Time to honor Donald Trump

Time to honor Donald Trump

Donald Trump had a very successful election and made a fortune selling hats. In his honor I think is time for us to design new hats and if it becomes a hit perhaps to raise money from the sales and donate the proceeds to an environmental cause.

I have started wearing my MAGA hat (Manafort and Gates arrested).
Sabbia came up with 2 great suggestions.
1. PRAYER. Papadopoulos Rats Against Your Everyday Rats.
2. F**K. Flynn Undermines Conspiratorial Kushner.

I open the floor to the group for their great ideas.

Tropopause | November 25, 2017

China has ban the production of hats for Trump.

Tesla2018 | November 25, 2017

How about Tesla hats that have the logo and on the top part and. then underneath the logo or on the back have it say:
"Making America Wait Again"

Or a picture of a Roadster with Tesla 2020 on a plaid hat.

Teetoogrn | November 25, 2017

How about "r we winning yet?" '\_(**)_/'

Remnant | November 26, 2017

SaSoT1, I know you have no shame, though you deserve to be tarred and feathered for this most obscene and shameless piece of anti-American screed on these Fora.

SCCRENDO | November 26, 2017

@Remnant. I checked the constitution and couldn’t find the part that said only Trump can order hats. Are you tired of winning yet???

carlk | November 26, 2017

Anti-Trump is not anti-American. It could have meant anti presidential office but even that does apply now. Trump obviously wants to be the president of the small groups of supporters and not president of the country. He's pretty much saying fxxx you people who does not support me. Why we can't say fxxx you Trump too.

sabbia | November 26, 2017

And then there's Remnant

Regurgitating extreme moralist nattering authoritarian nativist tool.

Too limited of an audience. Not hat-worthy.

science-isbetter | November 26, 2017

Hatworthy. English speaking Italians have a great word: MAGARI. In one word, it expresses the desire for a wish to come true. MAGARI: Make America Great Again Resist Impeach.

For the closer to (America) home set:
Trump Repeated Untruthful Misstating Prevaricator

sabbia | November 26, 2017

Rem: Let's take just two examples of REAL anti-American:

1. Posting fake Facebook ads with fake identities coming from Russia aimed to support Trump's campaign.
2. Stealing both Democratic and Republican Party emails but only leaking Democratic party ones.
3. Attending a meeting with Russian lawyers to get "dirt" with fake cover story of "we were talking about adaptions."

I said two but couldn't help myself. BTW, there's more where this came from. Go ahead, call it fake news.

Teetoogrn | November 26, 2017

Sabbia, well said. Before anyone drops the preverbial, "but Hillary...", let's just consider the three examples mentioned above. Is that what we want from those who desire to lead? If it is... all I can say is - Geez, we really are a train wreck with enough inertia to make it to hell in a hand basket!

sabbia | November 27, 2017

Sorry: Point 3 above. adaption should be adoption.

And while I'm at it if Remnant still thinks SCC's comments are anti-American. Try this one.

4. Dmitry Rybolovlev paid Trump $95 for a Florida house. Rybolovlev is investor in Bank of Cyprus. So is Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

According to Remnant, SCCRENDO is anti-American.

Tesla2018 | November 27, 2017

Trump sold Rybolvlev that house about 10 yrs ago before Ross was even Commerce center. He would have sold it to anyone who was willing to buy it. Trump called up one of my friends who was doing a road rally house
tour and invited us all to come over and take a look at it.
The Russian guy tore it down and is putting up 3 houses that he plans on selling. I think Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern live a doors down.

Tesla2018 | November 27, 2017

Center should be Secretary. I wish this site would let you go back and fix spelling errors.

sabbia | November 27, 2017

Tesla 2018: Glad you bring it up. Gives us a chance to put light (the best disinfectant) on this transaction.

Rybolvlev (your spelling) bought Trump property for $13 million more than the most expensive Palm Beach mansion at that time. Maybe it was worth it.

Rybolovlev (or his official spokesman) has said at various times that the house was for a COMPANY investment. At various times they said the house was for a personal TRUST investment.

Trump bought the property for $41 million. Sold it for $95 million. Nice.

Sale was made when Deutsche Bank was trying to collect $50 million from a Trump debt.

Trump owned the property for four years, didn't improve it and doubled its worth by this sale to a Russian oligarch.. About 25% appreciation per year...and Rybolovlev bought it in 2008.

And Tesla2018 points out correctly that it was 10 years before Ross was Commerce Secretary. Yes, but not before Rybolovlev and Ross were investors in the Cyprus bank at the same time. Same bank Manafort used.

I know. All conjecture and circumstantial. Suspicious but nothing proven.

I'll just note that Manafort was indicted for, among other things, money laundering and hiding transactions in Cyprus. I know...all conjecture.

I know..nothing is proven. As of now, all are innocent.

But, Tesla2018. The reason I posted all this is because Remnant said that SCCRENDO was un-American for posting an opinion. That's why I called attention to three, then four, things that are more likely un-American. Being born in South Africa is not one of them.

But, I will gladly keep posting other un-American activities (if you would like me to) suspiciously linked to the people that Remnant (and you?) support until I find an un-American post by SCCRENDO.

compchat | November 28, 2017

Screendope is an idiot, obviously. He's a guy who is frustrated and redirects his self-hatred towards our President. Why not direct some vitreol towards North Korea who is commencing to start WW III. Tell Mr. Trump what you would do with North Korea ??

Obviously the majority of Americans (as measured by the electoral college) voted for Trump So you Trump haters are in the minority probably because you are Democrats who supported Hiliary Clinton (and lost). Just move on already. Obama had his chance and blew it (badly).. | November 29, 2017

Don't hate Trump. But don't want him to be president. It is his lack of character that troubles me. He is a demonstrated liar, a womanizer, a shirker, a coward, a racist, a tax evader, and an ignorant man in expensive suits.

I worry about uninformed decisions being made in his self interest and not the country's. I fear that he will be brought down by his actions and those of his cronies and relatives. Putin will be delighted because his objective of creating chaos in the US will have succeeded.

Hilary blew it not Obama. First African-American president and got re-elected--amazing achievement in this country.

sabbia | November 29, 2017

Compchat: Self-governance depends on an ability to deal with reality.

Your "majority" comment does not instill confidence.

SCCRENDO | November 29, 2017

@georgehawley. Well put George.
@Compchat. I guess many of us are frustrated at Trump. It's like flying on an airline knowing your pilot is drunk. But i don't hate him. Although I doubt I would want to socialize and have a beer with him because I believe him to be a racist, a misogynist and a bigot.
As to the only logical question that came out of your rant. What to do about North Korea? We essentially have 2 options. Negotiate or fight or a combination of both. We may be forced to go to war and will certainly be able to annihilate North Korea. However there will be a heavy price to pay by South Korea, Japan, others and indeed us.I believe negotiations would be the way to go even though it has been only partially successful in the past. Applying stricter sanctions has been promising and there is likely behind the scenes negotiations going on with China and even North Korea. Tillerson is weakened by having not filled many of his State Dept positions and the comments by Trump trashing negotiations are unhelpful. Trump's name calling with Kim is childish and certainly does not help. If anything taunting Kim may trigger more reactions ans lead us to war quicker. His reaction to the latest missile has at least been calmer. | November 29, 2017

War with North Korea is unthinkable. The only alternative is to get every other country to help squeeze them into mass starvation. Slow and awful but I don't see any other way. The end result has to be no nukes and no delivery systems.

Frank99 | November 29, 2017

>>>What to do about North Korea?

I don't think we have any options; I think they have successfully entered the Nuclear Club, and there's not a damned thing we can do about it without killing millions of people. We didn't go to war when the USSR joined the club; we didn't go to war when the PRC joined the club; why do we think we need to go to war now? The best we can do is tone down the rhetoric with NK, establish relations, and work to get them to renounce their nuclear ambitions - as South Africa did.

SCCRENDO | November 29, 2017

@Frank. Gadaffi renounced his nuclear ambitions and look what happened to him. We may have to accept a nuclear North Korea and try contain them like we did with The USSR and China. But the strategy is not to name call and taunt him. Despite what all the Trumpists claim, the Iranian deal was quite successful. It would be great if we could emulate that deal. Trump has lost all credibility with North Korea. Also I believe he is trying to bully China rather than negotiate with them and China is key to containing North Korea. I would like to be optimistic and hope calm prevails with North Korea but I fear Trump is imploding. His series of Anti-Muslim tweets and returning to Obama's birth history suggest some mental instability aka the drunk pilot flying the plane. That the Mueller investigation is moving closer and closer is probably triggering some further instability.

Shesmyne2 | November 29, 2017

These are scary times to me.

God Bless America

Still Grinning ;-)

Captain_Zap | November 30, 2017

Make America American Again

You are right. This is scarier than the Cuban Missile Crisis and it is looking like the situation is getting worse at an alarming rate.

Tesla2018 | November 30, 2017

More Americans died in the few years we were in Vietnam than were killed in the Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, Iraq Iran conflict that has been going on since 9/11.
We dont even have a draft anymore so I dont see why people are freaking out. Mainly North and South Koreans will be killed not Americans. Only problems we will have is getting parts for Kias.
I dont want to see people die but we did a blockade on Japan trying to starve them but once we nuked them they surrendered and it saved a lot of lives. They were expendable as civilians as bad as thst seems but they would have died anyway. War sucks. Wish leaders that declare it have to die after its over as a penalty or have their kids line up and shoot each other but Kim wouldnt care since he already killed his family members.
China doesnt want all the refugees or American influence. We should tell them that we will give them No Korea if they stop building bases in the So China Sea and tell Japan to accept the South Korean people that want to move there since they are probably more in danger of being hit by an erroneous missile launch by Little Kim than we are.

SUN 2 DRV | November 30, 2017

I don't hate Trump, he's free to be whatever kind of person he wants to be.

But I DO despise the Trump supporters and US Voters who decided that he was their kind of president and gave that incompetent imbecile such a high level platform to display his bad behavior and the irrational control of so much power.

Trump is the epitome of the ugly American stereotype.

Captain_Zap | November 30, 2017

Why are people so confident that these missiles will not be landing on US soil? It is just rocket science.

MitchP85D | November 30, 2017

Dow 24,000!!! Let the good times roll!!!!

skymaster | November 30, 2017

I love both Trump and Elon! Sorry Liberals of the world, I believe Fox and not CNN.

Tesla2018 | November 30, 2017

Winning Hugely. My pipeline stock TEP was up almost 5% today and is paying a 9 % dividend. Ca-Ching
Need Tesla to start delivering cars so I can sell my gas stocks before they start dropping and buy more TSLA and some Geelly(owns Volvo) once they realize electric cars.are here to stay.

SCCRENDO | November 30, 2017

New hat idea.
Judicial Obstruction Charge Kicking in Soon (JOCKS)

SCCRENDO | December 1, 2017

Just in.
FICL (Flynn Is Charged Lying)

Captain_Zap | December 1, 2017

Can you say bubble?

TabascoGuy | December 1, 2017

@SUN 2 DRV Your words, my thoughts exactly. Very well said!

dan.dantin | December 1, 2017

Such a Bozo post......Here for Tesla not Political cry babies.

sabbia | December 1, 2017

Trouble Revealed Under Mike's Plea

sabbia | December 1, 2017

Dan. Read the first sentence about posting on this topic.

"Tesla’s forum provides an online meeting space for owners and enthusiasts to exchange ideas that are entertaining, helpful and useful. "

Try to be entertained.

SCCRENDO | December 1, 2017

@Captain_Zap. Those who are convinced that rockets won’t land on US soil are the same climate science deniers who don’t understand science.