Model. X Christmas software not working

Model. X Christmas software not working

I was told two months ago that it will be upgraded because it is not working. I am still waiting. Anyone with the same problem on their XMAS software on model X?

Tropopause | November 6, 2017

My sister tried successfully with her new X a couple weeks ago. Very neat!

Vawlkus | November 7, 2017

I run that show all the time. There was a point where the mirrors stopped working because of a software glitch, but all is good post software v40.

Boonedocks | November 7, 2017

Had a loaner for a 3 day test drive (yes we ordered one to be delivered shortly to sit beside our S100D) and it would not work in our garage, which is very large, but did in the driveway. Apparently it wants A LOT of room to trigger.

joemar10 | November 7, 2017

As a new Model X owner, I've run that show about 10 times at cruise ins and for my friends. Now I'm beginning to wonder how much wear I'm putting on all the motors involved. It seems like one show would be weeks worth of normal use.

meta.000 | November 7, 2017

mine is not working as well, I took it to the Service Center and they said they could not find any fault so it was sent up to the engineers for details.

rdfbsmith | November 7, 2017

No issues here mine works great.

Redmiata98 | November 7, 2017

When trying to activate the app make sure you are on level ground and that there are no obstructions around your car for about 4 or 5 feet. It does not work if you are parked next to another vehicle even if there is sufficient room for you to open the wings. You have to have clearance more than the opening requirement.

mathwhiz | November 7, 2017

Jeez, now the service center has to troubleshoot Easter eggs?


elvnga | November 7, 2017

if this Easter egg is not working, could it mean there is something wrong with one of the sensors? I tried it once or twice and it never worked and forgot about it. Did not really have that time to move and make sure distance was a little further. But every once in a while the right FWD won't open even if there is nothing there. It has not been consistent enough to worry about.

But now Christmas is coming....

I will have to give it another try.

jcwlee1 | November 7, 2017

I also did not think mine was working. Press the key fob only once. Pressing it more than once stops it, and makes it seem like it's not working.

jamrdh | November 7, 2017

I put on the show this past Saturday night, worked fine.

rscheirer | December 17, 2017

Played it last night. Anyway to adjust volume it was very loud?

himx | December 17, 2017

Do you have to have Premium Upgrade Package for Xmas software to work?

packpike | December 17, 2017

Reach in through the driver's window and use the scroll wheel on the steering wheel to adjust the volume. Do it early in the show before the doors start opening.

misscara | December 24, 2017

Hey guys has anyone had it where only the music , sound is playing?

Our christmas easter egg stopped working yesterday :( It's christmas tomorrow and we were really looking forward to show our families for the first time.

Have tried rebooting the computers - no good :(

Teddy1 | December 24, 2017

Soft reboot by holding onto mini left and right control rolling wheels on steering at the same time until screen goes black and then goes back on.

todd | December 24, 2017

I have not tried before, but I got a software update last night (may or may not be related). When I try it I get a few notes (loud volume) of music then the headlights turn on and stay on (headlights solid on) and it just stays that way. Nothing else moves. I have tried a soft reboot. Anyone else had this issue?

miltonsmithdad | December 29, 2017

I had the same problem as elvnga. Just had a number of warrantee issues fixed. The sensor in my falcon wing was loose in its mounting bracket, when it separates it “sees” the metal body panel as an obstacle, causing the passenger door to only open a few inches and falcon wing not to deploy. It is sporadic you can see the object appear and disappear in the “doors” screen. This would certainly suppress Xmas based on the clearance requirements described above. Repaired free under warrantee.

mzero | January 3, 2018

Mine didn’t work either. Was testing to show off to a friend but our Sonic didn’t perform :(. Similarly to Todd’s, it played a few notes then stopped. Was on 50.2. Just updated to .3 yesterday and have not tried yet.

Pesla | January 5, 2018

Mine worked fine on the new year eve, but when I tried to show a friend and her kid today, the first time it played very sluggishly. I stopped it and tried again, and it wouldn't work after that. Tried a couple of times, with a soft reboot, still no luck :( it did just have the auto rain sending wiper upgrade installed, not sure if it has any link there...

miketdc | June 16, 2018

X Christmas show is not working on our new X at all.

bob | June 17, 2018

@miketdc - make sure you are parked on relatively level pavement with NO impediments that might be visible to the sensors. That includes bodies moving when attempting to start the show. Everyone needs to be still and standing 8 or 10 feet away from the vehicle. I've had the show fail when parked adjacent to a curb. Even though the curb was below the FWD swing.

Once you push the FOB the windows should roll down almost immediately. It then might pause for a few seconds before the music will start. | June 18, 2018

The app is VERY sensitive to its surroundings. I have had it refuse to operate when the only thing anywhere around was a small tree 10 feet away. I have had it stop working when a spectator decided to walk toward the car to a distance of about 8 feet.

info | September 20, 2018

I got my Model X in late June 2018. In the beginning the Christmas Easteregg worked properly also if there were trees in the near surrounding. But the problems startet in middle of August 2018. First only the half of the music played.
Later only the 4 windows opened and the first 3 tones appeared. When will this bug fixed?

packpike | September 20, 2018

@info - what software version are you on. There have been some that have killed it along the way.

LTR | September 20, 2018

I have noticed that if you stand by the side of the car (even fairly far away), it won't work.
Walk toward the front of the car...stand back some...and viola.
It works for me.

jimglas | September 20, 2018

Mine works fine
Version 2018.34.1

jjgunn | September 20, 2018

Yup mine works too. 2018.34.1

Got my MX June 29

You must be on a flat surface. Make sure your wheels are straight & nothing over head or around vehicle.

kierben | February 22, 2019

The problem with our Model X is that, when we push the key, the windows go down and that's it.
So the doors won't open.
Someone who nows what this could be?

luispilot | June 1, 2019

I just bought mine and tried in an open parking lot. No cars/obstructions 200ft+ or people within 15-20 ft. None of us moved a muscle... it goes right to about falcon doors fully open and the show stops. I guess IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM. So for 112k I watched it on youtube. Ha.

Ill worry about more important bugs in my software but that was cool anyway.

Triggerplz | June 1, 2019

@luis Was the ground level? The vehicle has to be on level ground

luispilot | June 1, 2019

@triggerplz Possible it might have 0.5-0.75% grade but it was pretty flat . I'm far more impressed that it can detect slope than I am concerned it can sing and dance . I'll try on a flatter place. Thank you!

Triggerplz | June 1, 2019

@luis One time I was on a slightly elevated surface and it stopped I moved to a flat surface and it worked perfectly, another time it stopped on me and it was because I had a bad sensor on one of the FWD’s and it was picking up that something was over head but it wasn’t, they replaced the sensor and it worked fine afterwards.. In person is much better than YouTube :-) Good Luck

jjgunn | June 1, 2019

Level ground -- wheels straight. Roll the windows down

mbp11 | June 3, 2019

I had this same problem and I made a service appointment. The staff at the service appointment pushed software to my model X, I drove home and installed it and the christmas show was back.

Vawlkus | June 4, 2019

Try setting your suspension to Standard or higher. I’ve found that can help