Tesla pickup coming right after model Y

Tesla pickup coming right after model Y

Tropopause | December 27, 2017

I can only imagine the Tesla Truck that Elon is planning. When asked if the pickup would be comparable in size to Ford's F-150 line of trucks, Musk said it would have a "similar total size." He added that the Tesla truck may be slightly bigger, saying it he wants it to account "for a really game changing" feature.

When Elon says “game changing”, the pick-up industry will be on notice.

NoMoPetrol | December 27, 2017

Now if we can just get some Model 3 deliveries...

Tropopause | December 27, 2017

We are! Check the latest 3 thread. Non-employee deliveries are occurring quickly.

Ross1 | December 27, 2017

Let us brainstorm the pickup.

To think like a genius you have to be a genius: Ross1

What is this whopping great feature?
What features might we expect or wish for?

Madatgascar | December 27, 2017

Take advantage of the lack of an engine and create a center pass-through from the frunk to the bed, between driver and passenger seats, so you can haul 20’ long lumber.

carlk | December 27, 2017

Whatever the truck is going to like it will be another opportunity for Elon to excercise his first principle of engineering design.

I like it when it hits GM and Ford where it hurts. Let's see if GM can continue to brag that it could afford to lose money on Bolt because it can make so much profit in ICE pickups and SUV's

Bubba2000 | December 27, 2017

I am not sure if the BEV big truck makes sense at this time. Currently the F-150, F-250, etc are used as work trucks. Load tools, construction stuff, muddy terrain. Or to haul a boat, horse trailer. Drag through the swamp on a duck/goose shoot. Needs a lot of sustained power. Don't want to pay more than $30-50k. The Tesla truck must be some kind of suburbia truck to take the kids to school, soccer, etc.

Until prices of batteries fall and energy density goes up significantly.

jordanrichard | December 28, 2017

Yes, it makes perfect sense. The F150 has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for some 30+ years.

Madatgascar, excellent idea!!!

sosmerc | December 28, 2017

I'd like to see Tesla do an AWD heavy duty "platform" that you can then choose from several different body options to be installed on top of it such as: conventional pickup cab and bed, work van, rv van, passenger van, station wagon like Ford Flex, Suburban type body. Many many possible body fact it could be designed so that it goes out to aftermarket body builders that due commercial use vehicles as well as recreational conversions.
The Tesla powertrain and charging infrastructure is Tesla's forte.....let someone else due the bodies.

Ross1 | December 28, 2017

It will be a hatchback of course...:/

joemar10 | December 28, 2017

Madatgascar. Bollinger has rhe "lumber passthru" on their upcoming jeep-like electric ATV. In my opinion, it is genius.

tofazzal | December 28, 2017

Can i trade my toyota when i receive my model 3?

AstonZagato | December 29, 2017

How often do you haul 20’ Lumber? Why not hang it off the back of the bed?

That said, I’d like a proper Range Rover alternative. Something I can take off road when shooting, with my guns and dogs in the back.

carlk | December 29, 2017

You don't think people do that in a pickup in the US?

tstolz | December 29, 2017

Game changing feature ideas ...

- Sleeper
- Dump box
- Power-tool hub
- Optional / aftermarket options for beds/box/camper/ configurations
- Air suspension that not only levels the load but jacks the truck up by 12 or more inches


NoMoPetrol | December 29, 2017

Now if we can just get a steady supply of Model 3 deliveries...

And before @Tropopause responds again with "We are! Check the latest 3 thread. Non-employee deliveries are occurring quickly", I say:

Tell it to SimplyRed, rxlawdude, Tesla CA, jaythornton1 and whoever else is too depressed to post the news of their delayed deliveries.

Tropopause | December 29, 2017

Rxlawdude is driving his new Model 3 as we speak.

NKYTA | December 30, 2017

So is SamO. :-)

TrueConservative | December 31, 2017

@sosmerc Yes, van configurations would be great. Designed properly, a pickup platform could easily be converted a van with the addition of a different upper body segments.

Madatgascar | December 31, 2017

@joemar10, wow, look at that! Bollinger has exactly what I was picturing, only it looks permanent - I was thinking of a fold-down center seat arrangement.

@Aston, pipes and conduit and a lot of other construction items come in lengths too long for a standard pickup truck bed. Whatever you want to stick out the back of the bed, fine; but a pass-through would get you 8' longer. I would go for it.

SamO | December 31, 2017

Yup. Straight from delivery to San Diego. An absolute sensation. Even better than my 2013 Model S. (Shhhhh don’t tell Grey Deceiver)

ronmtec | January 1, 2018

How long until the Tesla Monster Truck? (model Mmm – so Elon will have Mmm S3XY)

What will be the car crushing efficiency versus ICE monster trucks?

Darryl | January 1, 2018

Will the pickup be built on the MS/MX frame, the M3 frame or something new?

rgrant | January 1, 2018

Vehicle manufacturing capacity is soon to become a bottleneck for Tesla if demand is sustained (which seems highly likely). I imagine the capital will become available once the success of M3 is realized.

Ross1 | January 2, 2018

Semi frame with 3 motors and 36" wheels.

carlgo2 | January 2, 2018

Hmmm, what would necessitate something bigger than the already big American pickups? Tandem wheels? Would make for a large load rating, allow four rear motors (up to six total!) and would stay a normal width.

A drag racing version would be pretty spectacular...