Tesla Model 3 Center Cap for Standard Wheel

Tesla Model 3 Center Cap for Standard Wheel

Hi everyone,

I got the standard wheel with the aero cover. I usually remove them out during daily commute. However, I can not find the center caps for the hole anywhere else. Some said the Tesla Model S center caps will fit. Anyone has any idea where I can buy those center caps ? Thanks

noleaf4me | December 5, 2017

Is the Model 3 and Model S tire bolt pattern the same? Anyone know yet?

ReD eXiLe ms us | December 5, 2017

They do NOT have the same bolt pattern. The Model 3 has a smaller one. Wheels cannot be swapped between them. The cap for the center hub area is apparently the same size.

sabentz | December 5, 2017

Service center can order them, just contact them

Xerogas | December 5, 2017

Is anyone else surprised by the nonchalance of this post? 'Hey everyone, I just took delivery of THE MOST ANTICIPATED CAR IN A CENTURY, and I'm curious about this one small visual detail -- care to help me with some advice while ignoring the elephant in the room?"

Details! We want details! Do you love it? When did you get it? Are you a Tesla employee?

noleaf4me | December 6, 2017

@Xerogas - I asked that right away but my post was removed.

but yes @linhnguyen - how did you get your Model 3? Do you work for Tesla?

andy.connor.e | December 6, 2017

You're all assuming he took delivery. Did he indicate he took delivery? Maybe hes inquiring about something that he is foreshadowing.

jordanrichard | December 6, 2017

Andy, he is phrasing things in the past tense. "....I usually remove them during the daily commute....."

andy.connor.e | December 6, 2017

Maybe he is referring to what he usually does on the car hes currently driving.

Lets have @linhnguyen answer this.

Yo @linhnguyen, have you taken delivery of your Model 3 yet?

jordanrichard | December 6, 2017

andy, ya, after I wrote the above post, I thought about that too.

So yes, what say ye linhnguyen......

TabascoGuy | December 6, 2017

Play extended cut Jeopardy theme here...

Pilotworks | January 7, 2018

Dark grey wheel caps and black lug covers direct from Tesla parts department.

https://imgur. com/a/BhoUI

Best $30 and change (including installation) I ever spent to improve the looks of a car!!

dsvick | January 7, 2018

@Pilotworks, Did you get them right at the delivery center or have to order them online?

Pilotworks | January 7, 2018

@dsvick, Saturday morning visit to the Agoura Hills service center. They pulled them from stock and installed them within about 30 minutes from my arrival. Great first experience with service and the guys there!

daverileyak | January 7, 2018

Congratulations and thanks, Pilotworks. Good picture. I will do the same. In fact, will call the Nashville service center tomorrow and ask them to check stock to make sure they can have some there for when the car gets there in a few weeks.

I retired from 4 or 5 pilot careers myself; you still "working"?

Pilotworks | January 7, 2018

@daverileyak, The only real aviating I've done is for sport, in an LS3 sailplane. Having driven the Model 3 for a week now, it feels similar to the transition from flying a small SEL aircraft to flying a high performance glider.
As for "working", yes,doing lots of it. Pilotworks is name of my industrial design and product development studio.

Congrats on your career and ETA for your Model 3!

odub | January 7, 2018

Definetly look better without the aero covers however for road trips are when you want better aerodynamics, are you able to put the aero covers back on without removing the center cap and lug covers or do these need to be removed?

Brian B | January 7, 2018

@daverileyak Were you in Nashville when you ordered? I'm a non-owner and I'll likely have to pickup mine from either Nashville or Atlanta (Dec-Feb; reserved in person on the 31st in Jacksonville, but now living in Huntsville, AL).

Do you have a delivery date? I won't bother you while you are there, i just want to look at the different colors they are delivering that day, so i can make a final decision on color. i figure they will deliver a bunch that day and it would be the best time to take a look at some in person.

Robocheme | January 7, 2018

odub, no, you have to remove the center caps before you can put the aero covers back on. You can leave the lug nut covers on. I drilled small holes in the center caps so that I could remove them with a pick. Very easy that way and a lot easier than removing the wheel itself (to punch out the covers from the inside).

I believe others have said that they can remove the caps without drilling any holes, but they didn't explain how.

dyefrog | January 7, 2018

Saw a youtube video of a guy using a balled up wad of duct tape, sticky side against center cap and pulled it off that way. Also, if any owners would be so kind to measure the ID of the cap as i'm planning to make them with my 3d printer with different color logo insert. TIA

noleaf4me | January 7, 2018

@dyefrog - awesome Idea - we have a 3D printer and doing some custom stuff would be so cool! Now all I need is my Model 3.....

daverileyak | January 7, 2018

Brian B, no, I wasn't in BNA to place the pre-order. I live primarily in Alaska, have a few places in the lower 48, and travel outside the US a lot. Flew to LAX 3/30/16 and ordered early 3/31 in Santa Monica. Considered having the 3 sent to Portland, OR; or Orlando (where I had my CPO S 85 sent for delivery); or BNA which is halfway between my KY place and one of my MS places. All 3 of those delivery centers understand my AK sales tax situation and any of them would do fine, but I decided on Nashville.

I do not have a VIN or a delivery date. Configured 1/4/18 and the estimate given is 4 weeks. That's a one-size-fits-all guesstimate they are currently giving. Maybe between Feb 5th and 10th, maybe the next week, who knows? Too early to start planning. If I haven't sold the S 85 by then, a friend and I will drive it up the Trace, and he will drive the S back to Tupelo. We could swing by Huntsville and pick you up if you want to go to the delivery just for fun.

I put the S 85 on bham craigslist earlier today. It's the l-o-o-o-o-n-g listing with the heading Free Fuel for LIFE. (Buy my S, Brian, get your configuration invite, then sell the S. A number of folks on here profess to think that buying an S with one eye on the queue should be illegal or something, but I viewed it as a way to have a standard of comparison prior to buying any Models 3s. Anyway, we fighter pilots have two sayings, one of which is, "You tell me the rules, and I'll play the game.") daverileyak at gmail if you have any questions or . . . .

dyefrog | January 8, 2018

I have a couple of .STL files of some coasters specific to Models S, X and 3 and stuff I'd share if you want. Not sure how to PM here. I'd be happy to donate them to mntlvr23's next contest.

gregvsandt | January 8, 2018

Ok, First time to post. I got my red model 3 on Jan. 3rd. It's fast and just different. Just can't tell you how much I like the car. I am a current owner of a model S70 and ordered on the first day. I live close to the factory so I guess I just got lucky. So far I can find no things that stick out that are a problem. Car came with FM radio, auto wipers were added on the first or second day. Just getting everything set up and working through all things being on the center screen. Love the info on the wheels as I spent the $1500 for the 19's as I was unsure about putting a center cap on the 18's. LOVE THIS CAR

Sweetride | January 8, 2018

Here's a method for removing the center cap without drilling holes:

rtanov | January 8, 2018

I found out that a cell phone vacuum mount I had laying around works great to pull out a bimmer center cap, can't try it on a Tesla as I'm still waiting for mine .gl/3M84HQYTxt2i1bll2

dgstan | January 8, 2018

frog - if you can, post your designs up on thingiverse. I'd love to take a look at what you have.

dgstan | January 8, 2018

There's this, but I'm not sure it'll fit.

sgoodmanesq | January 9, 2018

Concerning the center caps, I called Tesla HQ and they said to call my local service center. I called my local service center and they said to contact Tesla HQ.

andy.connor.e | January 9, 2018


Thats when i call HQ back and tell them "dont make me come down there in person" and then explain how they are sending you in a circle.

billlake2000 | January 9, 2018

what if you glue a magnet to the inside and use a magnet to remove the cap?

kiKay | January 9, 2018

from TMC website Model 3 forum

Wheel Center Cap - Grey (6005879-01-A) - $5.00 each ($20.00 for a set of 4)
Lug Nut Cover - Black (1023838-00-A) - $0.39 each ($7.80 for a set of 20)

maybe call the tesla service center and verify the part #s if it will fit the model 3 18s

Tesla2018 | January 9, 2018

The lug socket size is 21 mm. I think the center bore hole on the wheel is 2.5 inches or 61 mms. I posted all the wheel dimensions and bolt patterns before but this stupid site doesnt have a search function and I cant remember where I got the info. I know its in a post about wheels put thats not much help.

Tesla2018 | January 9, 2018
edroot | January 9, 2018

Is that data from TSportline accurate. The car has been out since July and the price of the 19”s show speculated and we now know their $1500.

nwfan | January 10, 2018

@op, I have purchased from Tesla both the centercaps and lug covers.
The Dallas SC Asst Manager recently purchased a M3 with Aero wheels.
He removed the Aero and applied the Tesla Centercaps and lug covers listed above.
Both worked and are inexpensive. Call you local SC concierge who will order the items for
you. 4 - centercaps black 20, 20 lug cover black - 7.80 plus tax

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dyefrog | January 10, 2018

"frog - if you can, post your designs up on thingiverse. I'd love to take a look at what you have."

I've uploaded a few of the coasters. Working on the center caps now. My software isn't really designed for 3d modeling of widgets so scaling is posing a problem when I bring it into the .stl file and then the slicer.

Brian B | January 10, 2018

@daverileyak My wife's from just north of Tupelo. We might just make a weekend of it, but if she doesn't want to go and it's not during the week, I may have to take you up on the offer. Thanks.