link?

bigd | November 4, 2017

Silver “That's my thug response and it stands! :)“ you are such a bad a$$

NHKIM | November 4, 2017

My daughter needs a mini model S. ;)

Silver2K | November 4, 2017

That one is fine, SCC!

You know it bigd!

cdg0981 | November 5, 2017

You can use my code.

I recently adopted a 2 yr old that I fostered, everyone told me to get him a Tesla like mine. 1) there aren't any Model X radio flyers 2) if he were reunified with his birth parents what am I supposed to do with it? All the nieces and nephews already have a powerwheel.

Now the adoption is over & people are still asking... all those I know who can afford a tesla already has one. If you want to use my code please do. I can also try to answer any Qs you have about the model X.

SCCRENDO | November 5, 2017

@cdg0981. Many are more deserving than you including Silver. So go out and sell some Teslas instead of begging on these threads.

Silver2K | November 5, 2017

Including?..... why you....

gj | November 25, 2017

Still gor 3 Codes left

lilbean | November 25, 2017

@SSCRENDO A new douche has arrived.

SCCRENDO | November 25, 2017

@lilbean, Probably always been a douche-bag. They just became more public. Btw anybody here know how long it takes to receive the reward. My referral had her car delivered about 3 weeks ago and i have heard nothing.

lilbean | November 25, 2017

@SCCRENDO, Does the referral show on your My Tesla page?

SCCRENDO | November 25, 2017

The car was ordered Oct 22 and was delivered about 2 weeks later. My Tesla page shows delivered Oct 22.

lilbean | November 25, 2017

@SCCRENDO This thread shows who to contact: