3rd row - what size of children can sit comfortably in ?

3rd row - what size of children can sit comfortably in ?

We have 5 kids ages 5-18. Ordered a 7-seat MX and plan to keep the car for 5+ years, but a bit concerned that our kids may quickly outgrowth MX 3rd row seats.

Do you have older kids (ages 10 and up) who can sit comfortably in MX 3d row, at least for medium trips (50-100 miles) ?

I (at 5'10) tried the 3rd row myself and found that it's great except the "foot" room. Can barely move my feet with size 10 sneakers. I wish that the 2nd row could be adjusted forward a couple of inches more and have more space under it so I could wiggle my feet. That would make the 3rd row great even for medium-size adults.

Solarman004 | October 29, 2017

My 12 year old has no problem in the back. The middle seats default to the full rear position. They can be moved forward a few inches using the seats' lower adjust switch. You can't adjust them forward using the upper arrow switches, or the screen switches. Unless you quickly stop the motion after a few inches, those switches are used to move the seat fully forward for 3rd row access.

burdogg | October 29, 2017

Lets make sure we are comparing apples to apples :)

khanhvn - Are you talking about a Brand NEW 7 seater - ie bench seats in the middle row?

I think Solarman004 is old 7 seater style with the monoposts.

These two 7 seaters are NOT the same boat :)

Do the NEW 7 seaters bench seats move forward anyone?

If it is just foot room - op have you looked at a used 7 seater with the monoposts - that should give more foot room.

khanhvn | October 29, 2017

Good point. I am asking about the new fold-flat 7 seat. Thanks.

Solarman004 | October 29, 2017

@burdogg, thanks for correcting. I did not read the original post carefully, and thought we were talking about a 6-seater which is what I have.
You are correct, my monopost seats are completely different than the new, manually sliding 7-seater middle row.

jaytabanh | October 30, 2017

We have the brand new 7 seater that folds flat. The second row can slide up about 1-2 inches. I am 6'1" and have a hard time fitting back there - especially trying to fit my feet down. I definitely can't sit on the 40 split side (passenger side). My wife is around 5"3' and have no issues fitting back there. My kids (4 and 6) loves it back there. I think kids that are under 5'8" should be fine back there with the seats moved up and no recline (the second row reclines too).