Need Help: Just put my deposit down for an X, now having second thoughts after seeing the Consumer Reports Article.

Need Help: Just put my deposit down for an X, now having second thoughts after seeing the Consumer Reports Article.

Hi Guys-

I put my deposit down for a model X about a month ago and a friend of mine who is an S owner just sent me this Consumer Reports article:

It rates the Model X as the NUMBER ONE MOST UNRELIABLE CAR.

What is the consensus here? Do I cancel or maybe try and change over to the S? I'm super bummed to find this out :-(..........

Any wisdom would be most appreciated....


Felix Amyot | December 30, 2017

I had an S85 before and switched to a X90D late September. After 10 000 km in 3 months and an uncountable number of Falcon wing doors opening and closing, including with kids, I could not be happier.
A friend of mine had 4 motorcycles, always raved about how much noise his cars and motorcycles made. He tried my X. Ordered one the week after, after trying a Porsche. Could not be happier.
The reliability issues they discuss in the this article relates to very early production models. If you ordered one this fall/winter, as long as it's not an early prod (vin lower than 15000) you will be ok. Also Tesla service centers are now much better equipped to deal with eventual issues than they were weeks after the initial X launch. Production has improved in terms of quality and service as well.

If you get a 100 battery pack, you've got the best battery on the market by a long shot. I'm very happy with my 90 and still see the vast difference with the 100 from my friend's, it's a giant leap in front. I would not recommend the 75 pack in a Model X (too small range for that big SUV).

Long story short, the X is a fantastic car. It's not perfect, but it's certainly not as bad as CR puts it and has evolved enormously over the months. Also think that, from CR's perspective, mentioning Tesla in an article is sure to bring visibility to the article, even more when it comes to say it's the worst car ever. They know it's going to generate huge amount of press and visits from very noisy few Model X owners and Tesla fans/pundits. It's not completely false of course, but Tesla has improved, and CR does not take that into account.

X is a fantastic car.

Felix Amyot | December 30, 2017

Hey just reread the article: this is NOT a consumer report article. This is a CheatSheet article, referencing to one Oct 2016 CR report (remember that the Model X initially went to market around that time).

So this link references to something 18 months old, on a 20 month old vehicle. How up to date and reliable is that?

They are definitely wanting some desperate attention to get you to read their article.

Get there to compare real data


markcohen | December 30, 2017

@mattford1, I am a fairly new (~6wk) model X owner. My other car is my 5th Lexus RX - currently the 2016 RXh. The RX was highly rated in CR so perhaps I can provide some perspective. First definitely go to the site that Felix highlighted. One interesting thing to note is that while reliability was called out as sub-par, owner satisfaction is best in class...think that one through for a moment.

First my compare on the two cars. My RXh was the best car (setting aside my love for my first car) that I've ever had. I loved driving it. The adaptive cruise control and safety features and heads up display made it a pleasure to drive on long trips. Its larger LCD display and additional features when compared to past years were also notable. Now I am spoiled. The X is more comfortable, more fun to drive, and after my first long trip last week I can say that it is WAY more relaxing and easier on you to drive on a long trip. There are 3 features that I miss - heads up display, blind spot detection, and birds eye view - but the other positives help you get over them.... and I am confident that at least some of the features will get addressed in the X with a FW update.

Taking on reliability and the delivery experience. I did have a "punch list" of things that needed to be addressed with a post pickup SC visit. A FWD that needed alignment, a missing tow package, frunk alignment. I was also pretty critical of how Tesla did (or rather didn't) keep me up to date with accurate info while I was waiting for my car. In retrospect, all of that was minor and easily addressed. Should Tesla do a better job? Absolutely - for the price we are paying expectations should be much higher. On the other hand thinking back, I have had similar problems with Lexus over my many purchases from them.

One other caution... there is great info on these forums - but a lot of the information is also skewed. It is where people who are unhappy with something go to look for solutions and vent their anger. As such I believe that you will get a skewed view of Tesla ownership. If you are waiting a long time (real or perceived) for your car as I was it definitely makes you wonder. I can't predict how your experience will be - or even how mine will continue to be - but at the moment, my advice would be hang in there and power though it. It will be worth it when you finally get your new X.

Wilber | December 30, 2017

The OP must be a troll or incredibly dumb. not worth our time.

Gregg2353 | December 30, 2017

I had the same reservations. I picked my car up, a 100D showroom car a couple weeks ago. I sold a Porsche Macan to buy it, which was by far, the nicest car I ever owned. I like the Tesla much better. It is faster, and does things no other car does. Mine has no issues, but some do. Keep in mind that the worst rated cars of today are so much better than the best cars from a few years ago. If something is wrong, Tesla will take care of. You could wait a few more years and they will be even more awesome, but I have waited 4 years and I believe most of the earlier problems have been fixed. If you want to drive the most advanced, state of the art car available today, you found it.

info | December 30, 2017

I have owned my MX90D for the last 9 months / 10955 miles driven. without a doubt, my MX is the best car I have ever driven / owned. I currently own many other makes and models totaling 12 vehicles. Go with your order, you won't be disappointed. The Tesla model X is rated the safest SUV on the road today. Fit and finish is above average. Service is Rolls Royce level. I have driven well over 3 million miles in my lifetime, sort of qualifies me to make these statements, no smoke being blown here, where the sun don't shine.

lilbean | December 30, 2017

Cancel. I love being the one with the most awesome car.

burdogg | December 30, 2017

Thanks for the laugh bean :) I agree! :)

Every so often, someone comes along to stoke the fire.

The best statement and the thing that is so counter intuitive - CR - can't recommend BUT has 2nd highest owners satisfaction (1st is Model S :)

SAY WHAT? Whatya talkin bout fool. So someone who does NOT own one says they can't recommend it, but 92-94% (can't remember exact figure) of OWNERS would buy it again??? Yeah, go figure.

joannemilliken | December 30, 2017

Own a Model X 90D manufactured at the end of 2016. Now have 20,000 Miles. There were very few problems and all were corrected with one visit to the Service Center. This car has returned the fun of driving and going on trips. I had my doubts while waiting for it to be manufactured, but am very happy with the car.

zxed | December 30, 2017

If you go in with the bias that you made a mistake, that is exactly how it/you will come out.

Please cancel your order, don't get a tesla at all, get something else.

There, you now read 1 more post telling you to walk away, so please do it; that also on a tesla hosted forum.

Tesla.L.A. | December 30, 2017

Matt - Run, don't walk. Please don't worry about losing your deposit - if your car has as many problems as my 3-month-old X, you will regret getting a Tesla. I have been in for service so many times, and at every turn, it seems that something new isn't working. I really wish I had walked away when I had second thoughts after the initial order. Issues with doors, trunk, battery, audio, phone syncing, and most problematic, while I theoretically have about a 200 mile range, the real-life range is closer to 110 miles, assuming no traffic. With traffic, it's far less. Run.

burdogg | December 30, 2017

Sounds far from right - but oh well, post whatever - but yes, please run, as again 93% of us are completely satisfied and would buy it again. :)))))

batemanrandall | December 30, 2017

Matt, my recommendation depends on if you plan on taking long trips when its cold outside (we live in Missouri, sometimes gets cold). We've had our Model X 90D for 2 years and were initially very happy. BUT, now after two winters of very limited range (110-140 miles) and having to stop and wait longer than an hour for a cold battery to charge half-way (charging at superchargers is on hold or very slow due to cold weather, despite driving for sometime), we are unhappy with both the performance of the car and Teslas response, which was basically tough: that the car is performing to normal specifications, these are known issues, and there isn't a fix. So caveat emptor, and just educate yourself on the very real limitations of waiting, being out of charging range, and having to drive 50 mph on the interstate to reach the next charging station if its cold outside. I do wish Tesla was much more forthcoming of these limitations Before the sell, as the advertised range of 240 miles isn't realistic in many situations that matter (highway driving and in the cold).

If for local driving only or in warm weather, I think it's a great car.

burdogg | December 30, 2017

Can I make one correction - the X90D was rated at 256 - I have one, exactly 1 year old.

As far as cold - what temps are you talking about? We just got back over thanksgiving, driving at 30 degree F weather for 10 hours straight - had Zero issues, and got the range it said (or very close, it is 220 miles between the two superchargers we needed, left one at 250 miles, arrived with 18 miles - so lost 12 miles). So your experience is not ours. had no problems supercharging either. Oh and we traveled at 65 mph for most of that stretch.

burdogg | December 30, 2017

batemanrandall - what VIN do you have? It must be really early, seeing they gave the first model X's 2 years ago - Sep 29, 2015. Then had troubles ramping up, so if yours is 2 years old, it must be one of those really early models, maybe that explains it?? I don't know. :)

But I have not had the experiences you have. Sure 4 mile trips here and there every day throughout the winter, yeah, you loose more miles, as you have to use so much energy to heat the battery, but you stop and get out before the battery ever gets heated. So that when you jump back in, it has to do it again. But if you are talking long trips, you don't loose half the rate, unless you are going 80 mph in sub zero temps with the heat blasting on hi the whole time. :)

Starlifter | December 31, 2017


I admire your ability to overcome range anxiety! Like you I have a X90D that is also one year old. The battery is holding up well and still charges to near capacity - but if I was ever on a trip and hit the SC with only 12 miles remaining, I'd be s*&(ing bricks the entire way. I know it's something I have to overcome, but it's difficult. I drove from charleston SC to Pittsburgh over thanksgiving without issue - but arriving in wytheville with only about 30 left on the range was uncomfortable. That being said, I have done numerous road trips in the past year and really enjoyed it. so cool not to have to pay for gas!

but I don't want to hijack the thread. to the OP - I suggest you wait. anyone who's not entirely sure about a purchase shouldn't be spending the bucks it takes to get this car. you'll likely have serious remorse afterwards and as a result of your question above - will get little sympathy on these forums.

burdogg | December 31, 2017

Starlifter - to hijack for one second more :)

That trip I took is an insane trip. So, I mentioned the one section - 220 miles between SC. We have to take that route both ways. and yes, were that low both times. BUT, there is more to this story :)

After a nights rest and charging - we had to go another 220 miles before we got to another SC - But this one is dropping elevation a fair amount, so we arrived with 30 or so miles? maybe more, can't remember. BUT we have to now return trip, and so the nav wanted us to fully charge at the SC in Tucson to make it to our destination in Snowflake with only....2% battery left! We did NOT try to go this route, as 220 miles, climbing like crazy, and the nav from the start said we would only arrive with 2% battery? So we bypassed Tucson and went more miles to go into Casa Grande to charge. From Casa Grande to Snowflake is only 187 miles. We charged up to 240, and still pulled into Snowflake with only 18 miles left.

So on this trip, day one, we pulled into SC with 13 miles or so.
Day 2 - pulled into SC with 30 or so miles.
Day 3 (after couple days off) - pulled into destination with 18 miles left
Dav 4 - pulled into 1 SC - 15 miles; pulled into final destination with 25 miles.

As you do it, you learn to trust the car and slow down a little at first, but it did add time.
Normally in ICE car - first leg of trip takes 8 hours
In the Tesla - On the way down - it was 9.5 hours, way back - 10 hours (our charging ended up getting limited, I think due to the frequent full charging frequency at superchargers so close together)
Second leg of trip - ICE takes 4.5-5 hours
Tesla - 5 - 5.25 way down, way back - maybe 5.5, but not more.

Anyway, loved not paying for gas and the ride with EAP was so much nicer than an ICE and worth it.

They are supposed to get a SC in Globe which would be a HUGE help, and also one in Keyenta which may or may not help - the 220 mile section I have mentioned is Blanding to Holbrook.

Anyway, I have learned to be at ease, trusting the nav and constantly paying attention to my wh/mi, how fast I am eating through rated miles, how many miles I have left to go, etc... I like numbers so it runs right up my ally. My wife on the other hand, was probably a lot more nervous then she let on. :)

daniel | December 31, 2017

I am also a lucky owner of an X90D going on 13 months now. The short answer is that I love the car and also have had the good fortune of driving some of the best other cars in the past and the X is my favorite. Its quiet, smooth, fast AND reliable. At least for me. The reality is that Tesla is still in their overall early manufacturing stage and their production QC consistency is not where a 50 year old company's is such as Lexus or MB brands. Two downsides I do note is (1) That a typical fender repair takes much longer to complete and at a high price given limited spare parts and authorized body shops even for a big Tesla market like Los Angeles and (2) I do have Range Anxiety. I typically get 150-170 miles per full charge. But maybe that is LA traffic and air-conditioning. Sadly, I haven't taken the car on longer trips as I don't want to be dependent on a successful SC experience along the way. But for a city car with a nice home charger its great and I wouldn't trade it for any other production car.

zxed | December 31, 2017

Great responses., with the OP no where to be found...

Sleepydoc1 | January 1, 2018

Awesome car. Early MX. A few sensor issues and a bent AC hose that caused coolant to leak, but nothing has ever stranded me. All issues were electively scheduled. I am still grinning after 30,000 miles. So much fun and so peaceful to drive.

rhow55 | January 1, 2018

Matt, you need to be happy with the purchase. While this technology is not perfect, once you drive the X you will be thrilled with the way the car operates. I also live in Missouri and we are having extremely cold weather here ( -5 to 10 degrees for the last 9 days). The range is definitely affected in cold weather as I am experiencing about a 35% drop from actual mileage driven from charged range when starting out. That being said, I had a S75D and now own a X100D, delivered in October. No issues with vehicle to date (5K+ miles) other than paint issues when delivered. Tesla service has been outstanding! Are the MB's and Porsche's I have owned better built vehicles? Perhaps, but the X and S are different animals. Get the largest battery available and enjoy the experience.

carlk | January 1, 2018

Where is the op? I wonder if he got help he asked for>

burdogg | January 2, 2018

I wonder if he just dumped and ran - ie never really even placed a deposit :)

teethdood | January 2, 2018

It doesn't matter if op ran away already. I'm posting this for the lurkers/posterity.

I am extremely happy with my Model X since March/2017. I would definitely buy another. Once my daughter gets a bit older, my wife will switch from a minivan to a Tesla for sure. No ICE car for us going forward.

Now, as to the problems: my Model X did have multiple issues but they were all addressed satisfactorily and promptly.

1) Scratches to car upon delivery: I have never gone over a car as detailed as I did my Tesla. I came in with a delivery checklist; my wife and I spent over an hour poring over every nook and cranny. There were some fit and finish issues that lesser cars would have gotten a pass but Tesla addressed them all and delivered the car direct to my house a week later.

2) 12V battery replacement: a mobile service technician aka Ranger came out to my office to replace my 12V battery that was failing and was causing certain issues like washed-out instrument panel and one of the falcon wing door sensor to not operate for some reason. Swapping the 12V battery fixed that pronto. At no point was I not able to operate my car even with the failing 12V battery and the washed-out instrument panel.

3) This is not a problem but actually a plus. I bought my car knowing full well the specs 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. No other car company in the world would add performance for free except Tesla - my car now does 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. This performance upgrade was done by the Ranger also, no time wasted for me.

My car continues to improve with new software updates every few weeks. Which other car company does that?

lilbean | January 2, 2018

I didn’t mind bringing my car in because I love getting a Model S loaner. :)

Model - X | January 2, 2018

The first X's of course had issues, those have been mostly resolved.

carlk | January 2, 2018

@teethdood In my opinion X is the best car ever made and I own a S too.

Redmiata98 | January 3, 2018

PDX, ALL that I have heard of have been resolved with the ONE exception of the acceleration shudder. There is only a temporary fix that involves replacing some shafts and hardware. That works for a while and then it has to go back in for another replacement. I hope they find or engineer a more permanent fix. (PS, my Vin is 63 so I have one of the earliest ones from Dec “15.)

burdogg | January 3, 2018

Where is the op and his fretting gone to?

MXFan | January 3, 2018

He’s busy working to buy both an S and an X now.

carlk | January 4, 2018

Redmiata98 My VIN 14xx does not have the shudder and it's a P90DL too. So that does not happen to every car.

Redmiata98 | January 4, 2018

Thanks Carl. I had mine replaced @10k, Dec 2016. I am @25k now and the grinding sounds at acceleration have returned. I hope yours remains grinding noise free, mine is a P90DL also.

Cuttin | January 4, 2018

New owner here so cant speak of reliability but have read a lot on the subject and i concur with the other posters. It seems most issues were with the older cars and thats understandable.

I second what others have said.

I LOVE this car!

burdogg | January 4, 2018

Welcome Cuttin and congrats!

gham1959 | January 5, 2018

The key stat that no one talks about in the CR rating is the "Predicted Owner Satisfaction" which is a 5 out of 5. At the end of the day I'd trust the owner satisfaction over CR's rating any day of the week! We ordered a 2017 S 75D and liked it so much that we bought used 2016 X 90D last month and love both.

Isaac | January 8, 2018


Uncle Paul | January 8, 2018 again.

X is made from high strength Steel and Aluminum. No plastic.

Mine runs smooth and silent at all speeds. Quietest car I have ever owned.

Battery life is guaranteed for 8 years. If it is cold, you are supposed to pre heat it when plugged in to shore power. If you start driving in cold weather with a cold battery, the car will heat it up to make it more efficient. This reduces range. Start out with a warm battery, and the range goes up right away.

In really cold weather ICE cars will not even start. Had to call AAA many times in Winters.

Isaac | January 8, 2018

frustrated as can be today. got stuck overnight last night in a hotel with our 4 children because the cars battery which shows a range of 287 miles only had a range of 70 miles after driving for less than 55 miles.

markcohen | January 8, 2018

Isaac, none of us here are "Tesla" so please don't vent. That said while I don't doubt that what you say happened with your car actually did happen, there are a lot of people here that would be (or would have been) happy to help with advice on how to avoid the issue and get the most out of our car. The car is not perfect - nor are the people who participate in these forums. What I can say is that the car is very cool and I am very happy that I purchased one. It is, however, different than any car that I've had before and if you really want to enjoy the car, you need to understand and embrace the differences and learn BOTH the cool things that no other car can do AND the shortcomings (at least for now) that you need to work around.

As for the people on these fora... be nice and ask constructive questions and you'll get lots of free help from people who are not paid to provide it. Be snarky and.... well you'll get what you are getting

Isaac | January 8, 2018

understood-i just wish the service dept can figure out why the car drives with enormous vibration. been to the shop multiple times. they drove it, tire balance, changed the half-shafts and still cant figure it out. adding the battery issues was just more frustration

markcohen | January 8, 2018

Sorry that I can't help you out with vibrations as I have never had an issue like that. Others have on acceleration and issues with the half shafts and there are threads on that.

On battery, the main pointer that I'd give you is that there are a number of detractors from rated range. Not in any particular order are: speed (significant decline when crossing 70), hard acceleration, cold weather, a heavily loaded car (weight, towing, etc). If you do more than one of these at once the impact is multiplied. I have seen a significant hit as you have highlighted, but if when cold, you preheat while plugged in, focus on coasting to a stop instead of braking (note that regen braking is limited), keep to 65ish, and don't drive aggressively you CAN get very close to rated range. Even with temps in the teens and 20s.

On the positive side, I went on my first road trip and the car drove itself more than 95% of the way. I can't tell you how much more pleasurable that made the trip.

KWTESLA | January 8, 2018

Model X is a great car ! My 2016 X90D is an amazing car my only important problem has been tires . Every car wears out tires when driven fast. We have about 28,000 miles now 3 changed at the last service one a month before. Our X is the most fun SUV on the planet and I cannot think of any car I would trade it for. I drove a S75 loaner this last week it is an amazing car also but not like an X. We love the windshield the doors the storage the ease of entry and exit. At some point you have to choose . Both X and S are fine cars . We have owned both . It is up to you now.

T35LA | January 8, 2018

Consumer reports: Tesla S & X in top ten:

Isaac | January 9, 2018

Tesla picking up my car today for the third time. they too claim it has serious issues with he vibrations.
. All i am saying is that they should provide a true and accurate range factoring in the current temperature or adjust the range based on speed. should be easy for Tesla to accomplish that calculation . I just cant spend every 100 miles searching for charging stations. If they advertised the range to be 200 miles or 150 i would accept it for what it was.

markcohen | January 9, 2018

@Isaac, I actually agree that Tesla would benefit from an enhanced user experience. I had previously written a suggestion on how they could/should be more helpful with respect to charging status. I think that an analogous case can be made for range. I am a techy so I am good with looking at the raw data and making calculations in my head and responding accordingly. BUT for the average user it would probably be helpful for Tesla to not only show the range estimates that it does today (based off design capacity of the battery AND based off the most recent 5,10, or 15 miles) but also to do a diagnostic... ie your best range based on your route (highway, etc) is X. Your current estimated range is Y. You can recover Z of that by making changes to your driving habits and climate settings.

That could be done in a slick way that would give a driver feedback both on what his/her range is and what they can do within their power to improve it. Mind you... I don't need this for myself but I think that it would benefit most of the general population.

Redmiata98 | January 9, 2018

Mark, that is already available as an app on the current Tesla. It is called the Energy App
Consumption Chart - display how much energy Model X has consumed over the past 5, 15 or 30 miles (10, 25 or 50 km).
Touch the Average Range button to display a graph of the average energy consumed over the past 5, 15 or 30 miles (10, 25 or 50 km). The average range and the energy usage data are used to predict the projected range. Touch the Instant Range button to display a graph of the energy consumed over the last few data points only. The instant range and the energy usage data are used to calculate the projected range.
• Trip Chart - If your Model X is equipped with the premium navigation option, you can monitor the amount of energy being used while navigating to a destination. You can track actual usage against the initial prediction. The green line represents the actual usage whereas the gray line represents predicted usage. To change the zoom level, touch the zoom icon located in the top right corner of the chart.

markcohen | January 9, 2018

@Redmaita98, I know what is there - and I am personally very happy with it. I am in the tech industry and have produced products for consumers and understand effective UIs. What I am saying is that while I don't need it and many of those here on the forum don't either, there are more see spot run, consumable ways to present the information to a driver. I personally know people for whom, say a mode that gave plain warnings f(optional) that told you that you could gain X miles of range by slowing down 5mph or accelerating more gently would be more useful and consumable.

tony_calvert | January 9, 2018

Issac, go away I thought Tesla was picking up your car today...

Soooooo happy you were earlier...

Get a life and go back to your RAM truck....


Isaac | January 9, 2018

and the X is officially gone from my driveway. its been fun chatting with all you.
Talk to you in a few years once Tesla figures out how to add solar to the car. until then try to enjoy the forum without me.

lilbean | January 9, 2018

Add solar? LOL