New Power Generation On the Go?

New Power Generation On the Go?

Is it possible that it operates like a normal tesla (electric) but generates power while in motion? Even if not generating as much power as whats being used, you would still gain extra travel time. I dont know if this is already being worked on, or has been done, but I am just trying to give an idea. If the car used something similar to an alternator but a little bit different, to generate power as it's moving, it would generate some percentage of power back. (Submitted by kueves87 on May 12, 2013) Mentioned having another battery that the car switches to "so I'm proposing that the car be designed with an alternator type charging system and TWO batteries each capable of going say 75 miles on a full charge. While the car is on the road it only needs to use one battery for the first 75 miles, and when that first battery depletes, the car can automatically switch the the second battery while the alternator starts charging the first." I know its probably dangerous to have 1 battery that gets used and charged at the same time, so use 2. the batteries would charge by the motion of the car and generate more power by Speed.

StrikePower | October 28, 2017

It may be very close to an alternator, but instead of a belt to the engine, the back wheels consume power, and front wheels generate it using the same system. You could use an alternator too, but if you use both technologies, you may generate a significant amount of power.

harrye | October 29, 2017

Conservation of Energy - a good start for question(s).

kastnerd | November 7, 2017

Conservation of Energy, To charge a battery that large would be a powerful Alternator that would draw huge amounts of energy Draining the first battery much faster. And in the end you would have less power if you did not try this at all.

sashton | November 8, 2017

It is a shame that the first and second law of thermodynamics are so often ignored. Almost all the losses from these systems, primarily in the form of heat, inexorably reduce the stored energy. Putting this simply: there is no free lunch.